How Her and My Bodies Are Meant To Have Sex.

My whole body tingled, the feel of her body. Our smooth skin together radiating with heat. Our kisses are deep, intimate, and soft. Passionate. My heart skips a beat as we both gasp and moan. The two of our bodies melting together.

I kiss her neck, down her breast, her toned stomach. My mouth softly plays with her clit. Licking the inner thigh along her vulva, I lick down until circling my tongue on her anus.

She is on her period.

Still I am able to bring her to her first orgasm with my tongue.

On top of her again, I pull her close to me and kiss her delicious soft mouth. She presses her body against my as she rubs her clit against my own sexual organ.

I can feel the heat and the firm softness of her breasts against my chest. We are both naked, pressing our bodies against each others warm flesh.

Her body quivers and she moans softly. I moan back. We are locked in a never ending passionate kiss. Our tongues gentle, mine melting into hers and hers into mine. Our bodies grinding and rubbing up against one another. A very intimate connection the genital-to-genital contact is very arousing not only the physical pleasure but the emotional arousal as well.

A funny thought washes over my mind. I wish she could always be on her period so sex can always be like this.

She orgasms again. I continue to make love with her.

She is so perfect. I love her body. I love everything about her. I love this.

Our moans are in unison. The pleasure is building. Building inside both of us. Light tremors of sensation building into rumbles of pleasure, leading to an orgasm that his us both like an earthquake. Our bodies shudder as we cry out together. My toes curl in an amazing orgasm.

One I am still feeling and remembering today.

How her and my bodies are meant to have sex.

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