Fantasies Of A Hotwife

I have these ongoing fantasies.

Maybe I can’t call them fantasies anymore? They used to be cravings.

I have them when my wife and I make love and I have them when I’m alone.

As she rides on top of me. Her sexy body gyrating into me. She looks perfect. Her naked curvy body, large round shaped full boobs. Blond hair, blue eyes, plump lips.

The thought always pops in my head. Even when I just want to focus on her and I. How lucky I am that she fucks other men. It arouses me thinking about her in other men’s beds or in our own with another man.

Sometimes I think about a certain guy she may fuck or just the thought of her doing it with a lot of different guys. When ever she wants to act on sexual feelings outside our marriage.

It is not something I think about her doing occasionally but often.

She enjoys having sex, has a lot of sex. I enjoy thinking about her exploring her sexual desire opening herself up to new possibilities.

A woman that is married but also has many casual sexual partners and some additional lovers. Embracing her sexual freedom.

It is weird having these fantasies. These feelings. Visuals of her with other men that pop into my head while she is with me. I love her more than the world.

I don’t know, it just turns me on.

Her getting dressed in the morning in a low-cut top that pushes her boobs out on display. Daring, sexy and fun. Her tight low cut jeans and high heels. The time she spends doing her hair and make-up wanting to look her best.

Knowing she is going to see a man that has caught her eye. Maybe have a drink with him. Maybe more.

I love this part of her. I love that my fantasy is in parts reality.

So now she is out. Dressed in daring and sexy. Having a drink with another man.

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