A Night To Celebrate Being Sexy

My birthday is in the spring. A time of the year, myself and not too many other people think about Halloween.

Except my wife, who was looking to give me a special gift. A night out dressed as a sexy girl in any costume I want.

They say Halloween is the one night a year where girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. Of course, woman can dress as slutty as they want anyway and nobody should say anything about it. But Halloween is one night of the year we celebrate dressing sexy. Just google search “Halloween costumes for women” and you will find hundreds of sexy pictures and costumes.

It is also a night a cross-dresser, a sissy, a non-transitioned transgender, or let’s just say gender fluid person can dress in all fem and as slutty as they want too.

So that was my gift from my amazing wife. A weekend away to a city on Halloween weekend. Including two adult Halloween parties on Friday and Saturday.

I am beyond excited. The first thing I did was start to search for the sexiest halloween costumes I could find.

I have always loved vampires. Specifically, female vampires. It has been an erotic thing I have ever since I can remember. Vampires allow us to release our inhibitions. Powerful, sexy and attractive. They are a symbol of sex. They bite your neck and suck your blood.

Vampires can see in the dark. Creatures of the night. In the darkness we do naughty things that can’t be seen well by others. That is true with much of my sexual life. A female vampire puts her victim in a position of submission. A real turn-on.

It is not uncommon for vampires to be bisexual, opening up even more worlds of possibility.

The female vampire can never be fully satisfied.

So my first costume pick for my wife and me, sexy vampires. Yes we will twin but with diffrent costume looks.

I decided on the vampire pretty much immediately after my wife gave me the present. I have always wanted to dress not as a male vampire, a vampiress. I was so excited I bought a pair of heeled boots the day after my birthday and have been wearing them often at home.

Halloween is a time I have always been extra envious of women. How they can on this day go out in just lingerie if they choose, fishnets too!

A fantasy this has been since I was a little kid and it has taken over 40 years to make it true.

The next costume didn’t pop right into my head, but once I saw it I knew I wanted to be her.

Harley Quinn. A successful doctor in psychology. Powerful and beautiful. Like my wife. In 1992 sent to treat the Joker. She falls in love with him and plunges into a vat of acid to become Joker’s girl. A sexy blond doctor sexualized as her body and mind transform. Her brain is still her superpower. She is strong, fierce and sexy and gets into the brains of her victims, manipulating and torturing them for her pleasure.

The queen of chaos, she is extremely violent in this make believe comic world. She is the best-selling female character in comics. Morally questionable, deeply imperfect and beyond sexy.

This will be our other costume. Black boots, fishnets, nothing but panties, shirt and a jacket. My wife may forgo the shirt and just wear a sexy red bra, giving our costumes a slightly different sexy look. Choker, studded cuffs and Harley Quinn glam makeup.

It’s going to be hot. Going to be sexy.

Dealing with people who are close-minded is something I worry about. I fear a little of my safety going out in public in all fem but it is a good time for me to show bravery. To be my strong self. It is funny because we are going to a lifestyle club on the first night and I am still nervous but very excited. I have gone out before dressed fem boy but not full girl. It has always been okay and a lot of fun. I am going to do this. I’m going to make this long fantasy a reality.

Already this has been such an amazing gift and so much fun preparing for this upcoming weekend. No matter what happens, walking out in public in heels will be worth it.

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