Vixen Holster Worth Every Inch

Yesterday, we completed our collection of the Vixen Creation PPA/Penis Extenders. It took me awhile to learn what PPA stands for; prosthetic penis attachment. Yes sounds better as PPA.

Our last of the collection of three highest end penis extenders is the Holster. This is the middle size although it is about the same size in girth as the Colossus. Like the Colossus it has a very realistic texture to it, it is soft and warms to the body. I like to warm them up with a heating pad before use. My wife and I discovered on a cold night when I did this it helps make it feel more realistic right from the start.

This is by far the best fitting penis extender I have tried for me. I have tried most all of them. Since discovering the pleasure they give my wife and the fact I can wear it so my hands are free to enjoy touching her body and kissing her these have been an obsession of mine.

It makes since the Holster fits so well. The inside measurement is 4 1/2 inches x 1 3/8. I am just smaller than these measurements when erect, so there is a little gap but not nearly as big of a gap as the Colossus which is a whole in longer inside. They do sell penis sleeve inserts to close the gaps but I have discovered it is more comfortable without the insert and just pulling it down more on me.

The ride on is 4 inches inside and can be worn and used when not erect. So this one is slightly too small on me. It is a fun toy but much more firm, less realistic, but the male wearing it feels nothing meaning I can use it as long as I want on my wife or as long as she wants.

Now that we have the Holster, I doubt we will use the Ride On again. My wife loves the girth of the Holster and Colossus. Since the Holster is a perfect fit we will rotate between both the Colossus and Holster.

My wife loved me using the Holster on her. An extra inch and a half in length makes a big difference but really it is the girth that she kept moaning about last night. How it was hitting all the right spots. She had multiple orgasms on it as we tested many sexual positions. That is part of the fun using an extender is I can fuck her in ways with it that don’t work for us in the natural because I can’t stay in.

I could tell it wasn’t fucking her as deep as the Colossus, which just fucking drives her wild and makes her scream and shake in pleasure. So the Colossus which is huge, gives her the most pleasure. The Holster fits me like a glove and for me feels more of an actual correct sized prosthetic.

I’d say if you don’t have ED don’t bother spending money on the Ride On. If your woman likes extra girth and a little extra length, the Holster is a great option. If she is a size queen and loves to feel a lot of girths and get fucked deep, the Colossus is the go too.

My wife told me she loves them both and is thrilled with our purchase and rotating between them. She also likes how they feel like she is fucking different cocks so gives her the variety she loves between enjoying other men’s real cocks.

We had no problem with me not penetrating her with my dick last night keeping to our PIV free adventure. I love the feel of my dick just between her pussy lips rubbing on the outside after she has fucked large toys and when she has been fucked by another man. It is wet, warm, stretched and honestly, we both know if I slip in, she will barely feel it. I also just love the small penis humiliation from it, although humiliation is not the right word. Maybe humbled feeling? On the outside we both enjoy getting off on her just being fucked so damn good! Bringing me to an outside orgasm and her to her last orgasm of the night.

We highly recommend these toys. No I am not sponsored by them or affiliated with them. I should be though since I am constantly raving about how amazing they are!!!!

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