The Benefits of Not Feeling the Need for Penetrative Sex (Day 15)

When you slide on a pair of fishnet stockings something magical happens.

You feel empowered, confident, and sexy. The fabric creates a light layer over your skin. It can feel stimulating and soothing. They hug your body, creating an exciting contrast between the delicateness of the fabric and a sense of strength that comes from wearing something so bold.

They are alluring and seductive. They have a naughty and daring quality to them. The edgy pattern is suggestive, provocative and thrilling. When you put on a pair of high heels, with them, you just feel sexy.

Great sex requires a level of confidence. It requires two partners (or more) to explore, experiment, and surrender to each other’s desires. Having confidence in your own sexual prowess allows you to fully express yourself in a way that is both pleasurable and satisfying for both.

Also knowing that you are loved and desired creates an environment of mutual respect and admiration which also ultimately leads to great sex.

As a cuckold it is easy to lose your sexual confidence with the hangover of how you were raised believing it is wrong to feel turned on about your wife having sexual relationships with other men. Feeling shame and humiliation because maybe you are more submissive, beta, not the man society raised you to be sexually.

I wrote in my last check in about challenges I have been going through with my own wife. Not feeling that mutual respect and admiration. Not feeling sexual because of it. These are challenges cuckolds and hotwife’s face. It is about communication and typically when communication breaks.

This type of relationship requires your best in communication and your 100% honesty. There are just too many emotions at play for anything but this. When there is a strain to the foundation, you need to pause and correct it.

My wife and I are working through this current hick-up. What we know is we both absolutely love each-other, understand one another, feel we are soulmates, and we found each other for so many reasons and one is our match sexually and emotionally. The gift we give each other sexually through our cuckolding and our kinks and fetishes.

Not all cuckolds have small dicks. Not all women care about dick size for satisfaction. Ironically, my wife loves fucking big cock and I have a tiny dick.

Cuckolding has built my confidence sexually by allowing for great sexual satisfaction for both my wife and me and us enjoying the sexual adventure and experience together. To also explore the kinks, the fetishes the things sometimes kept in the closet.

When you have a small penis and have had feelings of inadequacy and cannot measure up sexually to other men, you can feel your own created pressure to have penetrative sex overwhelming. Like you are banging away with no progress. Like trying to make a dent in a steel wall. No matter hard you work, how much effort you put in it is not getting the job done. It can feel exhausting. Especially when you have learned through experience there are better ways to satisfy your partner and reach the goals of giving her great pleasure.

I do feel pleasure through these noble efforts. Of course, like any man, I like the feeling of the inside of a pussy wrapped around my dick. I also feel often it doesn’t belong there. My wife feels this way too.

This week my wife is no longer on her menstrual period. So if we wanted to have PIV sex again it is an option.

My wife and I love morning sex. Waking up, spooning each other. Me getting hard pressing up against her. Her pushing back and rubbing against me. It is very arousing for both of us. In the past I would push inside her and we would grind into eachother. The feeling is amazing and very loving. Then there is the feeling of the pressure to fuck her hard so she has an orgasm. With a lot of work, we usually reach this goal. Me pounding into her as hard as I can. At that point, though, it is not as enjoyable as the beginning.

So this week we spooned and went through all the same erotic motions as above without me pushing inside her. I came close, not on purpose. My wife whispered. “It feels like you’re trying to put yourself inside me when you know you shouldn’t be.”

I whispered back. “Not at all, I’m very much enjoying this and prefer this.”

Her pussy was soaked as I slid along the outside. It was loving and freeing, not feeling this expectation to penetrate her. I was just enjoying the physical intimacy. Her body was also telling me she was very much enjoying it. She had one orgasm, then one more before I had my own. The only downside was it was a little messy, me ejaculating all over the outside of her pussy and the inside of her thigh.

Yesterday, we had a long talk about our current relationship challenges that ended in her giving me a blowjob while I finger fucked her pussy. We were both ridiculously turned on, and I wanted to fuck her. I wanted her to feel the pleasure of great penetration.

No, not with my dick. With our new Vixskin Holster penis sleeve. This sleeve fits snugly over my penis. It makes penetrative sex with my wife more enjoyable and exciting and rewarding overall. It is a form of roleplay with the extra girth and length that she desires. Without the worry, I can enjoy the amazing pleasure I am giving her fucking her with this much bigger cock. I love watching my wife have intense multiple orgasms when she fucks a big cock. It is one of the many reasons I am a cuckold. I love watching it stretch and fill her pussy like I can’t as it thrust in and out of her.

I enjoy that I can make love to her and fuck her at a comfortable pace and provide so much pleasure for her. Although I can’t feel her pussy, it is very pleasurable for me being able to make her body react, shake, orgasm, moan and scream in pleasure. That makes me feel amazing and can bring me to an orgasm. I have had my own orgasms many times in one of these sleeves.

Without the pressure of penetrating her, I took it off. She expected me to penetrate her with my dick. She smiled. “What are you doing?”

I rubbed myself two or three times on the outside of her well fucked, wet, stretched pussy and had an amazing orgasm myself. I told her I was about to cum inside the toy but didn’t want to make a mess inside of it. Which was true. Instead, I made a mess all over myself and rinsed off in the shower after.

I like the power of choice for both of us. When you don’t feel you like you have to engage in penetrative sex, it can give you back power of choice. This is true for both of us. The first week we started this there was a night I was in chastity. My wife chose that she wanted to be penetrated, and we took it off and she told me to grab the toy and fuck her with it. The same choice we have made just to enjoy the intimacy of rubbing our bodies together during our morning sex.

This is a natural progression over a long period for us learning our enjoyment of the pleasure of variety. Us exploring diffrent types of physical intimacy that doesn’t involve me penetrating her at all and enjoying it. The cuddling and kissing, massages, oral, body sliding, toys, scissoring her fucking other men with bigger cocks.

Sex is important to us as much as our love for each other and it is enjoyable to experience exploring our desires and fantasies in ways that feel right for us.

So half way through not feeling like we have to engage in penetrative sex feels good. It feels good. We are aware and comfortable in our sexuality. We can admit and know what works best for us. I can tell it is just as pleasurable for my wife as it is for me.

We havn’t got to experience it yet but I think it will also heighten the pleasure she feels when she fucks other men and the pleasures I feel getting off on that as a cuckold.

Cuckolding doesn’t have to be about belittling. You don’t have to feel shame and guilt and shouldn’t feel humiliated. I don’t believe you should be denied sexual pleasure either as that is a life need. Like the fishnet stockings, it can be an empowering feeling, bold and naughty. It can give you a sense of strength to let go of inadequacies if there is any or just enjoying having a Vixen, a hotwife. Be humbled and enjoy your kinks, the teasing, the play as well as the truths.

It is not an easy rode. There are bumps and changes in directions, detours, and expectations not met. That is all part of life though, too. The most important is to do everything in your power to keep the foundation of love strong.

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