Was I Born A Cuckold?

I have seen this question come up in online forums such as Reddit and in recent blog post from other cuckolds.

It is an interesting question.

Sometimes I feel I was born or am a natural cuckold. That said, based on science, I doubt that men are born cuckolds.

As for women, I believe they were born not to be monogamous. Today’s science backs that up pretty well. In the animal kingdom which we are part of, there are many advantages of women mating with multiple men and having multiple lovers. A great book Sex At Dawn the author puts forward interesting evidence to support this. A majority of anthropologists also agree this is true. If you google are humans naturally monogamous, most top researches say no.

Of course, while monogamy works for many people, it also opens up doors to cheating and infidelity.

The fact is, it does not work for my wife and I. Were we born this way? I think so.

In our relationship, my wife can have other sex partners.

The feeling of being ravished by dominant men. She needs it. The feeling of a thick cock in her pussy. She screams with orgasm. They continue into a string of multiple orgasms. A powerful man that can do whatever he wants to her. Give her a real fucking. Hard fucking. A fucking so good her body feels it the next day. She gets to feel submissive to the bad boy type of man. Gets to feel desired by other men and receives pleasure from them if she chooses. Then at the same time having power in her relationship with me, her marriage.

Was I born a cuckold? It makes me reflect on the over 11 years of being a cuckold. Even earlier in my life.

I always had an internal sense of inadequacy.

Girls all cheated on me or didn’t let me fuck their pussys, only worship them with my tongue.

Other kids in the locker room made fun of me, called my pencil dick. Teenagers can be cruel.

Early in my childhood, after puberty, I have always loved slutty girls. Girls that like to fuck many men. Women who like to cheat.

I used to be a very jealous boyfriend. There was something inside me that just always expected the girls I was with to cheat on me. I have always been a great, caring, loving person. It was that internal sense of inadequacy.

In college, I felt pressure to show that I was an alpha. The guy that can fuck whoever he wants. Tall, good-looking, strong and in great shape.

Was it the girl that stopped in the middle of our sex after I repeatedly slipped out and just left? Or the one I saw many occasions at parties. We would hook up. She wouldn’t let me fuck her, but allowed me to lick her pussy all night. Then seeing that same girl getting fucked at a party?

These are true stories. What I learned is how to pleasure woman other ways. With my mouth, my fingers. Getting them off before having sex. I’ve had many relationships where woman are caring for me. I have also learned I get along better with women than men and understand them well.

Then there is the Josie Pink. I am not a transexual. Maybe? I don’t know, probably non-binary. I have loved to experiment wearing female clothes since I was a kid. All things feminine are what I love. It wasn’t until I was in college I wondered what it would be like being with another man sexually.

I never acted on it.

Then an older man took an opportunity when I was in my young 20’s. I discovered how to surrender all control and have a guy use me in whatever way he wanted for him to receive the most pleasure. For a year, a couple times a month, he dominated me. Tied me up in ropes. Photographed me. Took videos of him using me. Fucked me. Mentally, I was confused. I was not attracted to him emotionally. I have never felt I was gay. Then the young me said it was all about the sex not the man giving it at all. Then why did I keep going back? I loved everything he did to me. I would have loved it more if I let myself just enjoy it and not question my sexuality.

We live in a hyper-masculine and patriarchal society. I can play the masculine role but I am most happy when I am submissive when I emulate the behaviour of women, even in sex. I derive pleasure from it. This includes the ways my wife and I make love.

When I met the love of my life. That is when a cuckold was born.

She was in a relationship with another man. She and I hit it off right away. I tell everyone I wanted to marry her the very day I saw her. Instantly, she was my everything. Love at first sight.

Beautiful, a smile that lights up a room, outgoing and flirty.

Her relationship with the other man was not a good one. I learned this as we got to know each other more. As we dated and made time for each other as much as we could. Even if it was just getting a sandwich by the beach or sitting on the curb kissing down the street from the gym, we met in.

The funny thing is I didn’t mind she was living with a different man. She was not cheating. There was no jealousy. There was something else. She hates me saying this because of how toxic their relationship was.

She was in the bed with another man at night while I lay in my bed. I felt an arousal. Fantasized about her fucking him. I didn’t know what he looked like or really anything much about him. My fantasy was much more erotic and pleasurable than her reality. The thought that she was fucking more than one man at a time drove me wild with lust for her.

I kept it a secret.

Then there was a time I went out with her and she invited another male friend. She thought of him as just a friend. I could tell it surprised him to see me when we met at the bar and he wanted her.

There was again that arousal. I thought about how hot it would be if she left with him and went home and fucked him.

She left with me. She broke off her relationship with the man she was living with. Before she did, I am reminded of the night we had sex in their bed.

She invited me over for mojitos and an Indian salmon dish. Both were memorable in themselves, but nothing like when she was on top of me. Controlling our sex as she poured a bottle of lube all over both of us. Our bodies sliding together as we made love. Still, today most of our lovemaking is with her on top.

We got married, my secrets in the closet. A cross-dresser, a bi-sexual and a lover of slutty woman. Apparently not a secret to her. I had a feminine side to me.

