Totally Femming Out Monday’s

For the last month or so I have made Monday’s a day where I totally fem out.

I rarely see anyone until later in the afternoon around 3pm so it gives me a full day to be the girl inside me.

Sometimes my wife is home and I get a little nervous. I guess old habits of being a closet dresser. She seems to enjoy it though, is very supportive and thinks it is hot. She also takes pictures of me which I love where we can see my progress.

On these Mondays I shave my legs and armpits extra smooth. All women do rituals that are excessively feminine and this is part of my Monday mornings. I put on a moisturizing face-mask. I lather my skin in scented body lotion. Do my make-up and pick out a sexy outfit to wear.

All decked out in ultra feminine attire. My chance to be glamorous. For me high-heals, a short skirt, with a tiny thong underneath, pantyhose and a little top.

I can fantasize about wearing this as a girl at the office as I work or going on a night out.

People dread Mondays. I look forward to them. Even this morning I was super tired and thought about just wearing something neutral, like sweatpants or leggings and a t-shirt.

I’m so happy I didn’t. My energy levels are up because I am dressed. I am in a relaxed comfortable place. I feel super sexy and alive.

The only hard part of Monday is when 2:40pm hits and like Cinderella running from the ball as the spell wears off everything has to go back to normal being a guy again.

It feels normal being back in guy clothes presenting as a guy but there is a few hours every Monday when I’m back in men’s clothes where it almost seems like that is the cross-dressing.

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