CB-X Mini Chastity Cage

I am a cuckold that has tried a lot of Chastity cages including 2 custom made cages.

I remember the first cage I ever tried on maybe a decade ago was the CB6000s – the S stands for small. I got a clear plastic one. My wife and I had a good laugh because on me it was not small at all and you could see a huge gap of space through the clear cage.

The challenge I have always had is finding one small enough. Back then there was not a lot of options and we went custom with a metal cage. The custom metal cage was great, much better than the over the counter ones I had tried. We were a bit too generous on my size though and it is too big. Again a gap of space between myself and the tip of the cage. It was a great experience though and my wife and I had a lot of fun with it.

In the last few years I have started to see more and more micro cages pop up and have had fun trying them. They all have been cheap and fairly uncomfortable, but also fun to see how small of a cage I can actually fit in. Well, I can fit in the smallest of them all.

I then had a custom pink cage made of surgical grade plastic. The company that made it is out of business, which doesn’t surprise me as they made the cage a 1/2 inch too big. I was so excited when I got this cage this time last year that I thought I was going to be able to wear it 24/7. I lost the cage fight quickly though and trying to wear it for extended periods of time turned out to be a bad idea and I still have the scare to prove it.

There is something that is so erotic about chastity. Having your dick locked in a cage and confined is actually quite arousing and naughty feeling, a feeling of being submissive. A reminder you have a tiny dick and are a cuckold (for the cuckold in chastity). The sensation of restriction and confinement is pleasurable and at time tortuous. You have to sit and pee which is emasculating but also such a fun pleasure for the sissy male. Just looking at it is pleasurable. So all and all it is a mental and physical pleasurable mind fuck. Kind of like cuckolding.

With a partner, the denial play, teasing and power exchange is also a lot of fun. In a chastity cage you can not get hard. My wife though, has made me orgasm inside one and those orgasms are at top of the pleasure scale.

So I was looking up chastity cages the other week and learned the company CB-X. One of the original chastity companies now makes a mini-me cage 1 1/4 inch which is actually the perfect size for me.

I have only worn it three days and wore it at night the first day I got it. This is the most comfortable cage I have ever put on. It has a very comfortable fit, and high-quality sturdy construction. What I also noticed right away is that all the edges are very smooth. Another advantage to this cage is it has a U-Ring so you don’t have to put your balls through the base ring and pull it over your entire penis like a cock ring. So it has a much better fit holding it into place.

At night I woke up a couple times but not in pain, like I have experience with other cages. Just the knowledge it is there and my body is trying to have an erection that is being prevented. It is typical for men to have several erections while sleeping.

I couldn’t find any reviews about it. I just knew that it was designed and created by a brand that has been manufacturing chastity devises for 25 years. They now make one small enough for me and that makes me happy! I am excited for my wife and I to play with it. Not sure if I will ever attempt 24/7 chastity again, but certainly it is more fun to have a comfortable cage when enjoying denial and pleasure through the restraint of a locked cock. I know CB-X prides themselves on designing cages for long-term use, so I guess we will see what happens as my body feels out this new cage.

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