I’m Obsessed With VixSkin Sleeves

Sometimes a brand comes a long that I am obsessed with. Like Freddy Jeans, KD New York Dancewear, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and now Vixen Creations.

These are high end adult toys. I remember purchasing our first one. The Bronco Vixskin X dildo. These are realistic feeling, skin like toys made from the highest quality platinum silicone.

As they say it is “worth every inch.”

The Bronco actually warms to the body temperature. This was quickly our go to dildo for fucking my wife while I lick her pussy causing her toes to curl and her body to tingle in multiple orgasms.

This last year I purchased one of their penis sleeves/extenders. To help my wife experience greater girth and length with me fucking her.

The first one I purchased was the Colossus X. This is their biggest one.

My wife is a size queens so this seemed to be the best choice for her pleasure. She has told me multiple times while I had this on thrusting in and out of her that she would fuck any man that had a cock like this in real life.


It is so much fun to use on her. To make her orgasm the same way other men do when penetrating her. It has added a lot of fun to our sex and I can switch to more of a dominant lover with it on.

The problem is the inner is 5-½” x 1-3/8″. It also requires a full erect penis to fit inside it to add the length and girth. I don’t have a problem getting erect but the inner size is much too big for me. Which actually has positives and negatives.

The positive is I can orgasm in it and often at the same time as my wife because I am fucking into it. Like a pocket pussy.

The negative is because of it being too big it can be hard to fully thrust in and out of her. It really needs to be lubed. I also can slip out of it and have to make sure I’m pushing it down on my shaft so there is not an empty saggy space at the top.

So for an early Christmas present I got the Ride On. Which is the middle one in the picture.

Yes the Colossus X is the one on the right.

It arrived yesterday. I had hinted to my wife I ordered a new toy and she came into our room with a long rectangular package with a huge smile on her face. “This looks like something long and naughty.” She said.

She was correct. It was our new Vixen Creations toy! With the logo and “Worth Every Inch” on the inside packaging we could not wait to use it!

The ride on is not the biggest cock.

Outer: 6-¼” x 1-¾”
Inner: 4″ x 1″

Much bigger than mine though and the inner is a perfect fit. They advertise the Ride On as meant to be used by men with ED conditions or a small sized penis so you can pleasure your partner.

LOL, I just love that description.

So as I said this thing fits perfect! Snug around my penis and the right length so their is not gap.

As I fucked my wife with it, I could see how much pleasure it gives her. How it stretches and fills her pussy.

Not as much as the Colossus X, still She FUCKING LOVES IT!!!

Said it feels like a real cock fucking her.

For me, since it fits like a glove it feels like and extension. A prosthetic. I can really fuck her with it in any position with comfort. Since I am not fucking into it, I am not sure if I could orgasm in it. I’d have to be super turned on and my wife would have to really be unleashing the cuckold dirty sex talk.

I am fine that I can not orgasm in it. She had multiple orgasms. We finished with her riding me reverse cowgirl. Our time was up, she had a nail appointment to get to so I pulled it off. She ground her perfect round sexy ass on my dick and I quickly had an amazing orgasm all over her ass an myself.

Is it wrong that, I FUCKING LOVE orgasming like that?

Not traditional but mind blowing. It also built up our excitement for this upcoming weekend when she will be getting fucked by another man.

So I am obsessed with these toys and we both agree we will be using the new one and the colossus whenever she wants to get fucked by me.

I guess the next purchase with be the Holster on the left. I’ll write a review when we get it. It is on the smaller side in length looks like about six insertable inches but it has much more girth than the Ride On 2-1/8″ vs 1-3/4″. My wife loves girth.

The inside measures 4-1/2” X 1-3/8” so will be a little big. The length should work fine but the extra 3/8″ in girth will cause it to fit more loose.

The Ride On has 7 insertable inches 1-3/4 wide

The Colossus X has 8 1/2 inches insertable length and 2-1/4″ wide

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