5 Types Of Cuckold and Hotwife Sex

He sits in the corner, watching with anticipation. In front of him, his wife crawls to another man in just her thong and bra.

She giggles as she pulls out the other man’s cock. Thick, heavy, and long.

It can never replace the love she has for her husband, but she loves that she is about to fuck this other man. Loves that his cock is so much bigger, that he is more dominant, that he is going to give her a night of fucking that both her body and mind desire.

She is feeling submissive to this man. Women are naturally submissive to men like this. They are the ones getting penetrated. She likes that this man is going to be rough with her. That he is going to fuck her deep and hard.

The first time she cuckolded him. Feeling the weight of another man pressing down on her as he entered and stretched her pussy. It felt right, even though it felt a little wrong about fucking another man.

She knew this truly is the way it should be. Her husband a cuckold, her a hotwife.

It turned the husband on. His dick throbbing in a pink chastity cage.

He likes he is being denied his own wife’s pussy, and that she fucks other men.

He imagines how it might feel to be his wife.

He knows he is not dominant, that he can not fuck her like this.

Accepting her sexual and emotional needs, he encourages her to fuck other men. Even when he is not there to watch. Encourages and helps her dress sexy for other men.

Sex is supposed to come naturally to all humans, this includes cuckolds. So why can’t cuckold’s sexually satisfy their wives? Why do the wives need to fuck other men?

There are so many reasons.

One for my wife and I is that I have a tiny dick. Far smaller than the average size. This is not just our eroticizing big cock. This is a fact. I have a hard time not slipping out of her and she has a hard time feeling orgasmic pleasure when I’m inside her.

For both of us, what we feel is the connection and love for each-other far more than the sexual pleasure. We both need more.

I am sure not all cuckolds have a below average size dick. The one thing all cuckolds have in common, though, is they are submissive. A cuckold prefers his wife on top, taking control during sex. Even being pegged with a strap-on dildo. A cuckold is naturally a sub and a bottom.

Cuckolds like to be tied up and spanked too, just like women. Cuckolds are more girls sexually than these dominant men.

It will never work if two submissive partners try to have a traditional sex life together.

I believe a husband and wife should have regular sex with each-other for a healthy, loving relationship. This includes a hotwife and cuckold.

So what ways does hotwife and cuckold have sex?

1. Cuckolding

If you have the talk about the desire for a hotwife or cuckold relationship, I believe it is probably right for both the wife and the husband. It may take time to realize this, but the beauty of the cuckolding lifestyle is that it eases submissive males where they truly belong, at the same time sexually fulfilling the wife’s needs. She will be much more sexually active, more sexually provocative, have more confidence, and feel more empowered as a woman.

The cuckold will learn to embrace emasculation and humiliation at the hands of his queen.

I have zero regrets letting go of my masculinity and it has led to helping me with my full sexual liberation. This is true for my wife.

So the first type of sex in this relationship is the wife fucking other men.

As many as she desires, whenever she desires.

It will be hard for the cuckold. He will have different emotions at work. While another man making love to his wife arouses him, the husband must also learn to deal with jealousy and any insecurities he may have in his marriage.

The cuckold will be supportive and encouraging. This includes if the wife wants to fall in love with another man.

The cuckold will never leave his wife and will always learn to support her sexually and emotionally. She is his queen.

2. Switching Dominant Roles

Remember, two submissive people can’t have traditional fulfilling sex. It doesn’t feel right. A way around this is switching roles. The cuckold can roleplay that he is a dominant male. The type of male she likes to cuckold him with. Likes to be penetrated by.

Roleplaying being the dominant, I can not fuck my wife with my dick. I can use my fingers and my hands more aggressively. There are penis extenders and large dildos that I can use. I can get into it and her pleasure. Spank her for being naughty and slutty and fuck her hard with a toy. All in ways I traditionally can not do.

It is roleplaying, and it helps sexually fulfill the wife when she is not getting real cock and it sexually fulfills the husband. He knows he can’t fuck her like this, and it makes him fantasize about her being dominated by other men. It reminds him of her sexual needs. He is being dominant, but his mind is getting off on being the cuckold. The wife also knows her husband can only fuck her like this with the help of toys. His dick no longer belongs inside her. That he is playing outside his traditional sexual role and she fantasizes about all the men that truly fuck her like this. The past and the future men. It temporarily sexually fulfills her and excites her of being a hotwife.

