Swipe Right

It has been a few years now that I have fantasized about my wife being on Tinder. Her and I didn’t grow up in the dating app era. We met around the time people started using online dating like eharmony. My wife and I though met naturally at a local gym where we instantly hit it off.

Over the years we have used dating and lifestyle websites like Adult Friend Finder, Kasidie and Lifestyle Lunge with some success. My wife never liked Adult Friend Finder feeling it was a little creepy and unsafe.

As dating apps started to gain popularity they have always intrigued me. Carious how they work. They have always seemed like a lot of fun. There is not a lot of anonymity though. You are putting yourself out there for the world to see. At least whoever is on the app. Maybe friends, maybe family? A little scary as a married couple with kids.

The last couple years we have had a hard time meeting people to play with. Yes my wife has a boyfriend, but more just occasional fun hookups, a random date night out and hot sex.

I’m not sure what it was. Well I do. After writing Finding Comfort In Your Own Sexuality, I realized such anonymity is a barrier to enhancing my wife and my sexual pleasure and adventure. I decided I don’t care if people see her on Tinder. I mean that is the whole point. Even if someone we know sees her it will open a conversation. My wife and I are in a loving open marriage. We don’t have to fly a flag and advertise all my kinks. It is what it is.

So my wife now has a Tinder profile. It has her face on it. It is new to her and me and she is having fun with it. The profile is honest and says she is married in an open relationship looking for friends with benefits. We paid to upgrade so she can hide her profile when she is not in a room swiping.

She is away at a work conference and has been having a blast with it. When she swipes right and the other person swipes right they can have a text message conversation just like any text messaging app.

My wife connected with a few guys yesterday and decided to meet one last night. Again she took safety precautions and made sure she was meeting him in a public place with a lot of people around. He went even further to ensure her safety and messaged her a picture of his driver license and social media links.

Now I don’t know every detail of there night but it turns out he liked that she was married and that I knew she was on the app. He took pictures and videos of her to share with me.

She did all the naughty things with him! Left his place very sexually satisfied and very happy texting me all about it and how much she is loving the app.

Dating apps have been perceived as platforms where singles go to find love or casual hookups but it turns out a married woman can have fun on it too!

She is enjoying chatting with men interested in her. Now I am sure she lucked out having such a great first sexual experience and there will be some vetting and challenges and mis connections, like when you are single and dating.

Being on Tinder and receiving compliments and attention from other men I am sure is making her feel desired and like a hotwife marriage an extra boost in her confidence. I can feel the positive energy. Even last week when she was not using the app she was feeling naughty just having it on her phone.

Another fantasy of mine has always been her meeting and fucking other men while she travels for work. She has done it a couple times over the years but Tinder will definitely increase the opportunity.

I don’t love that she has to travel for work. It can be stressful for me. A reminder of how strong single parents are! It just immediately adds so much to my plate at home with taking care of the kids, the house and myself. I am grateful to have a wife and the love of my life to help with this most of the time.

She does have to travel for work and with COVID-19 over will be traveling a lot more.

One of the biggest challenges of work travel is the strain it can put on a relationship. Being away from one’s partner for extended periods of time can be emotionally exhausting and can create feelings of loneliness and isolation. This can be compounded by the stress of work travel itself, which often involves long hours and a fast-paced schedule.

However, there are also benefits to work travel that can help individuals grow both personally and professionally. For instance, experiencing new places and meeting new people can broaden one’s perspective and lead to personal growth. Work travel can also provide opportunities for career advancement and networking, which can help individuals achieve their professional goals.

I’ve always loved to fantasize about her. The high powered executive. Dressed in her sexy blouse, skirt and heels. Cheating on her husband with other men in hotel rooms. The shift in power dynamic of the traditional executive male and the reputations of work travel. The executive male who is married with children, who struggles to remain faithful when traveling.

I’ve fantasized about this being my wife. The executive alpha wife.

This week in a way it is my wife. She is not cheating. I like that she is not. She is chatting with men and has met one on Tinder and fucked him. Last night asleep in her hotel room, sexed, riding a high of an out of town sexual experience.

That is hot!

I at home fantasizing in my head how it is playing out. Masturbating to the idea. Then lucky me to the pictures and video’s.

One thought on “Swipe Right

  1. I loved reading this. And Tinder is fucking fun! Headed to the airport now feeling accepted and well fucked 💋 xoxo
    – your executive alpha wife

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