Inadequate vs Insecure

We laid in bed. She pushed her curvy round ass into me. A slight grinding motion of being turned on.

Reaching down, I rubbed my hand along her short line feeling her warm, sexy skin. Pushing my fingers under the fabric along her ass. Wet to the touch, she was aroused.

Gently, I massage around her pussy, rubbing the lips, dipping my thumb inside her to her moan. She feels perfect. Her body responds to my touch.

I want to make her feel good, I want to give her an orgasm.

Insecurities briefly hit me.

She wants to fuck…….

But if I fuck her she will not have the amazing orgasms I want her to have in this moment. She may orgasm. It will be good but not amazing.

So I kiss and lick her body. Drop low so I can nibble and lick her ass while I finger her. one, two then three fingers.

She is close…..

“I want you to be inside me.” she moans.

I am hard. I lower my shorts and easily push inside her wet pussy.

It feels so good to be inside her. I start to fuck her. Her moans have softened. She is enjoying it, it does feel good….

But her body is not responding the same as it did from the deep, harder penetration of my hand.

To fuck her to an orgasm with me inside her in this position. It will take all my effort, all my energy, concentration not to cum myself. Hard thrusts that are out of character with how I like to make love. I will put in the effort, I have thousands of times……

But her orgasm, her orgasm, will be good but not amazing.

I think to myself. This is why I want her to have the freedom to fuck big cock to have orgasms on a man like she does when I use my hands or a toy.

I pull out. Move my fingers back in. Her body responds positively. Her moans deepen, her orgasm builds faster.

She explodes in a body shaking orgasm, her pussy feeling with fluid as it slightly squirts out of her.

She rubs my dick with her hand while I make her cum. I love it. It feels amazing.

I give her another and one more. Then I mount her. We make love. My orgasm explodes and brings another rippling orgasm from her. Pleasurable for her but not as powerful as all the previous.

Inadequate – Defined as lacking the quality or quantity required.

Insecure: Defined as not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.

We all have insecurities. Even the alpha male. His may not be sexually but they may happen at work when he comes up short on a project.

One of the first steps of cuckolding is to admit you are inadequate.

It’s admitting that another man can provide your wife with better sex than you can. It’s admitting that she needs something more than you can give.

She’s going to realize that other men can provide her with the kind of sex that you can’t.

Part of the struggles cuckolds have is not the fact that they are inadequate. It is their insecurities. You get cuckold angst because of this. Let’s face it, cuckold angst is jealousy. It is just the erotic part of jealousy that arouses you thinking or watching your wife have sex.

As I mentioned, insecurities are natural and we all have them. I don’t think it is helpful to play into them. I know my wife and I working through my sexual insecurities has made us better lovers.

Working around my inadequacy, yes, by including other men in the bedroom…..

But also having different goals with our own sex and experimenting with different approaches. As I felt insecure last night because I was also dealing with jealousy, I had to remind myself how much I can pleasure my wife. As equal to any other but differently.

I can bring her to amazing orgasms as I mentioned with my hands, tongue and toys. Also we have amazing orgasms through outercourse. Rubbing each-other. Her pegging and fucking me or dominating me. Soft passionate, sensual love.

These things can’t replace the feeling she gets with a large cock….

But I also have to remember a large cock can’t replace the feelings and orgasms I can give her through my love making and sexual performance.

So a reminder for other cuckolds, you may feel inadequate. Statistically, you probably are not…

But if you are, you shouldn’t feel insecure. Your wife should also help make it so you don’t feel insecure because insecurity is not attractive.

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