Can a cuckold find satisfaction in polyamory?

It was a vivid dream. A blond woman that looked like my wife. I could only see her back with her blond hair as she rode the cock of a man. It looked like her hands. Hands that I have seen a million times, but they were missing something.

Her wedding ring.

I hadn’t seen my wife for a week or so. The time away is not clear from the dream. We were apart and there was no contact.

Suddenly she flooded my text messages with how much fun she was having. How well she was getting fucked.

As I watched the video on my phone the woman turned to look at the camera.

It wasn’t my wife. Similarities, but not her. The lady was getting great pleasure from being fucked and looked and smiled at the camera.

A series of text messages. Like ones she will rapidly send me when driving home from being fucked by her boyfriend.

The video in the dream cuts. Now it is my wife. A naughty mischievous smile.

She is bent over, looking back at the camera, ass in the air.

Her boyfriend enters. It looks exactly like him. I have never seen him naked so the man in the dream had his face. His body was fit, not as fit as mine but strong.

They are both laughing.

I am having angst but I reply to her messages with positive responses.

He is going to fuck her.

I can’t see his cock though. It has an animated large condom on it. A cartoon.

They are laughing as he is fucking her and I can’t see her being penetrated.

I text her “What the fuck.”

Another video comes to my inbox. It is a diffrent couple. A couple I have never seen before. They are fucking. The dark-haired woman is being impaled by his cock. It is erotic and raw.

My wife text me that it is a big couple fuck fest. It is too bad I can’t be there.

I write back asking why she has not messaged me for days.

She writes “Lol, I’ve been too busy fucking.”

I’m upset. I don’t tell her though and write to encourage her. Like a cuckold, I am also aroused.

I wake up out of my dream. I quickly try to interpret it. I am kind of annoyed my wife is in love with another man. That is not what I’m annoyed about. I’m annoyed I haven’t seen them fuck.

I know that is sick and twisted and makes me feel shame. Cuckolding though is something we used to do together.

It is not a fair thought because we still do it together just differently with her boyfriend.

It makes me think about the question.

Can a cuckold find satisfaction in polyamory?

The difference is cuckolding is a kink, a fetish. The thought arouses the cuckold, the site, the sound of his wife being sexual with another man. It is a way to enhance the sexual experience. So the cuckold is a voyeur in a way and the wife and men she is with an exhibitionist.

Polyamory lifestyle is a relationship.

I have written how amazing it must feel for my wife to have two men that love her and how it must feel to love two men and get to have a diffrent type of sexual and emotional relationship with.

I don’t try to interpret dreams too often but this one has been driving me crazy.

I see her silence as not sharing the relationship with me until after she has sex. My wife hasn’t talked about her boyfriend for over a week. I can only assume they are still having a relationship. They are talking on the phone. Texting.

She wants to have a private relationship. Even when I have snooped, I have found that she deletes conversations so I don’t see them.

On the outside I can understand this. It is her and his relationship, not mine.

As a cuckold I can’t find satisfaction in it. It doesn’t feed my own sexual needs. As a cuckold I can feel that it is unfair for me to think this way. Then a part of me thinks about how I am so supportive of her sexual needs.

I do get some satisfaction in my wife getting fucked by another man. That is a huge turn on for me. I like that she gets to experience amazing sex and love.

She tries her best. She comes home to me. Teases me. Let me lick her. Tells me about her sexual adventures.

It is not the same satisfaction of watching your wife. That is a hugely arousing sexual experience. It is strange but can feel like the best sex I have ever had even know my cock isn’t anywhere near her while it’s happening. It is a kind of full body arousal.

Seeing another man’s cock in your wife is something you don’t forget. You relive it in vivid detail. You masturbate and fantasize about it over and over again. Your wife is your only fantasy.

It helps with the humiliation part. The understanding of sexual inadequacy. Especially me who has a small penis. This though, is very arousing. Maybe the most arousing part.

When your wife includes you. It is like she is giving you a gift by letting you be involved. You are experiencing your fantasy in person.

Then there is the deeper feeling of being submissive watching your wife getting fucked so good and the immediate aftercare cleaning her up.

In a polyamory relationship, a cuckold doesn’t get this. It is not about him and her pleasure. It is about the two of their relationship together.

So a cuckold can find satisfaction in polyamory but not as much. There needs to be a blend and at times it just feels separate.

I think a cuckold, though, is in a better place to support a mono-polyamory relationship, but with challenges and a push and pull against his own satisfaction.

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