Happy Anniversary

The anniversary of lace. It represents intricate beauty and requires special care, just like a relationship.

Her in an Emerson thong. Lace with cut-out detail. Sexy and delicate.

My lace crotchless panties. Also sexy and delicate. A customized Josie Pink necklace and pink ruched dress.

I sit here and write. Feeling my tiny micro pink chastity cage keeping me excited. My long sexy legs hugged by fishnet stockings.

My wife asked what she should wear out on her date on Saturday night. I looked in her panty drawer and saw the thong still with the tag on it. It registered I gave it to her a couple weeks ago for our anniversary and now she is wearing it out for another man.

She commented how naughty it feels to wear her anniversary present she had not yet worn for me.

So I put on the crotchless panties. A gift from her to me for our anniversary.

Might as well make it an extra naughty night.

I couldn’t help but also think that in 20 days it will be a full year since she and he met at the coworking space on a hot July morning.

The chemistry between them was like fireworks.

I can’t say it has been an easy year for me but it has also been full of fun cuckolding as well as emotionally her pushing our relationship to the boundaries.

After she left and I put the kids asleep, I put on the dress, another anniversary gift from her she had not yet seen on me. The necklace, the lettering “JosiePink”.

It feels so sexy and erotic being dressed up while she is out fucking another man. Feeling a little what it feels like for her to dress up for another man.

I’m dressing up though for myself and tonight also her.

She being ravished by an enormous cock. A masculine man dominating her, taking her sexually. Having her scream in a multiple series of orgasms.

Looking her in the eyes and telling her he loves her as he thrust his cock deep inside her. Her pussy hugging his girth as he hits spots I can’t come close to.

Her pussy feels tight to him around his cock. His cock feels large as he rocks her body with penetrating orgasms.

Not sure when she is going to be home, I lay in my pink dress thinking about her. Imagining their sex. Their love making. I miss her, but I am not feeling angst. I think about how she made it so I can no longer access her phone text. Can’t read what they write. It has worked to not trigger my angst. It also feels extra naughty to me. I feel more submissive to her. I like it. I like she is the dominant one in our relationship, I like that she fucks other men.

Typically I can not sleep when she is out with another man.

My eyes close and I drift off like sleeping beauty.

I miss her text.

About how much fun she is having. How she is having lots of hot sexy. How she can’t wait to tell me about it. That she hopes I’m still in my naughty panties. Last that she will be a least another hour with him and she loves me.

I miss the last text.

She is coming home and has a lot of cum inside her.

I awake to her in our room. Looking as beautiful as ever.

A smile on her face.

A surprise.

Her husband was not just in the panties he had on when she left, but dressed entirely. Pink dress, a feminine JosiePink necklace, make-up, fishnets, bra with breast forms, a pink tiny pink cage.

She kisses me. I kiss her back. I feel her breast push against mine. Her soft body smelling of another man.

“Do you want to clean my pussy?” she whispers.

“I’d love that.” I whisper back.

“He came in me two. He fucked me so good!” she teases.

I love her taste. I love her fucked pussy on my mouth.

“Did he tell you he loves you?” I ask.

“He did yes. While I rode his cock and he stared into my eyes.” She confirms.

“Did you tell him you love him?” I breath in excitement. My cage feeling tight as my dick tries to get hard.

“No I didn’t.” She says and kisses me.

I leave it there, don’t ask her again, I believe her answer.

She plays with me. Sucks on my cage. Pushes it against in her we pussy. My arousal is as high as hers.

Teasing and playing with it until I can’t bear the tightness.

“Can we take it off?” I ask.

“MMM you have been so good today and tonight, supporting me going out to get fucked.”

Unlocked, we are rubbing our bodies together. What we call rubbing clits. I slide in her to feel the warmth of her pussy. Rubbing clits though feels so right for us though. We make love, not just rubbing clits but our bodies together. She shares how she could fuck every man, how she want more cock, how hungry she is to be a slut. It is who she is. Her kink is enjoying more than one cock. We giggle, how she is craving to be gangbanged.

I erupt in my orgasm.

We take a break, then make more love. Soft feminine love, with lots of her teasing me. Both not being able to get enough. After our cuckolding fix we can’t keep our hands off each other.

We ride the sexual high.

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