Is It Really Denial?

She was wearing a pair of provocative, strappy red lingerie.

My short red skirt, with a revealing black top and black heels.

The look of a goddess, dressed for sex. If one saw her arrive at his place they may think he was getting a high end escort.

At home I waited. So aroused that she was dressed in my skirt and was getting fucked in it. It felt so naughty. It felt like a dream, a married couple sharing women’s clothes. I could feel the tightness of my arousal pushing aginst my pink micro chastity cage.

I sat in my lounge chair. Drinking a glass of wine. Fantasizing about my wife. I had the matching red top to her skirt on. Sexy with lace shaped around the breasts. Her black mini skirt. Red heels. Underneath my own strappy red lingerie and nude thigh-high stockings.

I didn’t know what time she was getting home. We have decided not to set time limits anymore. An early morning planned with the family the next day. I knew she wouldn’t be late.

I read an erotic story as I waited “Sissy Star” but mostly thought about her with him.

I got a text “I love leaving him only wearing the skirt and top… Panties and bra in hand. Just feels so naughty that way.” Ended with a smile face.

She followed that text with, “I hope you’ve been having some locked up naughty fun as well.”

“I may be wearing the matching top to the skirt you just got fucked in….” I typed and sent.

“Matching top… You are perfect!” Heart emoji

At home, she thought I looked beautiful. She looked absolutely divine. I ate her up. Both visually and literally.

We kissed and made out like to girls in love. Rubbing our bodies together. Me licking and cleaning her cum filled pussy with her skirt hiked up over her hips.

She teased me verbally, played with my chastity cage, told me how good I am.

She rubbed her pussy on my cage. It felt amazing.

“Should I take it off?” she asked

I thought about it. Does she want me to penetrate her? Am I denying her if I tell her I don’t want her to take it off? Not sure how I should answer?

My thought that she just spent hours fucking an enormous cock.

I told her I didn’t want her to take it off. It just felt too good what we were doing. I was not ready to be taken out of that headspace.

She has a vibrator on her clit and pussy. On my clit and cage. She is having multiple orgasms like this. I am holding on trying not to orgasm, enjoying the immense pleasure.

She orgasms again!

“Should I take it off so you can cum?”

I scream NO!!! It is a scream in my head. Is it bad that I don’t want to be inside her pussy? It is not that I don’t love her she is the love of my life. It just feels so much better than her pussy. Inside her pussy for her is like I am just massaging her. She does not react like she and I are now. I don’t either, with my little dick there is not that much stimulation.

It feels good. It feels great to be inside her pussy. The reason it feels great is because I am inside her and we are connected in love.

I am not stretching her out, I am not pushing deep inside her, I am not giving her the penetrative orgasms she just had for hours with another man. It is just the connection her feeling me inside, me feeling her warmth and love.

So is it really denial me being in a chastity cage?

I’m dressed like a woman. Making love to her like a woman. We are passionate grinding on each-other. Kissing and making love. I am dripping out cum. She is having amazing orgasm’s.

Mine is building, not on the outside, but the inside. Mentally and physically, my body is responding in intense pleasure. I am not banging my wife! My dick is pulsing in its cage. My body tingling, my insides tightening. Both of us gasping with mutual pleasure.

My fingers clinch, every muscle in my body tightens. I feel my back arch. It is not shooting out of me. My orgasm is gushing out of me as my body spasms. So much cum as her and I climax together.

Our bodies collaps.

She removes the cage and we clean up.

“So naughty! I thought you were not supposed to be able to cum when caged. Such a girl.” She giggled

Later we make love again, with me penetrating her. Her pussy and her ass. It feels good. Different. For me to cum like this she has to fuck my mind and she does. The orgasm is amazing but not as memorable as the one we denied me her pussy.

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