Arousal Won

Yesterday was an awkward day for my wife and I.

We went on a quite walk.

Had a pleasant dinner where I was easily irritated but she touched me and tried to be close.

Getting ready for bed she put on a sexy pair of pink knitted leggings. They are new. I got them for her for Christmas along with another pair that is a dark purple. She has been wearing the dark purple and a few nights ago I asked why she hasn’t worn the pink pair? It was her time of the month and she told me when she was ready for sex she will wear the pink pair.

With the kids a sleep she joined me in the bathroom. My shirt was off and she rubbed my body. Kissed it. It felt nice. We moved to the bed and she continued to massage me, kiss me. She didn’t want to talk. She wanted to have sex and makeup.

In my mind, makeup sex was not going to work. Yes I could have had sex with her, but it would have been just that… sex. It would only be a bandage on what I was feeling.

I let her know we needed to talk.

We talked, we argued. I felt she was dismissing my feelings, the emotions I had after reading her text and getting a glimpse into her and her boyfriend’s relationship.

We talked more.

I told her she doesn’t have to message him in secret, she can do it in front of me, can call him in front of me.

I stayed silent while she worked through her thoughts. She spoke through them, showing an understanding of my feelings and fears. Ensured me how much she loves me and how none of this works with other men, even her boyfriend without me. That we can end it all at a moment if that is my desire.

That is is not one or the other, it coincides.

Her greatest fear of the day was the same as mine. She feared I was going to leave her, and I feared I was losing her to another man. That it is silly because we love eachother so much!

I sat in a chair that we have in the corner of our master bedroom, her in our king-size bed. In the chair that I watch her with lovers. In the chair I sit now.

Her beautiful face peaking out of the bed covering.

I thought to myself. I don’t want to end it all with her boyfriend. Yes we have challenges like today but more we feel happiness and love.

She moved to get a drink of water. On the table on my side of the bed. On all fours. Wearing a purple g-string panty, I purchased her and a cotton white tank, tight to her curves, showing off her perfect DD breast lightly sheer I could see their shape and her large nipples.

My wife looked hot. She is hot.

I took the sweatshirt I had put on when I went to sit in the chair off. I laid next to her with my bare skin. She rubbed my leg over the satin Victoria Secret pajama bottoms she gave me for Christmas.

I caressed my hands along the curve of her hips, along her ass cheeks feeling her soft smooth skin.

When I wrote my post on Fear, Sadness, Arousal and Jealousy yesterday, I included a few short stories of hotwife’s in love.

In our bed my wife asked me if I found those stories hot?

I told her I did and I thought she would find them hot too. I then asked her if she would like to read them while I licked her pussy.

Just saying it spiked my arousal and I believe hers too as she smiles and gave a firm “Yes!”

Over the last 14 years I have shared hundreds of erotic hotwife stories I like with my wife. She reads them while having a glass of wine and I lick her pussy, finger it and bring her to orgasm. Eventually, she can’t take anymore while reading and needs to get fucked.

Last night to these stories, her first orgasm came quickly, then her second. I could feel her squirt slightly. I laughed and told her we need to be careful as we have to sleep in the same bed.

My wife is a squirter, at least for me she is. She calls it my super power. I purchased a waterproof throw down many years ago so we don’t have to change our sheets every time I make her squirt.

Giggling she told me I better go get the throw-down.

My wife loves to be dominated. As you know I am a submissive but there is a couple dominant sexual acts, I really enjoy.

I pulled apart on her tank top.

Ripping it down the middle exposing her nude breast and hardened nipples.

Fuck she looks so hot like this. I told her she should only wear tank tops this way.

We both laughed.

I finger fucked her hard. She told me she wanted to be fucked hard and this is how I can fuck her hard and bring her to shaking, squirting, wet orgasms.

Her fluids shooting out like a sprinkler hitting my chest as she shutters in orgasm.

I came up and straddled her missionary. It didn’t feel right, so I moved to scissoring her. A sex position that works very well.

It was an animalistic fucking and lovemaking as we kissed. The dirty talk was much like the ones in the stories she just read.

“Do you want me to be in love with my boyfriend? Do you want your wife to be in love with another man?”

It turned me on so much her asking me this. I told her “Yes! but it scares me at the same time.”

“You like it and hate it at the same time?” she breathed.

“Kind of, yes, it just is a lot for me right now.” I told her and kissed her.

“I want you to love it, be happy I am in love with another man. I love you more than anything and always will. I love how you encourage me to be with other men.”

Now on top of me. I slip out. We both laugh. She is so wet. I have fingered her hard. Her pussy feels like it has just been fucked by another man.

“You can’t keep it in my pussy when I’m this turned on and wet.”

It is true. So I rub my dick on her clit. I am now so aroused. I ask her about when she was going out of town for work? In our hometown she has another man she fucks. I am carious if she wants to go with her boyfriend, the other man she is in love with or fuck our last long-term bull that still lives there?

She tells me she wants to fuck both of them. I laugh again. Such a slut wife.

She asks who I would want her to fuck when she travels there?

I don’t answer. I don’t know. I have fantasized about her fucking her past bull. He and I text each other often and he is kind of my bull too. He differs greatly from her boyfriend. Scary dominant but in control. Then the idea of her traveling there with her boyfriend is hot, but I am not ready for that. Too close to home for me. I want to travel there with her.

Our banter and love making continues. I ask “Are you going to text him more you love him?”

She has a wicked smile and giggle. I can text him “I love him” right now. Would you like that?

My body answers rocked by a toe curling orgasm. I am back inside her and filling her with my cum. My arousal is subsiding and I tell her. “Not right now. It is not fair to him for it to be part of tonight’s sex game.”

We shower. Kiss and curl up together and sleep. Her dreaming of being in a gangbang. I wish I had known, I would have woken her up for another round.

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