Men Love Sluts

It has been a little while since I have written. Life has been busy, with summer in full swing through the month of August.

We still had some great sexual times. My wife’s boyfriend took a week’s vacation in our town with his son.

Not as wild if it was all adults alone.

We introduced our families and had good G rated fun.

Of course, they got to sneak away in the daytime when all the kids were in camp to fuck in our bed.

I don’t get to watch the two of them, but I like her fucking other men and getting an enormous cock fulfilling her slutty pussy.

Not much feminization, but my normal daily hints of Josie Pink with the thongs I wear under my clothes. The subtle women’s running shorts and loungewear I now wear openly.

I don’t dress blatantly in front of our kids.

My wife and I are having great sex. She loves the Vixen Colossus X cock extender I fuck her with. I love how much she gets off on it. How it makes her scream and beg for more. How hard she orgasms on it.

Then the outercouse we love to have. I still slide in her and she still teases me how my little dick shouldn’t be inside her pussy. It turns me on.

I’ve been enjoying Tumblr’s post about pussy free cuckolds and wives who enjoy fucking dominant men.

Mostly I have been thinking about how much I love having a slut wife. I use the word slut not meant as an insult, not even as a word with negative connotations. Quiete the opposite. I am proud of her. If slut is not the right world. I’m talking about her being highly sexual, feminine and powerful.

We were watching the House Of Dragons last night, where the princess is being shamed for sex.

“Were I born a man, I could bed whomever I wanted. I could father a dozen bastards and no one in your court would bink an eye.” She tells her father.

For generations and centuries, women who lived promiscuous lifestyles have been stigmatized, demonized and shunned by society.

Slut-shaming, whereas they always regarded men who did the same as “heroes” and admirable representatives of their sex.

I love being married to such a sexual woman, and most of my fantasies have been around that. My wife loves cock, she fantasizes about it, dresses up for it. Loves getting attention from other men. She loves to look feminine and sexually attractive.

I love her big tits, her long eyelashes and her full lips. I love her.

She has gone to a couple of concerts this summer without me and tells me the stories of all the men flirting with her. I love these stories.

A group of guys approached her at a concert with her Mom and told her she is an absolute 10. I agree. My wife says she flirted back, but nothing naughty.

My fantasies have her doing so many naughty things. It fills me with arousal.

She is a sexual creature. We are trying to learn how to best navigate it with kids who are getting older and living in a small town.

My fantasies have her on tinder openly dating other men. Having booty calls. Being naughty when men flirt with her at concerts and even openly kissing them in front of her mom and others.

We all know my fantasies run a wild.

As they say, a cuckold has to be careful of what he wishes for.

I’m the same man that gets turned on by his wife taking 5 cocks at once. Imagine it is her in porn movies I watch and tease her about her own escort fantasy that I find to be so hot. I’m the type of guy that supports her in this.

She wants to be accepted for who she is. A total female with sexual freedom and fulfillment. I accept everything about her.

Her being a slut has been fulfilling for both of us. A marriage full of happiness, fulfillment, bliss, light-hearted and passionate life, full of fun and adventure.

Not absent from our struggles with a social pressure that prevents females from being sluts freely and shedding our own hangups, they brought us up believing.

So I havn’t had much to write. I’ve been happy thinking about how my wife is perfect for me and I continue to just have naughty fantasies and cravings.

I think most guys like sluts. They just can’t openly admit it.

Cuckolding and hotwife’s are largely searched on the internet. Hotwife and women cheating porn are a huge segment. Porn is one if not the most profitable industries. Men love strip clubs. Don’t blame it on porn! brothels and red-light districts were popular before the internet. Men and women cheat in monogamous relationships.

I think if given the opportunity, and being accepted for it, women love being sluts too. We are humans. Sex is part of our animalistic nature.

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