Cuckolded All Night

My wife is with him.

With him as I write this. In his RV that is parked in an RV Resort in the wooded Pacific North West.

She has fucked him many times over the last 8 months. Not as much as she would like. He doesn’t live in the same town as us.

The long drive there and back she has made to satiate her need for him. His need as well.

As a cuckold mine too.

This is the same guy I wrote the dark post A Cuckold Waiting. That was only about two hours.

Elizabeth will spend the night with him tonight. She texted me many times on her way up. Updated me, she arrived and sent me a text saying that they are having a lot of fun. That she has already orgasmed so many times. He took a few videos, but she was not sure they would send with the weak cell service.

Radio silence since.

Feels like hours, but it has only been one.

I look forward to seeing the videos.

It is her first overnight stay with a man. A man I thought she was falling for. She was going to end it with him, but we agreed for it to continue.

Why would I then encourage her to sleep the night with him?

In my small chastity cage. I was horny. The cravings. The fucking cuckold cravings. I blurted out she should go stay the night with him. Me saying this instantly made her orgasm and she did not hesitate to arrange it.

I am doing okay. I have fantasized secretly about this for many months. So many times wanting to bring it up but also wanting it to stay fantasy.

I asked what they do when they are not fucking. She told me they rub each other’s bodies, talk and kiss a lot. I asked if she likes that and she said with him she does.

So we are off on an adventure. Her with him all night. Me with my thoughts and my fantasies.

I am caged, and that helps. I also put on fishnets, a sexy skirt and a top. My male ego is letting go of me. I rub myself in a circular motion, wondering how I will make it through this first night.

I feel a little slutty. I know she does, too.

A hotwife; never forget, is ‘Hot’ and a ‘Wife’. This means she has a husband. I struggle with being a cuckold. My wife wants to be taken aggressively so she can sexually submit.

I am submissive. I know I am not weak. My strength is I trust and love my wife, including her sexual needs. I too, as a cuckold, need to submit this is where my self-acceptance is recognized and appreciated by both my wife and her lover.

I eroticize the angst of my sexual inadequacy. My fantasy gets sucked into reality as my wife is off being pleasured by another man pounded and fucked.

I don’t have any guilt or shame. I am very aroused. More than anything, I miss her. Wish I could be there to watch her ravished. Even watch their lovemaking, kissing and cuddling.

The dynamic of cuckoldry requires another man.

Her kink is she likes more than one cock. She likes cum from multiple men inside her. It makes her feel naughty, slutty, sexy, and fulfilled.

Although I enjoy our denial play. I also enjoyed our morning sex today, ensuring she will have her fantasy met by being fucked by two men today and tomorrow. I was the warm-up for her to take his enormous cock and tomorrow we will reconnect and our sexual peak with come down.

Lust: Usually intense or unbridled sexual desire. An intense longing. A Craving.

I guess you can say we both feel lust for hotwife and cuckolding. After all, I describe how I get cuckold cravings. They build and build until she fucks another man. A cycle of angst, arousal, then the cravings again.

Yes, jealousy. Thankfully, I am not feeling that yet.

Update: They are taking a break to go out to dinner and will try to send me videos again.

It helps the mind a lot when she updates me. I know it seems silly, but it is comforting to hear she loves me.

Jealousy, it was strong when they started. Fear.

I still have my worries, but this boyfriend is someone who is long term. 8 months already. He is part of our lives. Has been to our house, has fucked her in our married bed. We have gone out as friends and enjoyed each other’s company. We talk about him almost every day. Several times, our kids have asked who he is. We tell them he is a friend of ours.

Letting go of jealousy and being able to be happy for her and him having a night together can lead to a wonderful arrangement for sharing her together.

Meeting good men is hard. I recognize and understand this. Yes, you can have one-night stands, random sexual encounters, hook-ups, swinging. We enjoy all that, but it is also fun to have a regular guy or two.

A relationship is a lot more serious of a step in sharing her than having hotwife dates and casual sex or one-night stands. I like she is with a guy I think would make a great boyfriend for her and is fulfilling her sexual needs. He is not a guy I’d recommend a woman marry, but Alpha men don’t make good husbands. That is part of the fun for her to have her cake and eat it too.

