4 Reasons Why I love Having a Naughty Wife

If you’re a cuckold like me, the thought of your beautiful and naughty wife having an intimate encounter with another man can be intensely stimulating. I’ve been enjoying the unique thrill of this unique lifestyle for some time now and have found that it brings a whole new level of pleasure to my marriage. From watching my my wife flirt shamelessly with someone else to imagining her receiving passionate love from her boyfriend.

These fantasies always make my little dick twitch with excitement.

I think there is nothing sexier than having a naughty wife.

In bed last night she continued to read a long erotic book we have been enjoying. A series of 21 chapters I found online called Love and Cuckolding. I found this story looking for a tale of a wife who cuckolds her husband and falls in love with another man.

As I read it it hit all the right buttons. I found similarities to our true life as well as how I fantasize things going. I knew I had to share it with my wife.

I guess I am naughty too. I copied and pasted it into a word document and did a search and replace. First searching for the wife in the stories name and replacing it with my wife’s name. Then I did the same for the husband and finished doing the same for the boyfriend.

Cuckolding is funny, there is always a conflict inside me. As I wrote about how a cuckold can’t find satisfaction in polyamory at the same time I have an ongoing arousal to my wife falling in love with her boyfriend.

I used to do these name changes in stories I liked often when we used to fantasize about my wife fucking other men. Prior to making it a reality. It has been a long time since I have done this. We always enjoy stories, just since we started this lifestyle the stories have been as written with the original characters names.

My wife has been loving this story as much as me. When she reads it. I lick her pussy and finger fuck her to many orgasms. Causing her to squirt her feminine fluids onto our bed in her own high state of arousal.

It is so hot having a naughty wife getting off on the idea of fucking another man. Sometimes she will read parts out loud that she likes while I pleasure her.

When my fingers get tires from the relentless motions of finger fucking her, I will switch to a toy. After all we are fantasizing about her being fucked by another man not me.

Last night I used the large vixskin sleeve. Fuck she loves how big it is, realistic it feels as it stretches her and fucks her. She was extra turned on so I also finger fucked her ass while fucking her pussy.

It got pretty steamy where she ended up having a toy in her ass and the large cock sleeve on me fucking her. She told me how much she would love to have me fuck her in the ass while another man fucks her again. We have done this, her current boyfriend is not into it and it has been awhile.

I feel a bit inadequate though when I am wearing the vixskin sleeve. I couldn’t help think to myself how small I’d be inside her compared to the toys we were using to bring her so much pleasure as she continued to read the story until she couldn’t read it anymore focused just on the deep hard fucking I gave her with the toys.

We laugh as the sleeve is off and I push myself in my natural form inside her and immediately slip out. She tells me she is too wet and stretched out to hold me inside her. I ask if she can even feel me? She gives me the same answer as always, “yes but it feels just like a light massage.”

I can’t explain it. It is so hot and turns me on when her pussy is like this. When it seems I don’t belong inside it. The pleasure I feel just rubbing my little dick on her body after she has been fucked like this. The mental and physical pleasure for me is incredible. I told her I was going to orgasm so hard as it kept building. I did. All over myself.

So naughty and hot. I love that her pussy is available for other men. It is so arousing having a naughty wife like her.

If you too enjoy being entertained by such thrilling scenarios involving your justifiably libidinous life partner, here are four reasons why I’m sure you’ll agree there’s nothing quite like cuckolding!

The first reason I love having a naughty wife is sharing these experiences with her. Us roleplaying in our bedroom and her experiencing amazing sex and love separately. I love that she flirts with other men, dresses sexy and so much more with them.

The second reason is Sexual Intimacy. It may be hard for some to believe but having a naughty wife can help build intimacy between couples in several ways. Increased communication and an understanding of each other’s needs and desires in the bedroom. It also allows you to experiment with different things giving each of you an opportunity to understand individual fantasies better than before and making them come a fantasy come true.

Third, Strengthening Trust. This could also go the opposite direction. For my naughty wife and I it has strengthened our trust for each-other. With a lot of communication as well as stressing the marital bond and making it stronger. You have to communicate a lot, you also have to work through your emotions some good and some bad. Loving your naughty wife, having an intense sexual attraction to her. A cuckold sexual relationship with element of humiliation, jealousy, lust and love. It is all done for each-other and I love how having a naughty wife has allowed me to trust her more.

Last, all the naughty thrills. It has been a roller coaster and continues to be of unexpected thrills that keep things alive and fresh in our relationship. Something we would not have achieved without taking part in cuckolding together.

Having a naughty wife can be a thrilling experience, with many exciting opportunities to explore new things together and build a deeper level of intimacy and trust between both partners. Whether you are looking for new sexual experiences to share or simply engaging in playful flirtations, cuckolding has the potential to be incredibly passionate and pleasurable for your relationship. Why not take advantage of all that cuckold has to offer? Open the door to exploring deeper levels within your relationship and embrace what it means to have a naughty wife. Live out your fantasies, enjoy the unique sexual dynamic between yourself, your wife, and her lovers, and enjoy the ride!

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