I sit here and drink my coffee. I have not heard from my wife since she texted me “Headed to be soon! Probably will go once more. I miss you.” at 9:30pm.

Not that I expected to hear from her this early in the morning. I am up. Had to get the kids ready for school and take them to their bus stops.

What am I thinking about?

I am thinking about them having morning sex, possibly making love before she goes out with him to breakfast. Maybe has one more fuck session before driving home.

The thought is arousing.

I decided not to jerk off. Maybe I was just too tired. I passed out last night just about 9:30 then woke up at 12:30am in bed alone thinking about my wife.

There was no cuckold angst. I didn’t sleep well, up about every hour or two. Each time I woke up with a very hard erection. It felt erotic to me. My Victoria Secret panties elastic stretch was tested and they held me in. The pull of the thong agains my ass felt naughty and sexy.

I didn’t even try to sleep in my chastity device knowing sleeping was already going to be difficult. Like I said though once I took it off I easily fell a sleep for a few hours.

She has not slept overnight with him since early May. This is only the 3rd time in our over 11 years of cuckolding she has slept away.

They as in the articles and forum post say cuckolds like angst.

I don’t like it and am happy I only experienced it very briefly when she was leaving. My wife was kind and checked in several times yesterday afternoon and evening.

It sounded like they were having a lot of sex! Before they went to dinner she texted me he had already orgasmed 4 times.

I didn’t even know it was possible for a man to orgasm four times. I think my record in a day may be 2-3!

He must have been sex starved for her. One of the reasons she wanted to see him was to cheer him up as he has been having a challenging winter with his own family.

Before she arrived she wrote me.

“I’ve said this before… But I hope you know that you are the reason this is so fun. If I was just randomly off to have a hook up, it would not be nearly as fun as knowing that I get to come home to you. That’s what makes it naughty. That is what makes it exciting.” Followed by four kiss emojis.

The last time she was away it felt like I survived the night. This time I was fine. I just missed her in bed and miss seeing her this morning and am excited for her to come home, reconnect with me and tell be all about her 24 hour fuck fest.

She says she has eroticized the drives. That when she drives to see another man and home from fucking him she feels slutty. It feels naughty to her and she gets wet while behind the wheel. She joked about having a toy in the car. It is not really a joke, we used to keep a sex toy in her car before our kids were old enough to ask questions about one being in the car.

The getting ready the anticipation.

“It’s like putting all this work in to get fucked. LOL, Big cock…. Worth every mile.”

So I sip my coffee and think positive cuckolding thoughts. Maybe it is worth every minute and hour I wait.

Then as a cuckold I am tempted to encourage her to stay longer.

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