20 Signs You Are in Love With a Cuckold

(Note this is a play off an article my wife and I read 20 Signs You Are in Love With a Sexually Submissive Man

Most of would think of a man who is weak, shy, and someone who can’t stand up for himself.

This is not what a cuckold man looks like. A cuckold male can be confident, physically fit, smart, professional, and a wonderful family man.

Being a cuckold to your partner is not something that you will learn. It’s who you are. It is what makes you happy and turned on.

The reality is many corporate bosses are cuckold men. Why is that?

Most of these powerful bosses are always the one who has the last say. They make the rules and are always in control. When they get home, they yearn for something different.

They crave powerful and dominant women.

That’s the reason why Dommes exist. They provide pleasure and satisfaction to men who want to be dominated.

20 signs you’re in a relationship with a cuckold

What if a cuckold is in a relationship? Are there clues to know if you’re in love with a cuckold male? Or maybe, you’re already married to a cuckold husband, and you’re not aware of it.

Here are 20 signs that you are in love with a cuckold

1. He wants his woman to take control

He willingly allows you to take control.

He wants you on top in all the decisions in the house.

2. He loves it when you are aggressive

His adoration towards you increases when you’re aggressive. He loves when you are the boss and take control. When you are dominant.

3. He is not interested in getting the upper hand

Don’t worry. You can take the lead.

One of the most common cuckold characteristics is that he allows you to have the upper hand. He won’t even question you or your decisions.

4. You are his goddess. His everything.

A cuckold man literally looks up to you. Worships you. Will do anything for you.

This may be weird for some, but being physically under his woman excites a cuckold man. He loves to feel that he’s below you.

5. He’s turned on by successful women

Looking at women in power makes him excited.

We’re talking about a man who loves to see women speak in public. He has crushes when he sees women who have power. It’s the opposite of the misogynistic behavior of certain men.

6. He loves it when you handle your sex life

He gets turned on when you do what you want with him in bed.

If you want to pleasure a cuckold man, do what you want and be aggressive with him. You can sit on his face, make him eat your pussy for hours. He will even eat cum from your pussy. You can fuck him in the ass, have him fuck you with toys, spank him. He loves to feel submissive to you.

7. High heels and sexy clothes are a turn on

High heels and sexy clothes make a woman confident. 

A sexually cuckold man knows this, and he views you as a powerful woman when you’re in heels and dressed sexy. He probably loves to buy you the sexiest clothes, lingerie, and heels. Unlike most husbands who would lose their shit. He wants you to dress in sexy fashion style. All about what you can do with your outfits to look as sexy as you can to attract men. He sees your need to express yourself in a way that you enable yourself to let all the best things about your body to be exposed out there in public to get the most attention of males. You cuckold is also carious about what it would be like to wear those same close himself to feel what it is like to be as sexy as you.

8. A certified old-fashioned gentleman

Being a gentleman is nice, but is he overdoing it?

A cuckold man will go all out when putting his woman first. He would open the door for her, carry her belongings, ask her to go inside first, etc. He will even carry your purse in public!

It’s their way of showing how a woman should come first – in every way

9. He loves it when she has an attitude

Some men hate it when you become mean to others, but for a cuckold man, it’s pleasurable.

Have you ever shown someone your superiority? This is a sight that is enjoyable for a cuckold male. He loves that you are powerful.

10. He supports female bosses

Most men will boast about how great men are, but not cuckolds.

For subs, female superiority is the best thing there is. They would cite examples about female leaders, rich and powerful women bosses, and just how amazing women are. Cuckolds love women even fantasize about being one.

11. Penetration is not his priority

When it comes to lovemaking, cuckold men don’t prioritize penetration.

They would prefer being rejected and sometimes even humiliated and punished. He may even want his little dick locked up knowing it doesn’t do much for you. That his hand and mouth as well as toys get you off so much better. He would much rather lick your pussy and rim you ass. Do what ever it takes to give you an orgasm. An this girls is also where you get to fuck other men who love to penetrate you! Knowing they give you what the cuckold can’t drives them crazy with arousal and angst.

3. He loves to serve you

Finding a man ready to serve you and please you, isn’t this a dream come true? You can ask him to pick up the kids, wash the dishes, or do the laundry and he would do it with a smile.

For most women, this is indeed a dream come true. A man who will prioritize his girlfriend or wife instead of other things may mean that he really loves you or that he’s submissive in your relationship.

13. He shaves – everything

Is your man smooth like a baby?

Does he shave his leg hair, pubic area, chest hair, and even his armpit hair? While there are men who do this out of vanity, this is also a common trait among cuckolds. It makes them look and feel vulnerable. It also makes them feel feminine like you.

14. He wants you to take him and have your way

When doing foreplay, does he love it when you’re being aggressive?

If he loves it when you throw him on the bed and do what you want to him, then he may be a cuckold. He may love being slapped in the face, spit in his mouth, pegged, or locked in chastity and only server you.

15. He loves naughty

What you wear can define you.

That is why cuckolds get turned on when their wives wear something naughty. Cuckolds also love you being naughty. They fantasize about you getting fucked on your work trip. Sneaking off with a guy at a party and fucking him in an empty room. Flirting with other men. Cuckolds get aroused when you tell them you think another guys is hot or how you would love to fuck the guy you are looking at. How much you crave a bigger cock. With a cuckold, you can be as naughty as you want.

16. He’s okay with being punished

Punishing your spouse? That’s a treat if you ask a cuckold.

It’s a giveaway if you want to know if a man is a cuckold. He would love it if you would tell him to sleep on the floor or get things for you. If you get kinky and punish him, that will arouse him even more. He might even ask you to be his Domme.

17. He is willing to please you the best he can

He’s your slave – in bed.

Does he love it when you tell him what to do? You might notice that he doesn’t even try to ask you to satisfy him. It’s because he’s already getting turned on when you ask him to please you. Your sexual satisfaction is what satisfies him. He will even suck another man’s cock to get it hard for you. Lick your clit while a bigger cock fucks you. Help you get ready for other men. He is willing to please you anyway he can especially when he knows his little dick can’t do the pleasing.

18. He is a wonderful father

A cuckold is a great father.

They would be present in their child’s lives. He’d be hands-on and would even offer to change those soiled diapers. Most often, if this couple would get divorced, he would be the one who would battle for custody.

19. He knows how to clean, and he does it well

When you ask him to clean the house, he’d do it and be happy about it.

Cuckolds have a fetish for doing chores like cleaning, massaging your feet, doing laundry, etc. It somehow gives them satisfaction. Even more so if you dress them up in a sexy maid outfit.

20. He gets turned on when you demand something

To be cuckold in a relationship, you should be the one who will oblige. No buts, no ifs, just being happy whenever you are given something to do.

It’s the cuckolds purpose. So a demanding wife or girlfriend is a delight for them. You may think that he’s just super kind, but it also gives him happiness.

The more demanding and authoritative you are, the better.


If you think you are in a relationship or are in love with a cuckold, then it’s up to the both of you how you will make it work in your relationship.

If your partner is indeed a cuckold, may it be sexually or even in your relationship, you have to please him by being his domme.

Communication will play a major role so that you can both be happy.

Every relationship is different, and how you will make it work will depend on your mutual agreement.

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