The Hotwife Club

Warning: This is an erotic story that gets sexually explicit quickly. It includes a wife having an open affair. My wife will read it. I am out of town and I imagine her laying in bed masterbating to my story. Fantasizing.


The lights are low, decor warm and inviting, sensual.

Oversized sofas the size of enormous beds with padded backs and large throw pillows align each wall.

A club where wives let themselves be seduced by men.

A club for men who encourage their wives to stray.

Here we fuck for fun. Play-time.

Clubs like this are located all over of the world for swingers, voyeurs, serial cheaters, hotwives and cuckolds, the whole underworld of BDSM, fetishes and kinky sex.

Her moans of pleasure echo. “Oh Fuck!”

Her pussy struggles to take him. I wait to see his huge dick slide into her pussy, filling her body.

Inch by inch, he disappears into her. Soon they start a rhythm. She is screaming out from the intensity. Her a body shaking in orgasm after orgasm, helping him push further into her.

It is sexy seeing this man take my wife. She is being the slut I desire.

It’s a unique sexual fetish I have where I take intense sexual pleasure from my wife’s extramarital sex life. I get off when my wife gets off with other men.

I crave for my wife to do what no man is supposed to want. I spent the last 11 plus years analysing the why with no solid answer except I am into it.

It is time to no longer worry about the why but how we can always enjoy it as part of our life. It turns me on, there is no good reason to deny myself this. It benefits both of us. We both get off on this fetish.

This is not only about her pleasure. To say it was would be bullshit. It gets my little dick hard and my blood boiling her fucking another man. It makes me drip in arousal.

Watching my wife lose herself to the sensations of fucking a bull.

It seems everyone is watching the show.

His cock buried to the hilt, her pussy stretched to its limits around it.

His hand grasping her ass cheeks, her legs wrapped around him.

He fucks her. Pulls out, inch by every inch. Her pussy lips hold on tight as you see the skin pull out, suctioned onto his shaft, trying not to let it escape.

His huge cock sticks out from the man’s muscular body. He places a finger on her lips and she sucks it into her mouth.

He sinks in again and ravages her pussy.

She moans in pleasure.

He pounds into her. Impaling her, another climax tears through her body, causing her to scream and shake, crying in pleasure.

My wife looks around and sees her audience. Everyone who is watching her get fucked.

She is a slut and loves it.

For her, she loves to feel desired by men. It makes her own sexual desire burn.

She loves the variety.

My wife loves that she has her husband’s permission to be roughly fucked by a hot guy with an enormous cock. To experience the sensation of being manhandled and used.

Sometimes women want that – or at least she does. She loves being my queen but she also wants to be another mans little fuck toy, too. 

At this club the people around are witnessing a mis-match between my desire to watch and how she loves to feel desired by other men. Coming together in a fireworks display of hot, depraved, totally unorthodox sexual satisfaction.

The man fucking her turns her around. Grabbing her hips, he thrust hard into her.

“Fuck!” she cries, legs shaking. “Fuck me harder!”

Another orgasm washes over my wife. Her face buried in the sofabed as she whimpers in pleasure.

She loves it. She loves his enormous cock.

“Fuck!” Elizebeth cries. Her body convulsing, jerking against her lover’s body. This man bringing her to orgasms like nothing I can compete with.

I remember back when Elizebeth first cuckolded me, seeing her experience sexual pleasures I didn’t know existed.

At that moment, a man gives up his dignity, his sense of masculinity. He comes face to face with a new reality.

It doesn’t happen right away but out of the wreckage the humiliation a new identity blossoms. He becomes a new man, or maybe just his true self as a submissive.

It would be selfish at that point not to let the girl you love experience what she needs.

He continues to fuck her for what seems like an eternity, plunge after plunge. His body slaps against hers.

One last plunge deep inside her married body. Her lover pushes in and holds. Her eyes roll, her back arches, and her muscles clench his cock as he shoots a river of semen into her body.

Her lover stands, grabs my wife and kisses her, feeding her his tongue, grasping her ass cheeks with both hands as he pulls her in tight.

He won’t be the last guy to fuck her at the club tonight.

She is part of a special club for women. The hotwife club.

I’m part of a different club. The cuckold club. Yeah, you know the one. The one we can’t even talk about in public without feeling judged and shamed.

She fucks other men. I find satisfaction in her unfaithful adventures.

When we get home, my wife will put on the public face of the monogamous wife. Otherwise, she’ll get a bad reputation as a slut.

It isn’t the men she has to worry about so much. Its other women.

Her friends, associates, neighbors, co-workers and the people in and around our social circle.

That’s who keeps the pressure on us to stay presenting as monogamous.

Society forces us to lock away our sexual desires in a dark closet. In clubs like this, clubs she gets fucked in, we are around like-minded folks. The same sexually strange people.

It leaks out, though.

Our cravings. Us being in an open marriage.

How she dresses. Revealing clothing. No bra, inviting other men to flirt with her.

I encourage her flirting and teasing.

Kissing a lover in public. Introducing guys she fucks with others as just a friend, including our own kids.

Both our happiness and sexual energy glow.

She has sex outside the club. She has a boyfriend and is open to meeting other men for additional affairs.

As a man I am not supposed to want this. Men are supposed to be jealous and protective of their woman. Women are supposed to be loyal good girls who put sex behind commitment.

Although I feel jealous and protective, I want this.

I don’t believe that we should lock a woman into sex with only her husband if she truly enjoys sex with other partners. More so if her husband also gets off on it.

There is some risk to this type of marriage. The last thing I wanted when starting was for my wife to fall in love with another man. This is a risk you take when you encourage your wife to take another lover.

You don’t have control over that.

Playing it safe, for me it resembles fat-free ice cream or non-alcoholic beer – in playing it safe you’ve taken out the main thing that made it good.

I have realised the actual fear is her falling in love and deciding our own marriage isn’t working anymore. Leaving me.

Our marriage feels stronger and happier than ever. I am not sure if she loves this other man or not? It is a possibility. I gave her permission to, and it feels good. It feels right for that to be an option.

With him and future lovers, if she decides.

Again, I am not looking at the why, but the how we can fit it into our life.

A place where I can be a content and confident cuckold with a sexually open and liberated hotwife that truly enjoys sex and feels at home in her own body.

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