The Joys Of Penetration

His hard cack sliding into her pussy. The pussy that was supposed to be reserved for me and me alone when I asked her to marry me. When we said our marital vows.

Their sweaty bodies up against each other, his hands on her hips, slapping her ass, and her frantic moans when she starts to cum again and again. They continue to fuck, kiss and devour each-other.

In the middle of the night, the bed gently rocks as she wakes up to his hard cock once again sliding inside her. It feels so incredible. She can’t think of a better way to wake up as his enormous cock slides in and out of her wet, needy pussy. He’s fucking her harder now. The sounds of his hips and thighs crashing into her ass with every thrust. Putting great power into fucking her. “Fuck me harder.” She says. He delivers. She is the center of his attention.

He grunts and groans as the sex stops. He’s inside her. Deep inside her. He’s cumming. Her body twitches and trembles with pleasure.

I can visualize it. For another man, he might imagine this is the worst thing in the world, another man to stick his cock in his wife.

It turns me on.

I practically begged my wife to cuckold me. I love it when she cuckolds me. Like a girlfriend, I cheer her on and encourage her.

Every woman wants to feel pretty and sometimes slutty. They fall for the bad boy type because they’re good at seducing them. This man was good at seducing my wife.

Getting married is a normal fantasy for any man and woman. But I have dark and dirty fantasies and so does my wife.

One of the greatest gifts I gave her was to encourage her to become a hotwife. It was one of the greatest gifts she has given me. To free our sexuality, to bring our dark and dirty fantasies into the light. To bring our sexualities out of the closet.

I always knew it, but I had to see her getting fucked in order to understand that I couldn’t give her what she needed. A need to go wild. A bad girl with the kind of bad boys that love to fuck another man’s wife.

I have a fantasy of my wife only spreading her legs for real men. She gets much better dick from other men and the lifelike toys we use like the vixskin. The great thing about the cuckolding lifestyle is that fantasies will come out and come true.

Women love being penetrated, to feel that kind of release and pleasure. These “Bulls” are good at sex. Good at penetrating. I know she likes to experience their cocks, the experience of being entered and totally controlled.

As a bottom submissive male I can be completely understanding to this.

Sex with me we rely on toys and my hands for her to have powerful internal orgasms. It is not her fault her holes need to be filled all the way in order for her to get a screaming, penetrative orgasm.

I think she fantasizes about it too. Being a slut for other men and having me as her supportive husband. I love the feeling of being inside her. It is hard not to put it inside. I love her more than anything and she is so sexy.

When she asks though “should you be inside me?”

My thoughts can’t help but think no. It turns me on so much, too. I can’t explain it. I think about her getting fucked by these other men and it arouses me.

“Who should be inside me?” She asks. I tell her, her current lover’s name and any of the men she wants to fuck.

She likes it, it turns her on too as I slip out. “I have more orgasms with you right here, rubbing my clit. This is where you should be.”

In that moment, it is the only place I want to be. Her on top. Maybe it is some kind of pleasure only a cuckold can feel. The arousal of making love to your wife in all ways but her pussy only available for other men.

Her teasing quickly makes me orgasm all over myself. She giggles. She knows it is a superb and intense orgasm for me. The kind she feels with big cock penetrating her and the kind she feels while taking control and having feminine lovemaking with her husband. Her feminized husband Josie Pink.

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