3. Rub His Nose In It Sex

A cuckold is not usually humiliated unless they pushed too far beyond the boundaries. Even in these cases, this pushing of boundaries arouses him. I can only think of a couple times where I felt a genuine sense of humiliation. More accurately, it was probably fear. One night my wife getting dressed up to meet a guy for sex when we were staying with a group of friends.

When it they say cuckolds like humiliation, it is meaning what normally humiliates men. For example:

A wife kissing a guy out in the open in front of others.

Being attracted to and enjoying sex with another man (or men) telling her husband how much better the sex is.

Teasing him about his small dick.

Telling another man she loves him.

A wife texting and chatting with another man openly in front of her husband.

A wife wearing lingerie for another man that was gifted to her for her and her husbands anniversary.

Making the husband put another man’s cock inside her or sucking it.

A wife masturbating to porn or the thought of another man.

Put in chastity.

Wearing panties.

You can literally google hundreds of ways to humiliate your cuckold.

These things are not humiliating for a cuckold.

These things get a cuckold off sexually.

A cuckold loves to have his nose rubbed in the fact that his wife loves fucking another man (or men). That she has feelings such as love for another man if she does. It is not just sex, it’s a combination of sex with a form of power play.

The wife enjoys the extra attention and sex, possibly love, while at the same time she enjoys knowing that her acts with the Bull or boyfriend also satisfy needs her husband has. The husband enjoys seeing his wife totally aroused and satisfied by another man, while at the same time having his emotions prodded by being teased and taunted to a certain extent.

The cuckold enjoys having their nose rubbed in it.

This can also be literally. The husband cleaning up his wife’s pussy after sex. I don’t reclaim my wife after her fucking another man. I reconnect with her. The best way for me to feel reconnected is her sitting on my face and literally rubbing my nose in it. Telling me the details of her sexual encounter while I clean her. Teasing and taunting me until I blow off in orgasm myself. I fell loved; I feel needed and comforted by this and I get off on it too!

4. Cuckoldress Sex

Men like me love powerful, strong woman like my wife. We love dominant woman. Not all hotwife’s though, are naturally dominant. Back to both the wife and the husband being submissive in the case with my wife and I. Although I’d argue she is more dominant.

This may be roleplay for her to an extent and the cuckold gets off on it.

The cuckold is dedicated to meeting her needs, no matter how humiliating he finds the process.

This type of sex is more dominatrix. My wife suggested I find a dom to fulfill these needs. I love when she role-plays this, though. It is not for her every day but I feel she enjoys it from time to time the same as when I play the dominant lover.

This can include. Spanking, teasing, being physical with me. Light choking, slapping me in the face, spitting on me. Sadomasochism. Fucking me like she is a man. Pegging my ass with a strap-on. At the same time though, claiming her female sexual power and reminding us both she is the dominant sexual partner in our relationship. Less about sex, but more about power and control.

The cuckold, being a submissive bottom, enjoys this play with his wife.

5. Feminine Sex

As I mentioned, the cuckold is more close to a girl sexually than a male. Often a slutty girl like his wife. It is one reason this type of relationship can be so rewarding to both. As a submissive bottom, the cuckold may be bi-sexual, carious and even bi-gender or transitioning transgender.

There are two ways the hotwife and cuckold can enjoy feminine sex.

The polar opposite to cuckoldress sex. The husband is feminized. Dressed in fem, the two make love like two lesbians.

For my wife and I this is some of the most sensual, passionate sex we have. Moaning together in pleasure as we rub, caress, and touch each other’s bodies. No penetration unless using a double-ended dildo. We will use a vibrator on each other as we rub our clits together. Bringing us both to the most amazing clitoral orgasms.

This is very loving, worshipping both each other’s bodies, bringing pleasure to both physically and mentally. Passionate make-out sessions. It is also a glorious reminder that the cuckold male is feminine, not a “real man” at least in the terms of sexuality and sexual pleasure. A hot sexy, loving partner, best friend, wife and husband.

Feminine sex also can be sharing a lover together. Both sucking her bull’s cock, the cuckold licking his wife’s pussy and the bull’s shaft while the two fuck. Having the bull fuck the wife as she fucks her husband with a strap-on. Or the bull fucking the husband while he pleasures the wife. Both dressing up for the bull and being submissive girls for him.

The husband being sissy fucked by other men on his own. Sharing with his wife the details and the love they both have for cock. The love of being penetrated and being sluts.

The feminine sex is the most extreme of cuckolding, but also brings the lifestyle and desires full circle.

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