8am And I’m Looking Hot

And it is not even Monday!

I am fully dressed have had phone check-ins with two clients already and took the kids to school. No I was not dressed when I took the kids to school. Well I was dressed just not in sex female clothes, I was wearing baggy male sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Showered and shaved my body right when I got home. Pulled on some nude nylons, put on a sexy black victoria secrets bra, white work top and a black pencil skirt. Had to borrow the black pencil skirt from my wife’s closet. A pair of black high heels. Face primer, and light layer of foundation.

7:30am knocked out first client call then second at 7:45.

8:15 I have full make-up on and I feel so AMAZING.

I don’t know what it is, I am just so excited about my femininity this week! Probably because my wife got me a fun birthday present that has me shopping for sexy female clothes for both her and I to go out in.

She is the absolute best!

I have gotten to dress up almost every day this week! At least a little. Two of the days just putting on fishnets and a pair of short shorts to wear around the house for an hour or so.

I’m just having a very happy week. I’m excited about my femininity as well as my wife’s femininity. I’m excited about my wife being a hotwife. She is sexy, powerful and free to fuck other men! I love it and she loves it. I feel good that I am a cuckold! I’m excited about my wife and my sex life. Even her spending nights and weekends with other men.

I just had to write quick in my online journal. Not everyday is a good day. Today it is 8am and I am looking hot and feeling hot!

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