The Gift To Me From Her Bull

In the 11 years of our cuckold marriage aside from fucking my wife the way her body deserves and filling her with their cum. None of her bulls have ever given me a gift other than the participation of cuckolding me.

Her latest boyfriend gave me a small trinket. Nothing big or valuable. Just something he thought I would like.

It has been on my workbench in my garage. I think about him fucking my wife every-time I see it. I have a cuckold fetish, my wife is a woman that enjoys sex with other men.

She truly enjoys sex with other men.

With him she has felt she has fallen for him.

So although it is a trinket, it does have meaning and value.

The meaning of our marriage, the value of how much it turns me on. It is priceless.

I placed it on are garage refrigerator. The place we keep our beverages cold.

Some will see it and laugh, not knowing the meaning. Some may ask me about it. I will giggle it off as nothing more than it is.

My dick will stiffen.

The helpless thought… the gift her boyfriend gave me, one of the many men who fuck my sexy wife. The one who got her to feel love for him.

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