Cuckolding Is Love

When my wife got home yesterday from work, I asked her how her day was? A normal conversation starter for any husband and wife. Her answer is probably not so normal in most households.

“I spotted a hot guy at the co-working space.” She tells me with a naughty smile.

I laugh. “Did you talk to him?”

“No… But we had a lot of eyes contact.”

I instantly imagine the two of them sharing fuck me eyes. That sexually attractive kind of eye contact. Flirty. Without words, telling that person you notice them.

“Mmmm… Fun I smile.”

“Just doing what I can to make sure the woman who runs the place thinks I am a total slut.” She says as we laugh. We have joked about this lady. She has seen me there with my wife. My wife though, has also already met a guy who she fucks at the same office.

Naughty confession…. They snuck away to a utility closet during work. Made out, caressed each-others bodies. Shared their desire to fuck each other. Which they ran off during lunch and did.

“I felt like there was potential.” She finished.

We both laughed and kissed, me telling her I hope she sees him there again.

In my last post Was I Born A Cuckold? a couple readers left a friendly comments.

“It is society that derails the cuckold from his natural way of behaving. You and your wife are an inspiration to all hotwives and us cuckolds. Great article and thank you. #cuckoldingislove”

I agree society derails the cuckold of his natural way of behaving. It does the same to wife’s. Society doesn’t encourage a married wife to eye fuck hot guys at work or to go to their home and fuck them. It also derails the cuckold husband from feeling the comfort of arousal and instead of feeling shame, it aroused him.

What I loved most about this comment was the hashtag #cuckoldingislove.

Cuckolding is love and has always come from a loving place for us.

Ignore the pornography and tumblr post you see on extreme cuckolding and humiliation. Pornography exaggerates everything. That is why it is entertainment. That makes it hot.

When I first encouraged my wife to embrace the freedom to be allowed to sleep with other men, it was from a place of love. Yes, arousal too. I wanted her to enjoy having more sexual pleasure in ways I can’t give to her. Also, more variety. Different sexual experiences. Feeling desired and sexy. Enjoying the thrill of catching another’s eyes, sharing the eye contact of desire and acting on it.

She does it out of love too. She does not want to leave me. My wife has told me many times she would stop. I have even tested it and our love always prevales. She knows it arrouses me and shares the experience of her being a hotwife with me. That can be through our fun little conversations like last night. Her sending me pictures of her being fucked. Me watching or her coming home and wrapping her legs around my head while she sits on my face and tells me all the dirty little details of her sexual adventure.

Instead of derailing me from my natural way of behaving, she encourages it, supports it and loves it.

Cuckolding has helped us be better communicators. Has taught us to love our own and our partner’s sexuality. It has eliminated any cheating. It has lessened the shame we feel about our sexuality. Allowed us to celebrate it together even though mostly we still hide it from society.

This blog is not a how to on cuckolding it is my personal thoughts. If you read my journal, you know we have had challenges like any married couple. Stressed our marital muscle. Each time cuckolding prevails and we feel our bond is stronger, and it reminds us of how much we love each other. How we are soulmates. She is the love of my life and I am hers.

In our marriage my wife takes on the sexually dominant role and me the submissive role. This as the comment on my last post pointed out is my natural way of behaving as well as hers. She is not naturally monogamous. Some woman may be. She is not. I am not natually dominant sexually, we know other men are and my wife and I love that.

I love meeting her needs, and part of that is me being the cuckold. She loves meeting my needs and part of them is being her natural, slutty self.

I sit home in fishnet stockings, a mini black skirt, pink crop top, heels, crotchless panties and a pink cock cage on writing this. Why? Because it makes me feel comfortable, at peace, sexy, submissive, aroused, emasculated. My natural way of behaving. You, as a cuckold, don’t have to be a cross dresser or feminine. That is not my point if you are a cuckold reading this. You have your own submissive sexuality. For me though, I have been since I was a little kid.

My wife allows this. Encourages it. Teases me about it. All with love.

Me being submissive makes me want to make her life easier by doing various household responsibilities that I know other husband’s neglect in their own marriage. Folding laundry, shopping, making dinner cleaning helping take care of the kids. Watching the kids while she is out.

I don’t want to be with other woman. My wife is my sexual goddess. I love the sexual double standard in cuckold relationships. In my marriage, cuckolding is love. #cuckoldingislove

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