Girl Time

It has been a while since I have fully dressed like I am right now. Much like in the picture. Fishnets, red bottoms of Christian Louboutin heels, a beige bandage bodycon min skirt, black crop top and lavender cozy fleece jacket.

I just love the comfort of the soft fabrics and textures on my skin, the curves and contours of the clothing, there is just something so pleasurable about wearing women’s clothes. The feeling of the fabric on my skin are incredibly soothing, they make me feel so relaxed and at peace with myself. I also look hot too! The form-fitting designs accentuate my features. As I walk around the house, I get a confidence boost unlike any other.

The padded Victoria Secret bra gives me breast. I like the feeling against my chest. The v-string thong gives me a sense of naughtiness.

It is interesting because when I put back on my male clothes I almost feel naked. It is a liberating feeling, dressing up at home not conforming to traditional gender roles. Maybe it is just the pleasures of being someone else for a while, Josie. I’m not sure if it is an alter ego I feel as if I am in some ways my true self.

I’ve given up on the notion that I am transgender. I am biologically a male. I just enjoy so much this feminine side of me as well some of the more masculine things I do. Cross dressing has helped me explore my feminine side and discover so much about myself. Especially with my wife’s approval and encouragement, where I can have a closet full of women’s clothes to enjoy. I even let it bleed into my daily wear a hybrid of men’s and women’s clothes often worn together.

It is more exploring different sides of my personality. Maybe it comes from my background in cuckolding, but enjoying taking on more of a sissy persona. The enjoyment of wearing women’s clothes and experimenting with fashion and makeup and sexuality.

The sissy really embodies and enjoys styles that are traditionally associated with femininity. Short skirts, dresses, sexy tops and typically a Sissy is a term that has been used to refer to those who dress in this way regardless of their gender identity. More gender fluid.

For some sissy carries a negative connotation and is used to insult someone who exhibits femininity. My dad likes to call these types of more feminine men sissies. I grew up hearing this insult over and over again, knowing that I have these feminine desires. So, like many negative terms used to insult people the term can be reclaimed, as a way of embracing my femininity and expressing myself in a way that is liberating and fulfilling.

My desires come and go to dress. Typically the come when I am alone and can do it without feeling judgment, embarrassment or shame. I am not sure why I am not fully comfortable dressing in front of my wife. It is something we enjoy together and she encourages. She is currently out of town and it is like dressing up as a girl calls to me. I cant resist temptation. It is hard to explain. I think it is because it is something I have done in the closet my whole life, a secret pleasure that I could only enjoy during certain moments.

I don’t know why? Like so many things sexually. I do know I definitely need more girl time. It makes me feel more a peace with myself mentally and I love the physical pleasures of it too.

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