The Affair

The Affair

He is in her every thought.

Every second of every day.

She can’t stop thinking of his lips, his arms around her, being with him.

It makes her smile.

In the late of the night.

Her heart quickens.

The warmth just floods over her body.

Both can’t wait until they are in each other’s arms again. To spend another night embraced in love and lust.

Her husband sleeps as her fingers quickly type.

A nightly ritual.

Not a thought for the man that she has made a home with, the man that takes care of her, the house and the kids.

She will delete the text to ensure her husband doesn’t find out.

“I know I’ll be dreaming of you.”

“I want to smell your skin as I drift off.”

Dreaming of the chemistry, the romance, the love the new energy. The next time, they entwine their bodies in love and sex.

Each day, her thoughts for him are constant.

Her thoughts for her husband romantically and sexually replaced. Just the family stuff. Doing the family things. Going through the family motions.

Anticipating the holiday weekend when she will sneak away to him.

It is not a story of cuckolding.

It is a story of love.

She can’t resist. Either can the other man.

To be overcome with lust and pulled to him. Picked up by him, her pussy impaled on his cock. Sliding his dick into her soaking wet, needy cunt making love to her hard and fast.

She has planned it so she can spend the night with him. If she could she would spend every night with him.

Her thoughts quickly drift to her husband and kids.

Then once again her mind returns to the pleasure she craves.

Her lovers tongue in her mouth. Her legs wrapped around as he pounds her hard.

Her begging for his cum.

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