Tan Lines and Hot Girl Walk

Thong Tan Lines

Now that I can openly be girly at home.

I have been having fun, when the sun is out, laying out in just a thong.

I have always been envious of women’s sexy tan lines. It also feels naughty laying out on our deck working on my thong line. My time to shine :).

Reality check, it might be hard to pull off having my dream tan line since I am outdoors a lot in shorts and a tank. I’m going to have fun though and try!

Have You Heard Of The Hot Girl Walk

My wife was telling me about it today. It is a walk but while you’re walking, your brain is only allowed to think about three specific things: What you’re grateful for, your goals, how hot you are.

I love it!

I was thinking I often go on Hot Girl Runs. Tiny Lululemon speed shorts, shiny sneakers and a racerback tank listening to hot girl music playlist just feeling sexy and free.

Then I do Hot Girl Walks around my house in extra short cutoff jean shorts – think daisy dukes and a pair of heals. Girls always complain about heels. I feel lucky to be able to wear them for just a short time, you could say that is one of the things I am grateful for during my Hot Girl Walk.

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