I Survived Her Overnight Stay At Her Boyfriends.

This is a continuation of my journal post Cuckolded All Night.

She spent the night with another man and I survived the night myself.

Everything went very well with turning this fantasy into a reality.

It helped that I wrote out my fantasy in She Spends The Night In Another Man’s Bed. The goal of this was not to give her a playbook of expectations, but more to understand my side of this fantasy and accept it arouses me.

I already knew this was something her and her boyfriend wanted, so it depended on me if it was ever going to happen. She never pressured me. We just had negotiated time agreements for her past visits with him. What both of us were comfortable with and my comfort level kept that timeframe fairly small until this night.

As you read in my post before, it aroused me the whole time she was gone. Yes, time went by slow but it was erotic and exciting. It was nice she checked in on me throughout the evening. She also sent me a pleasant note when he and she went to bed saying good night at 11pm.

We locked my little dick in chastity all day.

I had the key the whole time. I kept it on until just after 11pm. When I go through a cuckold sexual experience, I love chastity. Even when my mind is second guessing its decisions and my encouragement, I can feel the arousal tighten in the cage. It differs from just getting hard. It is also more engaging mentally than just jerking off at home while my wife is off getting fucked.

I also dressed up in a hot pair of fishnet leggings, red crotchless panties (to show my cage) and a comfortable, cute black cutout top. Although I sent my wife a picture, I dressed for myself. It helps me relax. To let go of my male ego.

I like the word male ego better than toxic masculinity. Masculinity, I guess, can be toxic, but that is not completely true. I’ll save that for another post. My wife was out being fucked by a very masculine man. These men are good men and have their rightful role in society.

Letting go of my male ego is letting go of the conflict in my brain about having to be a certain type of man. Doing things considered “girly” or feminine relaxes me, brings a calm to my body. It also allows me to better understand my cuckold desires and my wife’s desires for sexual freedom and the variety of sex with different men. It allows me to better handle my male emotions, jealousy, and fear.

So after 11pm I knew it was going to be radio silence throughout the rest of the night. I took my chastity off. I already knew I was going to have a hard time sleeping with my wife away for the night with another man. With chastity, I knew it would be impossible to sleep. I wanted to sleep as part of this experience.

If my wife is now going to have overnight dates, it won’t work if I can’t sleep and function in life.

With my chastity off I masturbated. My wife had sent me a few videos of her and her lover and they were hot! I wanted to have my orgasm before going to bed.

I grabbed the Hitachi magic wand and applied pressure around my dick and grinding into it in circle motions.

Ever since I started masturbating like a girl, there is really no going back to jacking off like a man again.

Jacking off is more like seeking immediate gratification. A way to make up the desired sex that you are not getting. Masturbating like a girl is more complementary. In other words, it is a complement to an already active and satisfying sex life. It is much more emotional. Jacking off is very focused on the orgasm, whereas getting off like a girl is more about the sexual experience.

Jerking off the pleasure if very focused on the dick. As I rub myself it is a whole body pleasurable experience. Unlike where jerking off feels like it is on the outside. Grinding into the Hitachi or even a circle motion with my hand, the pleasure pulls into my body and it builds and builds slowly. I am not edging myself, where you jerk off the suddenly stop so you don’t cum. I can feel it from my toes all the way to my head. When I do it with my wife, I can sometimes forget I am even a man with a cock. It feels that good.

Alone, I am having sexual fantasies of my wife and her boyfriend. In bed making love. I don’t feel fear. The visuals in my mind are beautiful. She is happy and I am happy for her. This is comersion. A mindset I have had a difficult time to get to. Joy for another person’s joy. Sometimes called the opposite of jealousy.

Cuckolding is more of a pleasure from masochism.

I was getting off on their love, not my pain and humiliation.

The pleasure built inside me. When you jack off, you grunt and orgasm as your cock shoots out cum. Grinding on the Hitachi I moan and shake. My body feels electrified. The orgasm is intense as it pours out of my body. My body convulses as wetness flows from me.

When you jack off and cum you are done. You come down quickly and the energy and arousal is gone. I come down slow, feeling sexually fulfilled, comforted and happy.

I did not sleep well. I woke up about every hour and was up early in the morning at 5am laying in bed until 6am. It wasn’t a tortures night. I didn’t feel fear or shame or jealousy. I never sleep well when my wife is away. Even when I know she is not with another man. I just miss having her in bed. That kept me up. Missing her in bed and the constant arousal of her being in another man’s bed.

They didn’t wake up until 7am. I messaged her I was happy one of us had a good night sleep. She let me know they fucked in the middle of the night. Like me, she tossed and turned and woke up about every hour missing being by her soulmate. The sex was still great and worth the overnight stay.

I’m also sure she was worried about how I was feeling at times. Second guessing herself. There have been plenty of times she has come home to me in a very high state of anxiety.

She sent me a text asking if she could stay a little longer than planned. She wanted to fuck him one more time before driving back home. I gave her the thumbs up on her text.

Home with me. We spent the day re-connecting. A lot of sex and more orgasms. He in total orgasmed inside her pussy 5x over the 16 hours they were together. Pretty impressive!

She did not shower, and I feasted on her body when she returned. I orgasmed 3x in total yesterday and we also took a long nap together as well as a walk.

He won the sperm competition after all that is the whole point :). She got to have her two men, something she absolutely loves.

I asked her if she made love with him? If she said yes, strangely, I would have orgasmed on the spot. I think us cuckolds or at least me like to eroticize things to the extreme. She said it is different with him. She does not look at it as making love, just great fucking that includes a lot of kissing and affection.

She and I made deep love.

Yesterday I penetrated her, fucked her and made love to her. She is my everything. The hottest girl. I loved our adventure and our day of fucking. I look forward to making love with her like a girl tonight. More soft and emotional. That is more my style, but I like to give her what she also loves.

In monogamy, there is one level of attachment. The person you love the most is obviously the person you are in your monogamous relationship with, who you marry and live with and have children with. This is me and my wife, except we are non-monogamous. There are different levels of attachment. She and he are in a long-distance relationship. I am part of it. When they are together, it is naughty and fun and there is also a sexual and emotional connection that works for them.

He understands this was a hard step for me too. He told her to thank me for being so kind and letting them spend that time together. It meant a lot to him and it was the best date he had ever been on.

Would I agree to her spending the night away with another man again? With her boyfriend again?


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