How To Be A Better Cuckold

I woke up this morning thinking about how I can be a better submissive to my wife. I have been feeling that it is something I have been missing.

My wife and I have been having a lot of sex. Sex with her is always great but honestly it has been kind of mediocre. Morning sex it the best. No better way to start your day. Spooning her and fucking her over Thanksgiving break I was able to give her an orgasm prior to me having my own.

I can’t remember if it was yesterday or the day before. Again we had morning sex. Spooning and making love then me on top fucking her doggy style. I am pretty sure she did not orgasm and I did. It is a disappointing feeling for me so yes mediocre. I’m sure for her too. Not bad because we were making love. We have had a couple of the same sexual experiences in the evenings although me making sure I give her an orgasm with my hands.

The first step for my own self care I decided to put my chastity cage on today. Having it on always makes me feel submissive, as well as feeling a constant arousal. Also a sense of emasculation that I enjoy.

Reflecting on how I can be a better submissive while working today made me think. Think how I struggle because sexually it is the biggest turn on for me. Then the other part of my life the non-sexual I am more masculine, a competitive athlete, highly educated with a drive to run a successful business. I am capable of protecting my wife and my family and doing the more masculine task around the house such as removing a damaged wall and replacing it.

A few weeks ago I let my emotions get the best of me.

I desire to be a cuckold. I want my wife to be able to freely fuck other men with my support and encouragement.

Then sometimes like a few weeks ago the green eye monster shows up. Jealously and envy. A fear, or a current inability to give up the control it takes to truly be a submissive cuckold.

Because of this I ruined something that could have been a lot of fun, my wife having a short term fling with another man in our town. Short term because he was only visiting. Funny because at the same time over a weekend she fucked a complete stranger in front of me and a guy we call her boyfriend in our hotel room while I stayed in the bar and had drinks. I was completely fine with both. More than fine, filled with arousal, joy and love for my wife.

So the other day when I had morning sex with my wife and am pretty positive she did not orgasm. That disappointment carried over throughout that day. I needed to make it up to her. So that night when were were going to bed I hid the vixskin penis extender under the bed and put some lube on our night stand. I brought her into our room.

Pealed off her leggings. Rubbed her body. Spread her ass cheeks and licked her puckered asshole and pussy. I love licking her asshole. Showing her how much I love her how I will do anything to pleasure her. Yes I have even licked another mans cum from her ass. It is a submissive act that I love.

I fingered her to her first to orgasms. I then slipped the vixskin on and fucked her in the same position as the other morning. Only this time she was having multiple orgasm, screaming and yelling how much she loved being fucked and how much she wanted more. I fucked her with it on in many positions. My mind thinking this is how she needs to be fucked. Like every-time I use this toy to fuck her, to give me an assist. It confirms in my head I just can’t fuck her like this and she should fuck other men. It is a feeling of inadequacy. It is a blend of that feeling and extreme arousal. I pull off the toy and rub my little dick on her clit and we both orgasm together to finish off our night of fucking.

So again I am in a place this morning thinking. How can I get my wife to cuckold me again? How can I suggest she goes and spends the night with her boyfriend when she can’t be confident in the way I will act?

To my surprise my wife interrupted me in my office a few hours ago. She asked if she was to go spend a night with him what weekend or night would be best? If this was an open conversation we can have at this point or even on the table for her to see him again? We have been clearly having some of the same thoughts.

My heart is dancing with joy. I can not write how excited I am she will be fucking another man. So excited, I told her any night she wants!

She questioned a few weeks ago during our arguments if I am even sexually submissive? I seem to like to have control.

I am a guy who loves to be slapped, tied up, have my wife sit on my face so I can lick her ass and pussy. I love wearing women’s clothes, get off on sexual humiliation, am aroused by chastity. Crave to be cuckolded. Love to suck cock, love to lick cum of other men from her body and like her and others to fuck me.

I am sexually submissive.

I also don’t mind doing the laundry and dishes. I love buying her things. Cooking her dinner and giving her massages. So yes I am also submissive for her too.

So how can I be a better cuckold? I need to be.

• Being able to let go of any control and learning how to deal with loss of control. Committing to her plans without her having to ask first.

• Make her feel important. Making sure she feels loved and appreciated.

• Practice gratitude for all the things she does. How hard she works financially taking care of the family. How great of a mother she is. The perfect wife supportive and caring, sexually adventurous. A woman who balances a lot and loves whole.

• Maintain communication and don’t let me emotions get the best of me. Instead of letting my emotions build communicate “I like this, but it is becoming a bit intense”.

• Focus on the pros how our open relationship has created more opportunities for us to please each other. Have exciting non-vanilla sex with sexual experimentation. They way it has built intimacy and has strengthened our commitment. Has increased both our confidence in the bedroom.

• Embrace my inner submissive. Being a submissive man does not make me weak. Being a submissive lover can be a very empowering and fulfilling experience. It’s about being confident enough with myself, my wife and my sexuality to give up my control. I have to be strong to be submissive. It takes a lot of strength to give up my personal power and trust that my wife will treat it as the precious gift it is.

• Being true to my desires in the bedroom, let it give my strength and courage to continue to be more confidenct and daring in my everyday life.

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