Fleshlight Fantasies

I woke up very turned on. My dick was throbbing hard. I’m not even sure if I was fully awake. It felt like a dream. I think it was a dream.

My wife was away sleeping the night with another man. Having an overnight fuck fest and love making session with him. My mind was thinking about them in his bed fucking and a warm snug sensation of my dick pushing into a pussy.

It wasn’t a real pussy though. In my hands was a Fleshlight. I was fucking it while her pussy was being fucked by a real cock and it was so arousing. It felt so naughty. Me in bed alone fucking a toy pussy while my wife is away riding another man’s cock.

I don’t actually own a Fleshlight and never have fucked one and never have really looked at them much. I am not sure where this dream came from, but it felt very real. As I laid in bed I wish I had one like pictured above.

My wife did give me a pocket pussy – Spinner a couple years ago. I thought is was a weird gift to be honest. I was really into my feminization and loving masturbating like a girl. I still do love to masturbate this way.

We used it the night she gave it to me. Well she used it on me to get me off. It felt great! Like a really good handjob. Also a little mentally strange as I could be using her body instead of the toy. We love toys though and I often use toys on her so I guess I just didn’t connect that in my mind. The man side of me.

When I was awake that night, I remembered I had it. So the next morning I got it out of our toy chest and I used it thinking about her waking up with him. It felt great. Way better than jerking off with my hands and different than masturbating like a girl. Actually a bit more of a cuckold feel to it. I orgasmed quickly.

Since that morning I have used it a few times.

The other day I thought I was going to have an hour or so by myself to write. My wife took the family out on an activity. Shortly after she left, she texted me wanting my support and company. She asked me to drive to where they were doing the holiday activity.

While she was texting me I had already decided I was very turned on. I was researching Fleshlights. They are pretty amazing. They have like over 40 different pussies that are molded from the top porn stars so people can fuck them while watching them get fucked on pornhub.

They also have the classic version.

The porn star ones fascinated me but I don’t want to fuck a porn star pussy. I’m a cuckold. It honestly would feel like cheating a little to me. They also have the Classic. The first one they made. Not sure who it is molded after then they have the Stamina Training pussy. The Stamina Training pussy is very appealing to me.

We had a funny little chat. I decided to be completely honest and wrote her. “Alright, I was looking forward to masturbating and doing a small penis post 🤣🤣😂. I’ll hold off on the post and head down shortly.”

Yes the small penis post will be my nest post. Stay tuned. It’s a good one!

She replied “God I love you, can you bring 3 AA batteries after you cum 💋.”

Then she wrote again “Why is there no baby eggplant emoji???”

I did masturbate. To pornhub but not to a porn star. To a Hot Wife XXX video where a husband was watching his wife get fucked by a dominant well hung man. I put my dick into the pocket pussy and fucked it while thinking about my wife getting fucked by another man.

The orgasm came quick.

I let her know I used the pocket pussy.

She wrote back “Wish I was watching you cum.”

She is such the perfect wife. I have been having dreams almost every night of my wife cuckolding me. One was a girl. A brunette with a curvy body like my wifes and large fake breast. I have never met this girl and don’t know who she is. In my dream she was my wife’s good friend.

In my dream she gave me a wicked smiled. She told me she knows all about my wife fucking other men and asked if it is true I like it. She gave me a light kiss on the lips and squeezed my erect dick over my sweatpants. I don’t recall all the details but she also laughed and said “So it’s true, you have a tiny dick and you love your wife fucking big hard cock.”

She asked if she could see it. In my dream it was not as if I had a choice. She laughed.

You then could hear my wife fucking. She was fucking her boyfriend.

Her friend giggled and said “It also turns you on she is in love with him?”

Her and I were both now watching my wife being fucked by him. Her friend was teasing me while I felt the warmth of a Fleshlight around my dick. “This is the pussy you get to fuck, while men with big cocks fuck your wife.”

I woke up so horny! I actually ended up fucking my wife when I woke up.

What was even more funny as she rode on top of me she said to me “You feel good, but do you know what would really feel good?”

“What?” I breathed.

“A big cock!” My wife said and gave me a wicked smile.

It turns out last night she had a hot dream of her own. She was fucking another man with one of her girlfriends. It was her girlfriend’s boyfriend, when a bunch of people came home. Family and friends. She thought they couldn’t hear her. Everyone heard her being fucked by him. They thought she was a cheating piece of shit. I guess I pretended not to want to be outed as a cuckold that she was. She went and stayed at a hotel. I snuck away from the group and went and fucked her, so turned on being cuckolded, then went back to the group pretending I was a victim of her being a slut.

So here I am fantasizing about her cuckolding me. Fucking other men. Me not fucking other women but fantasizing about fucking a Fleshlight while she takes real big cock in her pussy.

Dreams and fantasies are funny. I’m thinking I’ll be fucking a Fleshlight at some point in 2023.

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