4 Reasons She Wants To Be A Hotwife

There are probably a range of reasons women want to be a hotwife. Here are 4 good reasons.

  1. More needs met.
    One of the most important things hotwives like about their relationship it that they get more and different needs met in different relationships they have with their husband and other sexual and emotional partners. Having multiple partners allows the wife to go have the unique experience fucking an alpha. The intensity of the sex and penetrative orgasms while also having and entirely different pleasurable sexual experiences with her husbands. Often in cuckold/hotwife relationships, there is a sexual need that the husband can not meet. Her being able to have her needs met by other men allow the relationship with the husband to be stronger and more loving.
  2. Sexual variety: The hotwife gets to enjoy the sexual variety of being able to have sex with more than one person without giving up the marriage they are already enjoying. Being in a loving, stable relationship and still having sex with new people is a big draw for the hotwife.
  3. Freedom: I honestly believe this is number 1. Being free from the restrictions of monogamy. To experiment with multiple partners, but also freedom to question other noms in our society. Critical thinking is not just about questioning monogamy, but also about questioning other things that are often taken for granted, such as what makes a relationship successful or whether all relationships need to follow the same, socially prescribed template.
  4. More Love: Husbands may not like to hear this. When my wife told me she was feeling love for another guy it was a shock. We got into this for sex! The fact is when two people are fucking there is a chance for a emotional connection. I told her she never fell in love with any of her other bulls and she told me I was too demanding before than I am now and she did not have that freedom.

    My wife doesn’t always want sexual variety with little to no emotional involvement. It is not her sexuality. She likes to have a connection with her long term lovers, she loves it. She also has the capacity to have love and emotional relationships with more than one person. Which we all do and we all practice in our life’s. We just are programmed that it is not possible when it comes to love and sex.

  5. Expanded family: This one is probably scary if you are new to an open hotwife relationship. It was scary for me. Having additional partners that you trust can expand into your family. My wife’s current boyfriend has met our kids, we enjoy time as a family together. My wife is not completely openly affectionate with him but is close. My kids enjoy his company, and I enjoy his help when he is around and the naughty factor knowing he fucks my wife. I read a book about tribes that raise kids together and how much the kids are safer having multiple adults who watch out for them. I feel involved in their relationship, him being the dominant sexual lover and me being the primary emotional support. It brings me compersion. I have always enjoyed getting to know the men my wife loves to fuck and feel more comfortable being friends with them and having them as part of our life than just fuck buddies I know nothing about.

Although not for everyone we have a great loving relationship full of open honest communication and with the mind blowing sex these are some of the reasons it works for our relationship.

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