Why Slutty Women Are Great Cuckold Wife Material

I found this image posted by a female with the username “Not Wife Material”.

Being me, I laughed out loud to myself and thought OMG Total Wife Material! You see I have always been attracted to females that people may consider slutty. Girls who have been slut shamed.

It then made me think. These sexy vixens are perfect cuckold wife material.

I will never forget when my wife and I had sex in her bed the first time when we were dating. She took control and I loved it. Not only that. She grabbed a bottle of lube and poured it all over both of us and slid her body over mine. It blew my mind. It was slutty and I am hooked.

In my past writing I have mentioned how she was living with another man when we met. How on one of our dates she invite another man who one hundred percent wanted to fuck her on our date and this all aroused me.

My wife is a slut. This is seen as a positive in my eyes but growing up she had to deal with challenges. Even today her mom will sometimes mention to me the best ways to keep a woman chaste. It was actually a conversation over the past holidays. I coudn’t help but laugh to myself and later told my wife, who obviously already knew it is not my goal to keep her or any woman chaste.

Suppressing her sexuality was a norm in my wife’s home as well as at school and by society. The same ways as so many different sexualities are suppressed.

In the past my wife dealt with slut-shaming and we still hear comments today from people close to us shaming woman for ways they dress. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these comments have been made about my wife behind our back.

Another note I love my wife dressing sexy. Wearing what makes her feel and look amazing.

My wife has obviously engaged in sexual activities outside of traditional norms and I know we have had times where she has cried even to me her cuckold about how she just wants to be accepted for who she is. That she could never sexually and even emotionally be with just one man.

It has caused her to feel her own shame and low self-esteem. Feelings I am well aware of and have experienced myself as a cuckold. This is part of why her and I are perfect for eachother because we understand these past feelings and accept each-other the way we each are.

I am here today preaching to all the slutty women that being slutty makes you great cuckold material and there are a lot of men like myself that will love you unconditionally. Not only that but put you on a pedestal as a sexual goddess! Support and encourage everything slutty about you.

Meeting my wife has been the best thing that ever happened in my life. Her being open minded and willing to explore different possibilities outside the confines of traditional relationships has allowed her not only to be herself but me to be sexually free to be my cuckold self. It has allowed us to explore and push sexual boundaries together and have amazing sexual experiences!

My wife is uninhibited and insatiable. Slutty women naturally have more of an uninhibited nature when it comes to sex which leads to fucking EXCITING experiences like the so many I write about on this blog. It brings a whole new level of pleasure and satisfaction between us. I freaking love my slutty wife!

She is one of the most self confident woman I have ever met. I think this is a benefit of being slutty. It leads to higher levels of self confidence in situations where boundaries need to be pushed further or communication becomes harder because of fear or embarrassment.

The higher level of self-confidence comes from sexual empowerment. I have felt this improved confidence in myself as well with my wife encouraging me to be the sexual slut I am also. The feeling of satisfaction that comes from enjoying pleasure without feeling ashamed is incredibly empowering, making slutty people more confident as a result. Also control, feeling like she has autonomy over her own desires instills an inner strength that has lead to her higher self-esteem.

Lastly there is something to be said about having an experienced partner. My wife knows how to pleasure a man and continues to learn new things and gaining even more experience from men outside of our marriage that we get to enjoy together.

I appreciate my wife is slutty and so do the men she plays with.

So yes! Slutty women are wife material and even better cuckold wife material! We love your willingness to explore different types of sexual activities and enjoy pleasure without feeling ashamed. Your higher levels of sexual empowerment, control and knowledge give you the confidence required to take on a role such as cuckolding. The openness and appreciation you receive for taking risks also plays an important role in keeping your self-esteem high.

All in all, slutty women make great cuckold wives because you have what it takes to handle such a tumultuous relationship while enjoying yourself in the process!

Cuckolds LOVE SLUTS – Don’t be ashamed… Fact :).

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