My wife teased me about a household chore. One that she hates to do more than any other. Putting the clean sheets and duvet covers on the beds.

“If you take care of the beds, I’ll do naughty sexual things to you.” she told me.

She didn’t elaborate, but I quickly fantasized about her dominating me and fucking me like a girl. We have been having a lot of sex since our naughty weekend with her boyfriend visiting from out of town. She has been the focus, her sexual pleasure. The way it should be in a cuckolding relationship and one that is more female led.

It feels good though to be rewarded, appreciated.

I happily took care of the beddings that needed to be changed. She was working out, so I also took care of the dishes and laundry. Looking forward to her doing naughty sexual things to me.

I showered and cleaned the inside of my boy pussy. It didn’t seem like a great night for her to fuck me, which was a little disappointing because I love when she takes the dominant role and takes it out on me with a strapon.

It was a perfect reward sexually for me. She paddled my ass and my little dick. Slapped me a little in the face. Dominating me in the bedroom.

She also had me grinding face down and ass up on her Hitachi. It felt amazing. We had not ever done this and I just wanted to feel he Hitachi push all the way inside me. I wanted to be fucked so bad!

With her strapon, she pushed a dildo inside me. Fucking me.

She is enjoying it more, dominating and fucking me. She even had an orgasm herself as fucked me and ground our clits onto the Hitachi.

She squeezed my dick with her hand. Smiling as she thrust in and out of me.

It built and it built and I exploded in orgasm.

This may not seem like a reward to other men. For the submissive man it is. The submissive man is different. A man might like a blowjob, a submissive man is rewarded by having his face sat on so he can lick your pussy. Being dominated like in this example. If you think about the cuckold the greatest reward is always the wife coming home and having him clean her fucked pussy.

I’d be happy to do any chore to get her to do this to me again.

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