I’m Obsessed With VixSkin Sleeves

Sometimes a brand comes a long that I am obsessed with. Like Freddy Jeans, KD New York Dancewear, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and now Vixen Creations. These are high end adult toys. I remember purchasing our first one. The Bronco Vixskin X dildo. These are realistic feeling, skin like toys made from the highest quality platinum silicone. … Continue reading I’m Obsessed With VixSkin Sleeves

Submitting To My Goddess

Everyday we are involved in dominance and submission, in fact all our lives we are involved in it. As a father I sometimes need to be dominant to my children. When I worked in corporate management I was forced to be submissive to my bosses and I was more dominant to the employees who worked … Continue reading Submitting To My Goddess