The Hotwife Club Part 2 – The Outing Of A Hotwife and Cuckold.

Note: This is a fictional story with non-fictional components of our life and being in a hotwife cuckold relationship for over 11 years.


We both were panicking. It felt like our world was crashing around us. We felt violated. Attacked. Victims of a sex crime.

Images of my wife’s naked body were being spread to friends on Facebook without our concent. A violent violation of our privacy.

It brought tears to her eyes. Anger washed over my body and I clinched my fist. Was this revenge porn?

No, it was sextortion. A predator. Making us feel ashamed of our sexuality.

Our friend texted my wife the images. Images that I mostly took to share with other men, men she has had sexual relationships with during our marriage. Some were ones they took for me.

Our friends didn’t ask to see these images. What a shock it would be to have some random guy share a close friend’s intimate images with you.

I looked at them. Each one I have seen before. I couldn’t help think how sexy my wife looked. That didn’t take away the fear, the anger, the feeling of being violated.

How many people have received the pictures? We don’t know.

How many have chosen to no longer be friends with us? Stayed silent? We don’t know.

We know the friend that shared them with us was supportive. If it happened to her, she would expect the same. My wife’s biggest fear was people were going to think she cheats on me. I made it clear I would let everyone know that is not true. My wife doesn’t cheat on me. She has my full consent and my encouragement.

When deciding to explore an open relationship, it was cuckolding that turned me on. Both she and I, with an interest in doing something unconventional, had to overcome both our internal barriers. Ones created through years of cultural indoctrination.

It was embarrassing. My wife got ahead of it and told our close loved ones and colleagues at her work that nude pictures of her were leaked. She did not go into detail and everyone was supportive, the same as we would be for others.

We were both feeling a bit ashamed and embarrassed about our lifestyle and fetishes. Dirty.

It is something I have felt many times as a cuckold male. The fear of being judged making me feel ashamed of something I truly enjoy.

She talked to her boyfriend about it, and he was also supportive. Encouraging her, it would all be okay and wash over. Making her aware that they may resurface from time to time and it would be okay. He has been a place she can go to get additional reassurance, advice, and support from.

Something about that experience changed a lot inside me. It is not anyone’s place to judge my wife and my sex life. To think they can expose it? Our marriage is very loving, full of intimacy. Built off trust, mutual respect, and kink. Nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

There we were months later at the lake cabin. Friends and family gathered for a hot summer day, staying cool and enjoying drinks and a good time together.

My wife is wearing a blue swimsuit. Her large round breast covered by a strappy braided bandeau top, exposing her side boob. A matching strappy bottom with braided detail on the hips, sexy and feminine. The skimpy bikini bottom almost a thong, exposing her perfect ass.

The swimsuit maximized her sex appeal and attractiveness. She looked fucking hot.

I could tell our friend Mika thought so too.

We partied, drank, ate, swam, and mingled the day away.

We introduced Mika to everyone as one of our friends.

The story is my wife met him at a work event. He has kids our same age and has become a good friend.

The truth. My wife and Mika met at a work event. He immediately charmed Elizabeth with a creative way to introduce himself. They both felt a sexual chemistry.

Later, they found themselves in a private storage room making out with each-other. That followed with sex in a secluded parking area, then multiple days of them fucking. Continuing their relationship to the present.

It was me who first called him her boyfriend. I could tell she was falling for him. This was not cuckolding. It was a romantic relationship forming. A connection they both share for each-other.

I was worried that if she fell in love with him, she would leave me. I had experienced infidelity in my past, girls cheating on me. She was not cheating. It also brought out more of my insecurities, the feelings I am not sexually good enough for my wife.

As their relationship continued and they came closer with new relationship energy, I felt I was losing control over our lives. I felt lonely and sad. I was wondering if I did something wrong in cuckolding to cause this.

It was funny because for me it was all happening so quickly, yet we have been on this sexual adventure for over 11 years.

As I sipped my beer and talked to a friend on the beach, I watched the closeness of my wife and Mika. Not obvious to all, but to me, her husband. The way she held his hand. Their sneaking glances and touches.

Elizabeth was slowly losing her inhibitions as she more and more openly flirted with Mika in front of our friends and family. Anyone close to us over the last year has heard her talk about her friend. At one point, he had his hands on her body as she pushed her ass into him. She leaned back and gave him a loving kiss as we watched.

