I Feel Good

If a therapist asked me how I am feeling at this moment. I would tell her I am feeling good. I would have a hard time telling or explaining to her why.

Cuckolding relationships involve a range of complex feeling that can be difficult to navigate. There are times these have made me feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable.

Today though I am feeling good. This comes up because my wife’s boyfriend visited for three days staying in a hotel. She asked me how I was feeling about the weekend.

I was out of town for a week and it just so happened, the night I arrived home was the same night he came into town. This was all pure coincidence. My wife made it clear that she wanted to be with me the night I arrived home. Our kids excited to have me home. A family night and time alone between her and I.

As we laid in bed that first night. Our bodies close, skins touching. I felt excitement for her to see him. During the evening I even hinted a couple times that she could stop by his place. I did not say she should directly, though. As we made love, I thought about how naughty it would be if she went and stayed the night with him.

So many cuckold thoughts were racing through my head.

I knew she was waking up to go to yoga. As we made love I finally found the courage to say.

“It could be hot to go to his hotel room in the morning for Yoga to get a good stretching.”

Elizabeth was excited about this idea and quickly was messaging him to see if he was up for an early morning visit. It felt naughty and fun for her to leave our married bed to go to another man’s bed early in the morning while I still slept.

My wife had a lot of sex while her boyfriend was in town. Between the sex the two of them had and the sex she and I had. Two men fucking her every day multiple times. Two men she loves and two men that love her.

In all honesty, it was not really a cuckolding experience at all, but more of a celebration of her and my love. That is how it felt when she was with me. I hope in a way it felt that way for the two of them when they were together.

Although I would have loved to have sat in my office and listened to them have sex. Like she teased me about listening to her telling another man she loves him in our bed. It didn’t happen. There were no pictures sent to me while they were at his hotel.

The only “cuckold experiences” was me cleaning her well fucked, stretched pussy with my tongue while she told me how much she loves, how he fucks her so deeply and how much better his cock feels inside her. I also drove them out to drinks and dinner, allowing them to have fun in the backseat.

At dinner, she got the attention from both of us.

Each night, she went to his hotel. But each night she came home to me because she missed me all week and wanted me to know how much she loves and appreciates me.

There was a moment when his cum from her pussy was on my tongue. I could feel it there. Taste it. So I kissed her and we swapped it in our mouths. That was hot cuckolding shit!!

Her and him did also go out for a romantic afternoon together where they ran into someone in our town who knows my wife and I. Where in the past this thought being caught or outed terrified me. This time I am quite okay with it and find it exciting. She says they were “good” in this person’s presence, but seeing what my wife was wearing, this person would have to be an idiot not to think there was something romantic going on.

I doubt this other man will ever say anything but I can’t help be carious and think that he may going forward now be extra flirty with my wife. My wife says he is not her type.

The last night her boyfriend was here, she was exhausted. It had been a long tiring day. Really a week of her working and taking care of the kids while I was gone. She asked me “would it be bad if I didn’t go to his hotel the last night he is here?”

I told her if she really loves him, she should go see him. She said to me she just didn’t want to put in the effort of showering, doing her hair and make-up, picking out an outfit. I laughed and explained to her she didn’t have to do all that to go see him. He will be happy just to see her again. She laughed and said, “I know, I just don’t get to see him that much and like to look my best for him.”

I asked if she really loves him. She told me “I really love him a lot.”

It amused me to see her then take time to shower, do her hair and make-up and dress sexy looking perfect for him. I kept smiling at her. A flirty smile of us both knowing she didn’t need to put in all this effort, but she does for herself.

I feel good about it all. I feel a sense of fulfillment from knowing that I am helping my wife find sexual satisfaction, as well as a new sense of love.

That last night she was getting ready for her boyfriend I was SO close to giving her my Valentine’s day present so she could wear it for him. I didn’t because although it would have been fun it would have made our actual Valentine’s day less special without having a gift to give her. She will wear it for him the next time they are together.

Maybe it is because Valentine’s day is tomorrow. I am feeling extra good and excited about sharing my wife’s love.

They are in a long distance relationship and I am already looking forward to the next time they get to see eachother. I feel they should try to see eachother at least every month if possible as long as they still feel in love and I am excited about them staying the night with eachother again. Even two nights. Maybe it’s the cuckold inside me, but it feels a little different. Just a joy for her.

I’m sure I will feel angst again at some point. Even the thought of her away with another man for more than one night feels scary. Scary, but not outside my boundaries or limitations. Of course exciting too. I’m just feeling good and these positive feelings are fulfilling.

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