Listening In

I heard them making out, speaking softly to each other, saying things I couldn’t make out.

Were they whispering, trying to keep me from overhearing?

Or just with the door closed to our room sounds are muffled?

What are they doing in there right now? My mind wondered in the quiet.

Then the sounds of my wife moaning with pleasure. He was definitely thrusting himself in and out of her body.

“Oh yes! Fuck you feel so good! Oh fuck.” the sounds of sex are louder.

She is telling him how much she loves his cock. Did I over hear right? She tells him she loves everything about him.

I hear Elizabeth laugh. A fun laugh. I think to myself, does she laugh like that with me?

Then there is no talking, it is quiet again. Then sounds of her moaning and gasping with the pleasure of being fucked.

Then she screams loud. “Oh! Oh! Oh fuck yes! She is having an orgasm.

She is gasping for breath. I move closer to hear better, but it is like they don’t want me to listen. There are also sounds in the house. The fucking dishwasher. I move to turn it off.

He is pounding my wife hard! The bed is making a noise. He is grunting, she is moaning.

They are having sex in our bed and I like that. I am not sure if they are in a rush, thinking of me up and outside waiting. I hope they are not. I am in no rush for them to stop. Yet I am feeling uncomfortable listening.

Should I leave and let them have their space?

She moans, groans and gasps as she climaxes again.

“Ohhh that feels so fucking good, fuck yes.”

He is picking up the pace. They have been fucking for close to an hour intertwined with silence of them kissing, whispering, I could not hear?

As I listen to them fucking, I am so happy for her to get this pleasure. I wished I could watch but was happy being able to listen.

I am about to leave the house to go on a walk.

Then, I heard him grunt louder and I knew he was about to cum. I heard him thrust in and hold as his orgasm washed over him with a big grunt followed by “Fuck!”

I knew he was filling her pussy full of his cum.

Silence, then small talk and kissing. Sound of the shower turning on. My wife walking out of our room to me naked.

In my office she passionately kissed me. I wanted to fuck her right there, but knew I had to wait until he left. So I kissed and rubbed her pussy to a quick orgasm.

The shower off, dressed. He shakes my hand and leaves. I’d been happy if he had a drink. Stayed and fucked my wife again, but I also appreciate that he gave us our time together to reconnect while she is freshly fucked.

In our room we make out like new lovers. She feels amazing.

I feel it in my hand as I grasp her ass. There is cum coming out of her, but not out of her pussy.

“Where did he fuck you?” I ask.

“In my pussy…… and my ass.” she answers.

“Where did he cum?” I breathe out.

She giggles…. “In my ass.”

I tell her to turn around and she does. Her ass is now in front of my face. Her pussy was swollen, red and open. Her ass was looked amazing. Her hole slightly gaping, anal muscles relaxed and puffy. His cum leaking out.

My goddess. My everything.

I couldn’t help myself. Maybe it was because I knew she was clean. She borrowed my anal douche. Yes we now share cleaning our asses to get fucked.

Maybe I just didn’t care. I’m submissive. I wanted to worship my goddess. Pleasure her with my mouth. Clean her body.

It is possible I am just dirty minded and naughty as fuck.

I grab her ass and pull it to my face. I kiss and suck on her puckered ass hole. I twirl my toungue inside. A mixture of tastes. His cum and her ass. I devour it bringing her to another orgasm.

This is what makes me special. No I can’t fuck her with a big cock. As part of cuckolding we have accepted my inability to satisfy her sexually with my small penis. We are okay with someone else doing it. It is exciting and a tremendous turn on that we feel when another man satisfies her sexually.

I can worship her. Help her and I have a great sex life. Our own sex is not about me reclaiming her or even fucking her.

It is about connecting deeply as a couple in love. A couple that are both sluts. We love sex, making love and fucking.

The power she feels. I could feel her sexual energy. Her husband licking her pussy and devouring her ass that just got fucked and filled with the cum of another man.

She is the alpha in our relationship.

“Do you like me fucking men in our married bed?” She asks.

“Fuck, I do, I love it. I love you fucking guys in our bed.” My arousal is high. I love her at home fucking other men. More so than her going out to fuck other men.

“I want to fuck so many men in our bed!” She screams in pleasure.

Her body and mind are in heat.

“Is it okay if I’m a slut, that I bring men to our house to fuck! That people start to know that I am a woman that fucks other men?” She rattles off questions.

My penis is now pushed against the folds of her pussy lips. She is grinding on me. I’m inside her but not inside her. It is warmth around my dick and the pleasure of gliding and grinding against her pussy. I tell her yes, she can fuck whoever she wants in our bed. Yes I love her being a slut.

“I love just rubbing your little dick against my clit.” She orgasms again.

I follow shortly behind, erupting in my toe curling orgasm.

We are both sexually fulfilled.

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