I Fell Deeper In Love With Her

There is nothing more exhilarating than falling in love.

It is said you can fall more deeply in love with someone, whether you’ve been together for three months or fifty years.

I’ve been madly in love with my wife since the day I met her. My soulmate. I can’t love her more. At least that is what I always think.

Then I fall deeper in love with her.

Last night she was under the weight of my body. I was pushing inside her. Her body electrified with sexual energy. We were making love.

I felt strong on top of her, powerful. Her extended orgasms were impassioned. Deep pleasure touching every inch of her body and mind. Her wet pussy melted, soaking her and me, saturating our bed sheets.

It doesn’t matter that I am a cuckold, submissive or have a small dick. I can always sexually pleasure my wife.

An insatiable wife who, early in the day, returned from an overnight stay with her boyfriend. A wife who left him a voice message in front of me. “Made it back. I had so much fun with you. Thanks for such an incredible night and day. I love you.”

I could see the delight, the ecstasy and happiness radiating from her body as we made love.

I have never seen her orgasm like this the entire time we have been married. Not with me or with the other men I have watched her fuck. I was penetrating not just her pussy, but her soul and mind.

A ten on the sexual Richter scale. Incredibly sensual, multiple long orgasms.

Sex is as mental as it is physical. As we made love earlier, we talked, we teased. It felt freeing, naughty and arousing for her to leave him that love message in front of me.

Right before these powerful orgasms, she asked me if it is okay that she loves another man? If she can continue to fuck him? I told her yes.

I believe the emotional happiness that washed over her in this moment gave her this sexual pleasure like she has never experienced before. Her experiencing it with me made me feel closer to her. It wasn’t just me giving her the orgasms; it was also him and her. All of it, if that makes sense.

This experience with her made me feel deeper in love with her.

Not just in that moment but now.

Her overnight stay with him was once again challenging for me. I didn’t feel angst at all. I felt a little sad, lost, and I missed her. I also felt happy for them.

Before she left, I helped her get ready and ran a few errands for her trip. I also helped pick out her outfit. It aroused me and it turned me on after she left. Then the kids were home, and I had to shuttle them around, make dinner and put them to bed. With the emotions, it just felt like a lot.

I slept terribly but enjoyed a masterbation session with my new fleshlight thinking about her in bed fucking another man being in love with another man.

Hedonistic, yes. The fleshlight felt amazing. Fucking the flashlight toy is nothing like fucking my wife.

It honestly feels naughty and shameless fucking a fake pussy.

It is hot rubbing the tip of my dick on the pussy opening and then pushing inside. The physical feeling around my dick is fairly realistic and I can definitely get into it. I’ve been enjoying this toy.

I think next time I’ll add chastity during the day too. Something about chastity keeps me aroused even when the day is challenging.

My feelings while she was gone really were not negative or positive more indifferent.

We had a great text conversation while she was driving back from seeing him. The more she spends time with him, the more red flags she sees. These have not stopped her from falling in love with him and loving him. Going to him for marathon fuck sessions. Enjoying his thick, long cock.

She says I see things as 1 for 1 and she does not.

He is not a guy she wants to marry or could ever see herself marrying. “He is such an alpha”, she says. He is not a guy she could have a long-term relationship with if she didn’t have me too.

I am the link that makes it work. She does not have to worry about those red flags because she has me. She can just love him for being him without trying to measure up if he is the guy. A lifetime partner.

Love is different with different people. For example, I love my children, but it is a different type of love that I have with my wife. The love she has with him differs from the love she has with me. I can understand that, but feeling completely happy about it is challenging. This is because I look at it as more or less. What she has with me is not more or less it is a deeper love.

She texted me to ask if it turns me on thinking about her riding his big cock… Feeling it stretch out her pussy… Telling him she loves him while he cums in her?

It does. I’m a cuckold.

My wife laughs because she says no other man than me could handle how slutty she is. That we are perfect for each other.

That also turns me on.

Psychology says there are many ways that a couple can strengthen there relationships.

• Not skipping the small things together.

• Repeating activities that made you fall in love.

• Spend time doing things you both enjoy.

• Have honest conversations.

• Work on yourself.

• Put away your devices.

• Every day remind yourself that you are choosing to be with this person.

My wife and I do all these things. Our life is not just cuckolding, feminization, and small dick teasing. LOL although we do like to include these as much as we can.

There are two other ways that you can strengthen your love.

Overcome challenges together. I don’t doubt this is the reason I am feeling deeper in love with my wife. Her time away with her boyfriend was again a challenging experience for me, but it is getting easier. We have been working through something difficult as a couple. Her loving another man at the same time as loving me. It has been a hard thing for me to wrap my head around.

As challenging as it has been, we approached this as a team. We are facing it together and leaning new things about each-other. The connection I felt to her last night while she experienced such amazing sex with me was amazing. It was amazing because I knew she would not be experiencing those feeling in that moment if it was not for us sharing the love together that she has for another man. Overcoming the challenge and enjoying this as part of our life.

It will still have challenges. I am still going to have moments of anxiety, but she knows I am here for her, that I love her deeply and will support her, and that brings her the greatest pleasure of all! Me as well!

The other is to have an adventure. Life can get busy and it is too easy to fall into a rut as a couple. Make time to escape your day-to-day routine by doing something that stimulates and excites you. You will see a side of your partner you don’t normally get to see, and that will help deepen your love for her. I am an adventurous soul and so is my wife. This has always been something we love about each other.

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