She Supports My Feminization

In her room. Small, messy, feminine. The room of a teenage girl. Me a teenage boy. I don’t recall where she was, maybe the shower or talking to her parents.

I admired a small piece of fabric. I thought it was so sexy. Something all girls should wear. Drawn to it. Not in a perverted way but a carious way.

I slid it up my lean legs. Over my hips. It split the crack of my ass. The thin waistband, the fabric in the front covering my genitals.

It was a rush of excitement. The feeling was amazing. I would always be slightly envious of the clothes girls get to wear.

So temporary. As quickly as I pulled them on to try for myself the first time. I had to pull them off in fear of being caught. Humiliated. In my mind, my girlfriend would not be happy with me doing what I was doing.

I would sneak away throughout my life, trying on any women’s clothes I could get access to.

Purchasing and purging different clothing items I was carious to try on.

When I met my wife dressing became easier. A whole closet and dresser drawers of women’s clothes I now had access to.

Her at work I lived in a female fantasy land. Just touching certain fabrics gives me a rush of excitement. Same as that teenage experience not in a perverted way but a carious way. Always careful not to ruin her clothing I’d pick items that I would not stretch out.

Over the years I worked my way through a majority of her clothing. When she learned I liked to wear women’s clothes, she asked me what clothes of hers I have tried on. My answer was almost all of them.

I love buying her designer clothing. No it is not selfish, not because I want the clothing. I just love seeing her dressed sexy and beautiful. I love her body and how it fits into certain sexy fashion.

Monday Morning

I take every opportunity I can to be Josie. Even if only for a few hours.

In my walk in closet I set aside a designer Michael Costello mini skirt, rushed satin fabric, gold chain at the waist in the color deep red. A pair of thigh-high stockings in the color nude. A black crop top in cotton. I browse my collection of heels and choose a new pair of black lace up ankle boots. These I purchased for a girls night out my wife and I will have in the city this come October.

A deep red Victoria Secrets thong with a matching bralette.

I shower and shave my body smooth. Put on scented lotion. Clean my face with a toner. Followed by a face serum, eye cream and moisturizer.

I pull the thong up my long smooth soft legs.

It has been 2 years since I threw away all my men’s underwear about 3 years I have only warn thong panties. This is when my wife learned of my desire to be feminine. She would purchase me sexy male underwear. Men’s thongs with a front pouch, loose fabric designed to hold larger cock and balls. Different from soft delicate fabrics of women’s panties skimpier, sexier.

I admire the deep red thong. The front is smooth. I don’t tuck, I don’t have too. I fit naturally in panties. Wearing a thong everyday is exciting. I do get nervous people will notice I am wearing panties. At the gym, or bending over to pick something up at the grocery store. On vacation at a bachelor party with a bunch of men. It shouldn’t do this, but it makes me feel like sissy, from the remnants of male masculinity.

I pull on the thigh-high stockings. They exude feminity and sexuality. They shape my legs and make them look amazing.

The skirt looks amazing on. Feels amazing on. The ruched satin fabric hugs my lean small round ass. The gold waist chain highlights my firm, lean stomach. My mind wonders and a feeling of happiness and joy spreads through my body. My wife gave me this skirt as a gift. She is outside our bedroom working while I am getting dressed. I am so greatly happy that I can be in my home dressing up with her there.

The black crop top looks terrible! I try on 3 other tops and don’t like how they look with the skirt. Should I just rock the bralette?

Oh the bralette, lace and sexy. Also a gift from my wife. She has encouraged me to wear them under my men’s clothes, like my panties.

The deep red crop top that also is ruched. I forgot I even had it. It is perfect for this outfit. I finish the look off placing breast forms into the bra to complete my feminine curves. I squeeze them and imagine having breast of my own.

My outfit looks hot!

I do my makeup. I am loving this new dior spray foundation. Both my wife and I have it in our skin shades. I enjoy over-lining my lips giving them a fuller look. I stick with the deep red theme and add a little gloss on top so they have an extra pop.

I lace on my ankle boots. This part brings me joy.

Once I step she will hear it.

The acute and distinct clicking sounds of sharp heels as they echo their presence on our hard tile floor.  The sound has a very captivating resonance and the moment it hits your ears it requires you to listen, it demands your full attention and thrusts you into an in-depth analysis of the sound.

She leans back in her chair and allows the sharp click clack sounds to echo in her mind, eventually causing her to build a mental picture of the female wearing these heels. No longer at the moment her husband but her wife.

I step out to her smile and joy. “Oh my god, you look beautiful! That skirt is so sexy on you…and that top, wow!”

I give her a kiss and thank her. She admires me before I go off to do my own work. I love walking in heels. That same captivating sound my wife hears. Heels actually enhance your butt’s appearance by lifting your cheeks and accentuating your feminine curves. I can feel it and it feels sexy. The way you walk in them makes me feel more attractive. As I walk they make my hips swing as I take a shorter stride.

My wife supports not only my feminization, she encourages it. I believe she loves Josie. Her LOML her BFF. We can talk like girls. I’m a slut and understand her sexual needs better than anyone else. She cockolds me. I didn’t need to be feminine for her to do this. In fact we started cuckolding first. Allowing her true self and exposing my own true self.

It started with panties and today a closet of women’s clothes not hidden from view. My body is always smooth. Aside from the panties even dressed as a man I now often wear women’s clothes openly. Relaxed short lounge shorts with a men’s tee. Womens running shorts or workout leggings. Subtle make-up. My feminity is now blending into my daily life with my masculinity.

I love that my wife supports me and encourages me. My soulmate. The love of my life!

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