The Hotwife & Cuckold

Fucking an alpha is a unique experience. The intensity of the sex and penetrative orgasms. The length of it, hours of fucking, maybe even the entire night.

The level of physical activity, And the lust.

These, my wife is experiences with other men.

She moans and screams while the alpha forces her aroused body to experience a high level of euphoria. She goes into heat. All she cares about is getting fucked deep and hard. All she needs is cock inside her. She wants him inside her. And all she craves is his cum deep inside her. She craves just to continue to get fucked. The more the better.

And these desires are instinctive. Her body takes control of her mind. I never want her to be ashamed to admit to being sexually unsatisfied. Having to cuckold me.

Getting deeply fucked is a primal need for most women, and she has nothing to be ashamed of for craving total submission and ecstasy, just as I have nothing to be ashamed of for not being able to do that to her.

It is hard to admit. When I want to fuck her. When I can tell her body needs a deep, crazy-hard fucking, when she is begging for it.

I don’t have the equipment for it, simple as that. I’m too small to make a pussy cum hard. It feels at times, I’m really too small to fuck at all. It feels good for me to be inside her, but for her it feels like a light massage.

As a husband when my life is busy, doing husband things, family things, trying to do my best to be my best for my family. Sometimes I feel shame, or not in a safe place. Overwhelmed. I want my wife all to myself, like most married men.

These sexual needs have nothing to do with her love for me or fidelity. Like it or not, they are deeper than love.

My wife is a hotwife not a cuckoldress.

A hotwife is not as concerned about emasculating her husband as she is in reaching her sexual goals. Unlike the dominatrix and the cuckoldress, the hotwife is more about sex, and less about power and control.

She is more sexually active, more sexually provocative and more sexually aggressive.

In an article in Psychology Today it describes a difference of the two.

“A cuckoldress or a well-compartmentalized dominatrix may look and dress like the girl next door in public, the hot wife tends to always be on the make, dressing as sexually alluring as possible—many are exhibitionistic. The hot wife also tends to be less discriminating in her choice of men than are dominatrix and cuckoldresses. And the hot wife may take more risks to quench her sexual appetite, oftentimes putting herself and her primary partner in danger.”

She is primarily interested in sexual freedom.

There is a lot of crossover between a cuckoldress and a hotwife the major difference is the cuckoldress taking more of a Domme role in the relationship.

I love my wife as the hotwife. She is perfect but we also both are understanding for my sexual needs to be better met and for me to better support her sexual freedom she needs to take more of that Domme role or I need to experience it from others. I need to be put in my place.

My wife’s body built for sex. I can say with full honesty no matter the struggles I have had as a cuckold her cuckolding me has made her and my bond deeper.

That said when she talks to her boyfriend when she sees other men there is a tug of a kind of pain that has become terribley familiar. A surge of jealousy but at the same time a knowing that I love her being fucked by other men. A love in that forbidden way cuckolds know so intimately.

Sometimes I am confused about my sexual place in the world, then when she is grinding on top of me. Grinding on top of my little dick, if she bounces, I’ll slip out. When she tells me I have a little dick, a clit, that she needs cock, I feel a surge of excitement.

That is what a cuckold loves about a cuckoldress. Being put in their sexual place. It give me relief. It is hard to explain. A sexual need between control and humiliation. It makes me want her to cuckold me more. Not only that, her teasing me, getting me off gives me the best orgasms.

It comes from a lifetime of sexually being broken down. When I met my wife, I was actually done trying to be in a relationship with girls. I was focusing on becoming a stronger self. And I did. Even stronger with her. That first night, she rode on top of me. Physically under her excited me like never. I knew from the first time I met her; she was the one for me.

She didn’t know I was a cuckold, I didn’t either. She didn’t know I craved a powerful and dominant women. Either did I.

Yes she is a hotwife but she is also powerful, dominant and successful. I love to serve and please her and I love when she puts me in my place.

My kinky side has got me into so many emasculating situations.

Born with a small penis. Experiences over my life psychologically made me the cuckold I am today. I can’t pinpoint them all. Being called out by other guys telling me I have a little dick, calling me a fag, slipping out during sex, putting a condom on the first time and swimming in it, where I never wanted to wear one again. The looseness of men’s underwear. The perfect fit of women’s clothing. A girl or two just stopping sex with me. Others only allowing me to pleasure them orally. Girlfriends cheating on. More often than not the humiliation including a sexual arousal.

These are just some of the experiences.

My wife being honest and loving me for me, has been the greatest gift anyone could ever give me.

I am actually quite skilled sexually. Including oral sex, finger sex, sensual massage, and incorporating toys into sex. Although my wife is the only woman I ever used toys with. Early that was eye opening, that she needed more and I wanted her to have more. With these sexual skills I can easily give my wife multiple great orgasms and even have a talent to make her squirt giving her a hard fucking with my hand.

I have not let my inadequacies affect me outside the bedroom. As I said, when I met my wife, I was working on myself. I came physically fit and stay physically fit, I am have been successful in all my fields of work and financially.

I try my best to stay humble and be the best partner for my wife I can be. Although I am submissive to women, I am naturally assertive. A nice guy, but not one to be pushed around.

I have a wild side and creative passion that keeps an edge to my personality.

I raise others up and help strengthen them and become more confident in my everyday work.

I can make my wife feel very good. I can’t pretend I can make her feel the way a true alpha stud can make her feel. This is where the cuckold needs the Domme inside the hotwife. To know and respect your sexual place and feel safe.

It is hard to be painfully honest and open when sex gets stale, which it can when you are under-endowed and even more when you are submissive. Having size inadequacy feelings and cuckold fantasies needed to tap into my own desires. Really it can happen to anyone, especially when life is busy.

All of this erotics, these things people find humiliating, have worked their way into the core of my sexual identity. There is no turning back. I will always be a submissive cuckold. My wife a hotwife, not doing it for me but because she loves to get her brains fucked out.

Fucking her brains out, that is not my job. That is not a job my little dick can handle.

She needs this. She deserves this.

There is nothing I crave more.

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