“Are you okay with Elizabeth being all over him like that?” My friend said with a laugh.

I nodded and told him they were just having harmless fun.

A strange feeling washed over me. I no longer wanted to feel embarrassed that I enjoy my wife with other men.

It used to be about the cuckolding. It drew me to the humiliation of it because I was ashamed of my sexuality. I felt sexually inadequate. I eroticised all of this into a fetish. Yet I never enjoyed feeling humiliation, cuckold angst. In fact, I felt like it should not humiliate me for liking the things I do sexually.

The erotic teasing is something I enjoy. I enjoy the power play but more and more, for example, when someone sends me a degrading picture or meme about cuckolding. I’m not into it as much as I once was. My wife always said it should empower, and she is right.

That was the strange part of being sexually violated by our predator. I was so pissed, someone did this to us but also aroused and grateful I have such a wife. It did not embarrass me at all of her. It has always been my kinks I have been embarrassed about. So it was almost empowering facing this challenge. Living in fear of our sexuality was getting tiring.

The sun was down, and everyone was gone except our close group of friends and family. We sat by the lake front fire. Elizabeth lost all inhibitions as she sank into Mika’s lap and into his arms.

One of our lady friends looked at me and said, “what the fuck?”

Elizabeth smiled at her as she turned and embraced Mika in a passionate kiss. It was a perfect kiss. Their tongues in sync. His hand caressed her face and back down her body. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, wanting all of him.

Our friends and family were staring in rapt fascination.

The secret was out of the bag. They knew my wife had another lover.

I felt embarrassed, because that is the way a man should feel.

I also felt happiness and arousal. It scared me. I wanted to shrink into a ball. I thought back to the weekend trip my wife and Mika went on the previous month. My daughter asked me.

“Why is mom staying the weekend with Mika?”

I told her because her mom enjoys his company and he makes her happy the same way she likes to spend time with her friends and have sleepovers.

“Is he like her boyfriend?” my daughter asked.

I told her yes; he is a boy and a friend. Mom cares about him a lot. My daughter and son have met him and spent time with him. I asked her if she liked the time we had spent with him? She told me he was nice. I think he is nice too I said to her and I am happy he makes your mom happy. He being part of her life and ours and her getting to spend time with him makes me happy too.

“I just miss her when she is gone.”

It was sweet. I told her how her mom misses her and me, too. She also misses Mika when she hasn’t got to see him for a while. The nice thing is she gets to spend a short time with him, then come home and spend a lot of time with all of us and everyone can be happy living in abundance.

It was hard for me at first, my wife falling for a man. It was supposed to be cuckolding. Sex. No emotions. She described that relationship structure as like having this freedom without having the freedom to be her true self.

As they started doing more romantic stuff. Texting all the time. Going on hikes and swims in lakes. Calling each other just to talk about life. Ordinary couple stuff. For me, it is just as hot as the sex. Overnight stays, shared activities, chatting about their day. All sexy. Even the two of them going on vacation.

My friend snapped me out of my thoughts.

“So you enjoy watching her do that, don’t you? I can tell by how you have watched them all day together. She fucks him, doesn’t she?”

I remembered a time where I felt ashamed and humiliated. My wife has been cuckolding me for over a century. I always knew there would be a day where people would know the truth.

“You do, don’t you?” He asked again.

I looked him in the eyes, as well as the others around the fire. “Yes, I love seeing her like this and yes, Mika is one of Elizabeth’s lovers.”

“They are going to fuck each other tonight, aren’t they?” My friend said with a smirk. “They may as well fuck right here.” He laughed.

Mika smiled as he grasped both of Elizabeth’s boobs. She ground her ass back on him, her head back, eyes and face full of passion.

Mika pulled at the hem of her swimsuit bottom, exposing her bare pussy to us. He rubbed her pussy with his left hand. He pulled down her top and exposed her large double D breast with his right hand.

He lifted her up and slipped off his shorts, and that amazing cock came into view. The others stared, openmouthed. He was semi hard. Mika’s girth is thick and his length well above average. My wife loves his cock. The reason she is on his lap now, not mine, she can’t resist him.