It wasn’t long after we got married. The secrets trickled out. I would use toys on her. Large lifelike dildos. I saw quickly how they made her scream in so much more pleasure than when my dick was inside her. Having so many more orgasms. I told her how hot she looked with a big cock in her. I loved how I could give her so much pleasure this way. It also made me fantasize more about her having the real thing.

I asked about her sexual past. I discovered she cheated on every boy and man she had ever been with.

Some would think that is fucked up!

Maybe even you reading.

Hearing that was one of the most desirable things she had ever told me.

It came out. Have you cheated on me?

She laughed. Kissed me passionately. No! I have never cheated on you. We made love.

Then I had to ask.

Would you ever cheat on me?

The answer was not what a married monogamous man would expect. It was sweet and kind. She told me eventually, yes, someone probably would come along and she wouldn’t be able to resist herself sexually.

I’m sure my response was not what she expected. Intense, passionate lovemaking. The two of us fucking. I love that she has sexual needs outside of our relationship.

I have always known I am okay with her cheating on me. Even today when she doesn’t have to cheat.

Cheating is about breaking trust. Being a secret. It can be hurtful and deceiving.

I am an educated man.

How about I send her off with her knowledge on a trip where she has the opportunity to meet and fuck other man if she chooses?

It was bold, we had just recently had our first child. Life was crazy. She didn’t feel sexy. She was and always is sexy as fuck.

A weekend away she danced with other men. Texted me and I encouraged her if she wanted she could do so much more. She did more. She sucked and fucked another man. Me at home aroused my little dick raw from masterbation.

Home in my arms. Both knowing we had to do it again and then again.

Today she still fucks other men. I still get filled with arousal. Our bond has become stronger, so has our love for each other. She gets to be her slutty self and with whomever she wants. It’s like it would have never been right if she was being faithful and not really enjoying her life and body with other men. Sometimes it feels we were both born this way.

One of my greatest sexual pleasures is watching my wife being taken sexually by another man right in front of me. It is so intense and erotic. Watching his cock sliding into her and watching him cumming inside of my wife’s pussy.

I have so many fond memories of this. A few in public places where she is just swept away in the arms of another man. All to see. I get angst, but the pleasure is always greater than it. When it is over, I always want to continue to be a cuckold.

All the men my wife has been with and I just want her to continue to dress more provocatively, continue to be more open sexually, to be herself. I have no regrets.

It has been a powerful rollercoaster. I held my wife in my arms just this last year. She was crying. Her falling in love with another man was hard for me to understand. She felt she fucked up. Feeling that same way she had felt before with all the boys and men she cheated on. Just wanting to be loved for being true self.

I kissed her. Ensuring her I love her always for her being her true self. She is highly sexual. Has sexual and emotional needs that include having other men in her life. A woman that was not born monogamous. One who likes attention from other men. Loves having sex with multiple men. A woman who loves spending time with men.

A transformation happened in my mind. The possibility she can love more than one man being real. It aroused me. It arouses me, thinking of her telling another man she loves him.

I was practically begging her to say it. To tell me she loves him. So I could explode in a pleasurable orgasm.

How could it turn me on so much? I don’t know, I’m a cuckold.

She didn’t say it. We now know that is an option. She can love another man and still loves me more than the world. As a cuckold, it arouses me. As a husband, I want her to be her happiest and fullest self. So I encourage her.

Love or not, I desire her to continue to get fucked outside of our marriage.

Remember my internal sense of inadequacy?

When we started cuckolding, I knew right away it was right for me. Again almost feeling I’m a natural cuckold or born cuckold. Even so. I spent many years feeling ashamed of my sexuality. Ashamed of being a cuckold. This is where my wife and I had the most tough challenges. No matter how much I desired her to be her true self I couldn’t understand or accept my true self.

Why am I a cuckold?

Through my journey, I learned how to eroticize humiliation.

As we went on this journey and set her free, the amazing thing is it has set me free.

My wife tells me all the time how much she loves my dick. She also loves teasing me about it. She loves the sex we have. How it rubs on her clit, the contrast between mine and the men she fucks.

She loves me for who I am.

I try not to question it anymore. Just figure out the best way to make work.

I still love to fuck her with toys. Sometimes I will switch roles with a cock extender and be the dominant alpha male she loves. It gets us both off through the role play.

We have a very loving fun, adventurous marriage. We enjoy our kids together a regular family life and we enjoy our wild sex. I can laugh because my wife and I have had a sex life like two porn stars. We have experimented and have tried so many variations of sex and sex with different people, men and women. We both wish to continue. This is our sex life, and it is what makes us sexually happy.

I have nothing to be humiliated about. My inadequacy is real. I have been able to overcome it and make it one of my strengths. It has allowed us both to have the most amazing sexual and emotional cuckold/hotwife relationship together over the last 11 years. I hope for the rest of our future.

4 thoughts on “Was I Born A Cuckold?

  1. I do think that there are men who are natural cuckolds. I think it’s in their DNA. I also feel it’s society that derails the cuckold from his natural way of behaving. You and your wife are an inspiration to all hotwives and us cuckolds. Great article and thank you. #cuckoldingislove


      1. By the way Josie, I love your blog. It is positive and inspirational. We need more people like you to realize that a cuckold marriage is truly a loving marriage. Keep up the good work. 🥰

        Liked by 1 person

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