Love you like a love song

You are my soulmate. I will never forget the first time I laid eyes on you and fell instantly in love. I knew you were the person I was going to marry. The person I will do anything for.

I loved how you laughed at me and teased me. How good you made me feel that first day. I didn’t know it then, but you are the person I waited for my entire life.

You understand me in ways no one else ever has and accept me in ways I never knew someone would. You fill me with love and joy. Each day, you make brighter and more special. I am so blessed to have found you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my perfect wife. I love you with all my heart.

I love that we are perfect for each other. It amazes me that two people like us found each other to support each other in every way. That we can be our true selves because of eachother. We can be sluts, we can be kinky and at the same time, we can raise a family, run a home and encourage and support each other’s careers.

I love you are a slut. I love that you cuckold me. I love that you are able to have a boyfriend and share your love with more than one man. It turns me on.

That we can be husband and wife as well as wife and wife.

I love that we can have sex, make love like man and woman and like two naughty sexy slutty girls.

It means the world to me that you ride my inadequacies and we have found more ways to make them my strengths.

I love that you love big cock and you are okay that I love big cock too!

It means the world to me when you include me by cuckolding me, teasing me and enjoying our sexuality and fulfilling our sexual needs together.

I never dreamed I would meet a girl, now a woman that would find out that I dress like a girl in the closest, then encourage me, help feminize me and love me for me.

The same way you never dreamed you would meet a boy now… well, Josie, that would find out that you love to have sex with a variety of men, then encourage you and help find you men and love you for being you.

I love being your cuckold.

I love being your husband and father of your children.

I love being your wife and your sexual submissive.

I love that I can shop for you and help dress you sexy.

I love you are my sexual goddess.

I love everything about you even during hard times, I still always love you as much as during good.

I love that we can openly communicate about anything and everything.

I love how you have helped push my limits, to make me a better and more true self.

I love that you or my LOML and my BFF forever.

LOL and I found this Cheesy Song and you know I love girl pop and this came up on my hot girl running playlist and it is true I Love You Like A Love Song :).

I can’t wait to dress up with you tonight and make tender, sweet, feminine love. I can’t wait for the next time you dress up to go off to get a strong dominant masculine fucking.

You are perfect in every way my Hot, Sexy, Beautiful, Amazing wife. I love you more than ever on this Valentine’s Day.

I love you like a love song!

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