He grabbed his cock and ran it up and down the wet slit of her pussy. It didn’t take long to get glistening with her pussy juices. She didn’t want to fuck him. She needed to fuck him.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted his cock in her. Wanted everyone, our friends and family, to see what a slut she is.

“Stop teasing me. Give me that cock. You know I need it.”

He guided it into her pussy opening. She sat back and let it fill her. She quickly shuddered in orgasm.

Eyes were on me and they could see how turned on I was.

My friend was rubbing his cock next to me. “Fuck she is so sexy!” He grunted.

Elizabeth started fucking Mika. She moaned and groaned as her cunt split open, pounded by his enormous cock.

“Yea, fuck her married pussy with your fat cock!” our friend encouraged them on.

“Don’t you get jealous of having such a hotwife like her?” He looked at me.

I breathed. “I get jealous, sometimes very jealous, but it fails the reality check every time. Her and my relationship is solid and loving. There is no reason to believe that she would ever leave me for another person. So I work on not being jealous and enjoying this part of her. This part of me.”

It is sometimes hard, but the challenges so far have been worth it.

Cuckolding has brought me personal growth. More so, learning why cuckolding attracted me. Accepting myself and that I should not feel shame in being a cuckold. My wife has helped me feel less sexually ashamed by how much she loves me for who I am. The true me. She has an abundance of love to give and she makes me feel special, makes me feel loved. She is committed to me, her primary love. The love of her life.

She even loves where I am inadequate and tells me all the time. When I look at Mika. He is not a competitor. He is different. I have many qualities that one may find more attractive. My physical strength. My kindness, sensitivity, sweetness, supportiveness, gentleness, warmth, expressiveness, modesty, humility, empathy, affection, tenderness, and being emotional, kind, helpful, devoted, understanding encouraging and supportive. He has qualities one may find more attractive, too. My wife gets to enjoy the entire range of them.

Her sexual freedom has given me my freedom and acceptance through personal growth. I finally don’t just feel arousal by her being with other men but compersion offering her an unrestricted ability to share love with others and the joy she gets out of it.

“Fuck me, yes fuck my hard, I love that!” Elizabeth yelled.

All eyes were on them. You could tell Mika was close. You could see his cock stiffen as it thrusted in and out of her wet pussy. His grunting became louder and louder until he grabbed my wife’s ass cheeks with both hands. “Fuuuuck…” he exhaled as he started to cum, pumped his seed into my wife’s body.

“Oh fuck! I love your cock. I’m cumming. Fuck yes, I’m cumming.” My wife yelled as her body spasmed.

Elizebeth sank into Mika as they recovered from their fucking. She stood up, walked over to me. She brought her fucked pussy to my mouth, and I kissed it, slipping my tongue between the lips. Tasting their combined juices showing everyone love is abundant and can be shared with multiple people.

She leaned down and kissed me on the lips and gave me a big hug.

“You are the sweetest man ever.”

Allowing her this freedom by expanding her love has allowed our love to expand.

I kissed her back and told her, “You are the sexiest and most exhilarating woman on earth. I love you so much.”

We both looked around.

My friend next to me, shocked by what happened, “Now what? Can I have a turn?”

Elizabeth laughed and kissed him on the lips. “Not tonight. Mika doesn’t like to share, but clearly my husband does.”

She looked at me. “If it is okay with you, I am going to go stay with Mika tonight and come back in the morning. This is a lot to take in at once. I guess everyone now knows. I am sorry.”

Elizebeth gave me a kiss. I told her not to be sorry and that I love her. She told me, “You are the love of my life.”

Pulling her swimsuit back in place, she walked over to Mika. She looked at her Mom and giggled. She was going to have a slutty reputation and she is okay with that.

Then she walked over to Mika. Her mouth crushed his. Their tongues collided with each other. He pushed into her mouth as she pushed her tongue into his. She clung to him as they finished their kiss. “I love you Mika!”

Mika cupped her face and lowered his lips back to hers. His fingers slid to her hair and held her to him. His tongue slid inside her mouth and hers slipped inside his. As they separated, their eyes held.

All were speechless.

“I love you too.” said Mika.

Elizebath yelled in happiness, looking around. “Yes, I am married and I have a fucking boyfriend!”

I placed my hands over the top of my shorts onto my lap. Covering the wetness of my orgasm.

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