Why I Am A Cuckold, Not Just A Stag Or Man That Enjoys Sharing His Wife.

If you’re interested in exploring the unique lifestyle of cuckoldry, it’s important to understand both its distinctions and shared values with other similar lifestyles. As a cuckold, there are different boundaries and expectations compared to being just a stag or man that enjoys sharing his wife.

The reasons I love to share my wife are probably pretty much the same as most men that fantasize about their wife fucking another man.

Finding it arousing to watch your wife engage sexually with other men. The sense of excitement and pleasure from seeing or knowing your wife is experiencing pleasure with someone else. An attraction to strong sexy woman that are also slutty.

Feelings of insecurity. She is just too hot and sexy for only you. Maybe you are insecure about your little dick size or something else? It feels good knowing you are getting help to support and encourage her to have her sexual needs met. That she is getting great sex.

The adventure! I am a person that craves these experiences and find that having a hotwife is exciting and an on going sexual thrill.

Making your relationship spicy. I didn’t know about this until my wife started to fuck other men. We were just vanilla before as the terms go. I love our relationship spicy fun and exciting not predictable.

Improving sexual compatibility. The hotwife dynamic can help achieve sexual compatibility. A deeper understanding of eachother’s sexual desires and needs and working together to fulfill them.

The trust and communication it takes to share your wife. The honesty and open discussions about boundaries, desires and needs.

A sex positive lifestyle with different power dynamics that are fulfilling inside and outside the bedroom.

Of course the sexual encounters. The thrill of your wife being intimate with another man, even if it is purely sexual and has no sexual involvement. Her just getting fucked. So hot just typing it.

There are SO MANY reasons to want a sexual goddess. A hotwife. A slutwife. To share your wife.

BUT what makes me a cuckold is the Kinks and Fetishes. The naughty fantasies. I am into most all of them and some I’m more committed to than others.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism. I love to watch my wife get fucked. I love to watch her flirt with men, kiss them, I’ve even learned fall in love with them. I love the process of it all. In person watching is my favorite. Next getting texted pictures and or videos. I am also okay staying at home and waiting. Thinking about my wife with another man, fantasizing about her getting fucked. My wife is my number one fantasy. Even when she is not cuckolding me, when I watch porn or think about sex it is her I am imagining getting fucked by men. She also loves to be the exhibitionist, loves for others to watch her.

Chastity. You know I love it! I can’t make it long term, it just doesn’t work for me. I love playing with it though. Locking my dick up is very arousing, puts me in a sub space and overall feels naughty. Even more so when my wife has a big cock in her hand…. or in her pussy.

Which brings up the power dynamic and submissive play. I love being submissive sexually both to my wife and others. I can switch and be dominant but being a submissive slut feels much better naturally to me when it comes to sex.

When people think about the cuckold fetish they often think of humiliation. A submissive little cuck that loves to be degraded and humiliated. I actually don’t like to feel humiliated, it causes me a lot of angst, makes me angry and sad. That said I am all for being degraded a little during sex a little slapping and spitting in my mouth excites me. I also love to be teased erotically. It is a fine line because some things I love people would find humiliating but I find arousing such as small penis teasing, licking another mans cum out of my wife or being the chófer and third wheel on a date night with my wife and her lover. My wife being seen out by others that know us both frightens and arouses me. Same with my wife openly cuckolding me. Some of these same things can be triggers to angst so my wife has had to learn how to navigate this by checking in with me and my mindset at the moment. Also making me feel loved and accepted for being who I am.

I do not want to feel humiliated for being myself.

My blog is called the Life Of Josie pink so clearly I am into being a sissy cuckold. There is no forced feminization, my wife is encouraging and loving and has helped accelerate my feminization but I have always enjoyed fem. Being her Josie Pink has been fun and very much sexually freeing for me the same ways as her being a hotwife is sexually freeing for her. I am also bi-sexual and we both love cock. We talk about cock a lot. We both love big cock too. Just two married sexy sluts. (giggles) Maybe I’m just a cuckquean.

I love that my wife enjoys a variety of sex and craves sex with more than one person at a time. My cuckold fetish has allowed her to enjoy threesomes with men and even a few gangbangs. I love to see my wife in bed with multiple guys at a time. This is very much her kink and she encourages me to help set it up when we can. To be by her side so she can enjoy it in a safe environment.

How about the pussy free cuckold? It is another fun one to play with. My little dick not allowed in her pussy, it only being for cocks that make her feel full, stretched and give her penetrative orgasms. Like I said though, I too am a slut, sex is a need in my life, a huger. I love sex. Do I need to penetrate pussy? Probably not but I can and that is the challenge.

Overall it is a lifestyle for us although it is still hidden to most people. Because she has a boyfriend she chats with every day and sees on a fairly regular bases so it is part of our relationship 24/7. This actually has been hard for me to get used to as I like breaks from it. The fact is though I live and breathe cuckoldry around the clock. There is not a day I don’t think about my wife fucking another man and there is not a day that my wife doesn’t think about another man. So I guess right now it is a lifestyle. An open relationship, an ethical non monogamous marriage with ups and downs that overall works for us.

We are deep in love, we are soulmates. Yes there is challenges. That is life.

Neither of us ever see ourselves going back to monogamy or being vanilla. We joke that would make us A-Sexual because that would be the only way we could make it work.

It is the kinks I love as much as sharing my wife with other men and that is what makes me a cuckold. A person with a cuckold fetish.

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