Day 4 PIV Free

We have started our 30 day journey of me being denied putting my dick in my wife’s pussy.

Off and running and it has been a fun start.

This is also the fourth day I have been in chastity. The chastity cage is still comfortable and feels very erotic. The current plan is for me to wear it 8-12 hours a day. That length depending on my physical activity. I exercise a lot, so still figuring out when it can safely be worn during exercise and when it may not be a great idea. I am also going to have a day off on the weekends to make sure everything down there is doing okay. We are going to try and keep this schedule for a couple weeks and if it all works out, I will try to sleep in it. This part of what we are doing is more flexible.

A year ago, we tried to have me do a less aggressive chastity schedule, and it ended early because of extreme chafing from the device I used. I can already tell this one is much more comfortable and am feeling good about it early into this erotic challenge.

The first night Monday, my wife worked late. So I wore my cage all day. I took it off before bed and went to sleep before she finished her work. This was an unofficial start.

Tuesday, we agreed we were starting and we are doing this. We had an afternoon date. My wife was getting a kick out of me in public with her and kept teasing, telling me she can’t help but think how naughty it would be if someone noticed we locked my little dick up. She also had a very flirtatious fun exchange with the bartender.

That night I came into our room with my wife laying naked on the bed giddy with excitement. She was face down and looking like she was ready for a massage. I took the hint and grabbed our massage oil. I also asked if she wanted me to warm one of our toys and she said yes, that sounds like a lot of fun.

I massaged her body.

I’ll be honest. These massage sessions are usually pretty short because I get hard while I straddle her body and rub her back. Typically, I can’t resist her perfect round ass pushing inside her pussy. Not this time. I was pushing my cage up against her ass and continuing the massage.

I fingered her a lot and brought her to a few orgasms. Going back and forth from massaging her and pleasuring her.

When I finished, she joked, “should we just keep you locked up all night?” I laughed and told her I was not up to sleep in it yet. She told me to take it off.

We then made passionate love, rubbing our smooth bodies together. Our kisses were deep and nibbles on each other’s bodies erotic and pleasurable. There was no expectation of me pushing inside her. So she rubbed her clit against mine.

It was so passionate and intimate. She teased me a little about how hot it is that her pussy is off limits to me fucking it. Our pleasure and arousal built, and we both orgasmed at the same time. Mine was intense, and I shot a spurt of cum to the top of my chest. Hers also caused her body to shake in pleasure.

She kissed me on the lips and said “See that is how we should have sex, save my pussy for big cock.”

The next day Wednesday I couldn’t help think to myself how much it seems my wife is enjoying this idea. What does she get out of it?

It was another day of being caged. My wife teased me a few times by rubbing it through my pants. She talked to her boyfriend on the phone. I think I overheard her hinting to him I had been to a gay bathhouse before.

Just a normal work day besides that, with a constant reminder of our kink constraining my dick. I wonder if you ever get used to it? I hope not.

Kids sports, shopping, a wonderful dinner.

Getting ready for bed, we took the cage off. To my surprise, my wife quickly went down on me. Sucking my dick and bringing me to an orgasm. Getting off her knees, she kissed me and said, “you are so hot, I love you so much and that is a reward for locking your little dick up.”

I asked her why this is so hot and excited for her. She giggled and said “It is just so naughty and fun!”

I asked her this morning if she can spend 3 minutes writing what she likes about it. She spent four minutes, and this is what she wrote:

“First and foremost – it’s just inherently naughty. This idea that we’re married… with the freedom to have any big cock I want… but sweet Josie doesn’t get to experience my pussy. And all of this is based on the important underlying truth – that Josie’s little cock sometimes feels like it gets lost in my pussy. It feels like a nice massage… but nothing like our fun toys or, of course, real big cock.  And building on that, Josie pleasures me in so many ways that don’t involve that little clit… so why not just maximize that.

