Gone for the night.

Dressed in a black long sleeve top that hugs her sexy frame with flirty cut-outs that show her skin and put her large breast on display. So much so with the right movement they will slip out for anyone to see.

I am hit with a little angst. Deep in my chest when I ask her when she will be home. I will probably leave around noon tomorrow.

Noon tomorrow feels like an eternity.

She sees the angst.

Gone I take a deep breath. Emotionally cuckolded.

She has an emotional connection with him. It is funny because part of that turns me on so much and then I have the fear of her leaving. The fear she can’t love two men at once.

My angst subsides as I scroll through Tumblr.

A GIF picture of a tiny women. A man with his arms left arm wrapped around her neck and his right hand pinching her nipples as he thrust his massive cock in and out of her from behind.

Another of a pretty blond, rubbing her own ass. Doggy style on the couch looking up at the man long stoking his big cock in and out of her.

Then the GIF of the girl licking her finger.

Another deep throating a man.

Then the last one of a girl bouncing up and down on a cock with the caption “I think your wife likes me…”

Yes she does. I can’t help think about her. Spending the night being fucked. Imaging her being pleasured the same way as these girls.

I swell against my chastity cage. Aroused at the thought of her being fucked.

She will be doing more than getting fucked though. That is the emotional cuckolding. She will be spending time with him, going out to dinner. Sleeping in his bed. Waking up with him, having morning sex and going to breakfast. Probably having sex again after that!

He has told her he loves her. Will he tell her again? What will she say?

Us cuckolds that stay at home while our wife goes and plays. We have a lot of time to think.

Our minds turn, our hearts race. We are extremely aroused then moments or more of angst.

I actually watch little porn. I will scroll through Tumblr, read an erotic story or two. Throwing wood on the already burning flames of arousal.

It is an interesting thing.

I need to remind myself of my cuckold affirmations. To keep the story in my head positive. Don’t let the negative thoughts creep in or take over.

The lead up to her dates the days before are always exciting. I have been fucking her really good with our new vixskin toy. Yesterday we made love a few times but I would not use the toy. I told her she had to wait for the real thing.

She teased me about the pleasure she is going to feel getting fucked. She was having orgasms with ease, from us rubbing eachother and her excited about tonight. I rubbed her body, imagining him doing the same. It came out “and him telling you how much he loves you and your body.”

“Yes!” she moaned

And you telling him how much you love him and his body…..

The words didn’t come out. They were in my head as I erupted in orgasm. My eyes closed. Pulse after pulse, stream after stream. My toes curled. My breath paused.

I opened my eyes to her smiling. “Holy fuck you are hot.” She says as my orgasm subsides.

She could tell it was that good. The same as I feel good bringing her to amazing orgasms she feels the same when she does it for me.

She is the porn star in my mind and object of my masturbatory fantasies. She is my everything.

She craves the pleasure of his cock. I am a cuckold. I accept that this inner slut that my wife possesses is a treasure, that it deserves to be fed with amazing sex and an abundance of love.

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