Sexual Taboos And The Cuckold


a: a prohibition imposed by social custom or as a protective measure.

b: something that is not acceptable to say, mention, or do : something that is taboo.

Have you ever felt excited by something that feels a little, well, wrong?

If you are a reader of my online journal, you know I’m pretty kinky and have…

Well, more than a couple fetishes.

For centuries men and women have been required by the culture of the day to suppress our sexuality and adhere to what they publicly considered the acceptable norm.

So many sexual acts can be taboo. For the most vanilla even the act of anal sex is forbidden, wrong, naughty and dirty. Taboo.

For the more spicy of the population; swinging, threesomes, gangbangs, public sex, bondage, cuckolding, BDSM, pegging, roleplay, rimming, humiliation, slapping and spitting all make the google search of taboo sex acts.

I don’t know where I learned to feel sexual shame?

Shame is considered to be a “social emotion”, meaning it is something we learn to feel. (i.e. we feel ashamed because we are told we have done/thought/felt something that is bad/wrong/sinful). Shame is often deeply ingrained and can be resistant to change. The Shame comes from a place of feeling bad about who we are, as opposed to guilt, which comes from a place of feeling bad about something we’ve done.

Sexual shame, specifically, is a feeling of wrongness in our sexual desires, fantasies, and/or acts.

For some when you dive into the world of taboo. The more spicy of sexual play; Cuckolding, hotwife, SPH, feminization, PIV denial. You may feel this shame.

I don’t feel as much shame as I once did. I have accepted taboo sex acts is something I enjoy and so does my wife. Taboo for me though, even living it the past 13 years still can be scary.

Sex is funny, we all do it. Hopefully.

I would also venture out to say these sexual acts are not as taboo as I many think. After all there are hundreds of thousands of people online discussing cuckolding, hotwife, stag, vixen, chastity, humiliation and whatever taboo you search for. Majority hiding behind made up names.

In person sex talk has generally been considered taboo for a good number of people, both men and women. So sex talk is whispered about in the dark, quiet corners.

It is no wonder we can feel guilt for desiring intimacy the way we want and like it, hence tiptoe around communicating our fantasies to sexual partners.

Here I am my little penis locked in a pink chastity cage. My wife on top of me rubbing it against her pussy as we press a Hitachi vibrator against her clit and my little locked dick clit.

The pleasure for both of us is intense. She is wet and I am dripping cum. Her orgasms rock and shake her body one after the other as I focus on my pleasures trying not to orgasm too quickly as I moan in extacy.

She tells me how much it turns her on to have my little dick locked up. That I should be locked regularly and she should be free to fuck other men whenever she wants.

It is dirty talk that arouses us both. I am a cuckold and she is a hotwife but we still have boundaries within our relationship.

I ask if she wants to be fucked.

Not by your little dick is her response with a devilishly cute smile.

I laugh on the inside and out. I know that. That was not what I was meaning.

With the Vixskin toy I penetrate her as she screams and moans in pleasure. Her pussy sprays out her orgasms wetting the realistic toy cock, her and my bodies.

She loves being fucked like this. This is how I can fuck her in this way. Other men like the one she will sleep the night with next week are much more well endowed than me her husband. Sexually enjoy to be rougher and more dominant.

He can fuck her like this in the traditional way we imagine a man fucking a woman. The less taboo way other than it not being her husband.

My dick is out of the cage. She is rubbing her clit on top of it. Outercourse. It is less than a minute I am moaning, not grunting. I have my body shaking, toe tingling orgasm.

It is only a day later. I am not locked in chastity. My wife looks stunning. Her large breast, nipples visible through her sleep shirt. A tank top. Her ass perfectly shaped in a tight pair of lounge pants. Every time I look at her I get turned on. My goddess, the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen.

She was not feeling great. I was horny.

I kissed and rubbed her body. Brought to it arousal. A soft make-out session. Rubbing our bodies together in outercourse.

She is now turned on. We are both naked.

I reposition our bodies and she tenses up. I can feel it.

She breathes and tells me. “You won’t be able to fuck me in that position.”

I whisper to her. “I have no intension of fucking you, I want to rub on your clit.”

Something amazing happened, a little of a mind fuck. They taught us sex with a man and a woman is the man penetrating her. Sex can mean whatever you want it to mean. Taboo.

I felt her body relax to my words. The tension completely subsided knowing I wasn’t trying to fuck her. She wasn’t in the mood to fuck me. She was in the mood to make love to me without penetration.

Our smooth soft bodies scissored together. We ground into eachother feeling our flesh become one. Our kisses passionate, soft and long. The way two girls would make love.

Her orgasms intense, toe curling, full body, multiple one after another. Me being inside her never brings her this much pleasure. Never causes her to orgasm this way.

The next day she brought me home flowers and told me I am perfect. I later asked her why me being in chastity turns her on so much?

She told me because it is taboo. It feels naughty. Sexy knowing she has control of my dick. Naughty that it is denied her pussy. She went on to tell me that me wearing thong panties used to feel the same way. Now it is just normal, everyday. She sees me in panties and just thinks to herself how hot I look and how much she loves my little sexy ass.

Wearing panties to me is something I do everyday. Sometimes I don’t even think about it. It feels taboo and naughty to me still though. This is because it is hidden away from the world. I am aware and do my best to make sure no one sees that naughty back thong coming above the pants. A look men love to see so much when it happens to women.

I love chastity too though. It definitely feels naughty, arousing and a constant reminder of my sexuality and all of my taboos.

My wife and my relationship to the outside world is normal. We have kids, jobs, a normal day-to-day life. We are though in a taboo relationship. One that goes beyond current cultural or societal norms. A secret love in which we do not reveal information to most friends or family.

I have been learning to embrace who I am. To enjoy it. It has its challenges but I get self satisfaction and pleasure being aware that I have a liberated wife. I love how she dresses sexy to attract other men. It arouses me to fantasize about her fucking them and it arouses me when she does it in real life.

Although for many it is taboo for a husband to not penetrate a wife. Sex can mean whatever you want it to mean. We enjoy sex together with outercourse and using toys on each-other.

I like my wife being turned on because something feels taboo. My wife has no shame. It turns me on when something feels taboo as well but also it turns me on to know my wife is aroused and sexual.

There is a pleasure I am constantly seeking. I always thought it was that submissive feeling. The feminized cuckold, bi-sexual, the list of sex acts I love. Taboo.

So I will wear chastity more as long as it continues to feel taboo to her, as long as it continues to arouse her.

I don’t expect to be permanently denied my wife’s pussy. We have discussed the need for that connection. Even if it is not as pleasurable for us as non-traditional sex, it is still intimate.

At the same time the taboo of her pussy only being available to be penetrated by other men? Except on limited special occasions.

Like the cage turning her on. There is something so taboo about it. It arouses me too. It has been a game my wife, and I have been playing for the past year. As her tension released in my arms. The next day she brought me flowers. If felt real.

One thought on “Sexual Taboos And The Cuckold

  1. This is excellent. Shame is such a powerful emotion – it seems to touch equally on both emotional pleasure and pain, but for those that can process it all, I imagine the experience is like nothing else. I’m not really there, tbh; not that brave perhaps. And my partner most certainly wouldn’t enjoy me like that. Someday perhaps

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