But really, it’s the naughty piece. There’s something fun and different that makes everything erotic – all day long. Knowing Josie has that sweet little pink cock cage on. Knowing when we go out in public or when Josie is at the gym, that someone might see or notice. It keeps the erotic very top of mind. It makes my mind spin with ideas. If I’m not allowing any PIV… what else should I be doing with Josie? A little pegging? A little spanking? A little rope play? It breaks up the norm and sparks creativity – which is always fun.”

I agree with everything she likes about it and look forward to her sparks of creativity.

For me, it just feels naughty too. I love that feeling. It is exciting and erotic. I also have a constant fantasy of her being fucked by other men. Even when I am feeling challenged by my cuckold angst or thoughts. Emotionally challenged about her having a boyfriend. Polyamory. The thought of her getting fucked by another man always turns me on. It has since the day I laid eyes on her. When I see a picture like this…..

I can’t help but visualize that it is my wife with another man. She still is and will always be my number one sexual fantasy. It is just a different type of fantasy then maybe most men have.

I find it even more erotic and hot thinking about her pussy only being fucked by other men. Me married to the hottest woman on the planet and not being allowed to fuck her.

I have always felt inadequate about my dick. As you can tell in my writing, my wife still very much enjoys it. She tells me how much she loves my little dick. We are deep in love. She is the love of my life.

It has always been obvious that my dick inside her is not enough. The first time she fingered herself while I fucked her. The first time I fucked her with a toy and saw the distinct pleasure it gives her. When I first saw her fuck another man with a large cock then so many men since.

I can’t compare in this category. I am okay with that. It actually arouses me. I am great at so many things, including finding other ways to give her pleasure and encouraging her to seek additional pleasure from other men.

She is a size queen, and I love that! I think it is also a kind of hilarious and contradicting that she met a tall, fit athlete who has a below average size dick. It works. She has always been “slutty” and I have always had this powerful allure of “slutty” girls, those that feel out of my reach. I’ve had this positive envy of them. Knowledge that I don’t have what it takes down there to satisfy them. My wife is one, my sexual goddess.

So there is that erotic humiliation thing at play. Me being locked and her being my wife available and eager to fuck other men.

As I have learned so many new ways to pleasure my wife. Embracing my femininity, my pleasure through our sex has sky rocketed. I am no longer trying to put on a show, be someone I am not – that male that dominates and fucks women. I can now confidently roleplay that using toys. It takes that ingrained male pressure off me. Sex for me is also usually better when my dick is not trying to fuck.

I love the deep kissing. I love just feeling the softness of our skin touching each other. The caressing, massage, oral sex and mutual maturation. Feeling that emotional connection. Feeling orgasms not build from my balls to my penis, but from deep inside my body and mind. These orgasms flow out of me and rock my whole body. It is amazing.

Our goal here is not to deny me that pleasure, but to enhance both our pleasures by exploring this. There was a point where I was looking forward to my wife being on her period. Not having that mental pressure that I need to penetrate her and enjoying our outer course sex to the fullest. Obviously it is more enjoyable for her when she is not on her period.

I am still biologically a man and have these urges to penetrate her or feeling like I need to, so I like that she has the power to deny me that. To help enforce that is not the best way for her and I to get pleasure all the time. I have a feeling more pleasurable occasionally, as long as we are still being intimate and having sex in other ways. We are both very sexual and both have very high sex drives.

In my fantasy, I also imagine a point where she is going to crave a real cock inside her. In cuckolding and kink, “a real man”. All that means is a different man that can give her that amazing penetrative pleasure with his real cock that I can’t. All these years she has made do with mine between sessions with other men, sometimes weeks, sometimes months.

What will happen when she starts to crave real cock?

That excites me as a cuckold.

They are not a replacement of me but an addition to me and different. In teasing and erotic humiliation “a real cock”, “a real man”

We are only on day four. I know I will think of many more reasons it excites me, turns me on, what I like about it. I’m sure this will be the same for my wife.

30 days is very doable. A good time frame to have fun with this. Make love like man and women after and decide how we want to continue into our loving future.

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