It is also a shared experience between the three of us.

Update: I got the video. WOW!! Super naughty and hot. He is fisting my wife!

And they are going out to dinner. Anyone who sees them will just assume they are a couple. She has a wedding ring on. Are they cheating or is he her husband? Fun to think about. In reality most probably just see a couple out and don’t pay attention to those little details.

LOL it is also only 7:30pm. Going to be a long night!

Update: 8:30, stopped writing for a bit but mind is absolutely consumed with sexual thoughts. I continue to drive myself crazy and am just throbbing in my cage. I have the key but plan to keep it on until I attempt to go to sleep. They are also back from dinner and fucking again!

She is my soulmate. I always tell her and everyone, I knew she was the one the second we met. This understanding and connection that is mutual makes this work on every level.

I didn’t come out of the closet about my desire to be feminine to my wife unitl many years after we opened our marriage. It was when she was seeing another regular bull for awhile. He was different from the guy she is fucking right now. He was a true Dom. Meaning he got off on it. He likes BDSM play. Honestly, I trust him a lot, him and I still chat but I am not sure I’d be okay with my wife staying the night with him. It would just be very extreme.

Anyway, at some point he wanted me to suck his cock and it was clear to both him and my wife I wanted to. One drunk night it all came out how I’d experimented with men in the past. Skeletons in my closet. How I enjoyed dressing up as a girl and had tried on pretty much her entire closet over our entire marriage.

This was a turn on to her! Like I said, soulmates. She says she always knew I was feminine and has always been attracted to having relationships with feminine guys.

I knew from day one she was a slut too. I mean that in a good way! Her sexuality has always been something very attractive about her to me. It is a huge turn on how much she loves sex and loves sex with different men. How monogamy just doesn’t work for her. Although we opened our relationship after we married. I always knew she would have sex with other men and used to fantasize about her cheating on me. That is a fantasy I never wanted to become a reality and I am 100% grateful it did not. I did not share that fantasy with her, I shared the fantasy about her being a hotwife and us having an open, honest relationship where she could have sex with other men.

In the closet I never dreamed I’d be able to send my wife this image.

Update: 9:00pm. I took 10 minutes to take a hot picture of myself and send it to my wife. Will she share it with her lover? I don’t know? But I am okay if she does. This is the real me. It feels so amazing to have her support, and that feeling is a glorious reminder of how she feels about me.

I also posted it on an online chatroom. Overwhelming positive responses from men who say how much they want to fuck me. I am not getting fucked like my wife tonight, but can understand how it feels good to be desired by others.

It differs from being desired by your partner. They are always going to desire you. Especially if they are your soulmate. I don’t think it is wrong to feel good about someone else desiring you. I know it even feels better for my wife with her pussy full of cock acting on those desires.

9:10pm. Typically, I go to bed between right now and 10pm. I am sure I will stay up a bit later. I wonder how and when I actually try to fall asleep.

In the past when she cuckolds me there is no way to sleep but I know she is not coming home. so there is not anything I am waiting for until the morning. My plan right now is to wait until I am very tired. Make myself cum with the Hitachi Magic Wand then go to sleep.

Part of me worries, though, about masturbating. On the edge of being horny, the angst is little. If I relieve that level of arousal, will I feel angsty?

Update: 9:40pm. I haven’t heard from her. Not sure I will. I am sure we are all in a new territory here. At some point, the need to figure out when to go to bed. Of course, they are already in bed. I will too. Anyway, I was just reading a post 9 Reasons Cuckolding Is The Ultimate Way To Reignite Your Sex Life .

Overall pretty good post if it works for you. Number 9.

It’s a form of healthy masochism

If you’re into the M part of S&M, otherwise known as masochism (taking pleasure in receiving pain), cuckolding can be a new way to experience pleasurable pain and humiliation. For some reason, society ‘needs’ men to be the dominant ones in hetero relationships, but in reality, that simply doesn’t apply all the time, and only puts more pressure on the couple. Many men actually prefer submissive roles, and that’s celebrated, rather than frowned upon, in cuckolding. For those men, cuckolding offers an erotic kind of humiliation.

I am a masochist. I do endurance sports where I push my body to painful places for long periods of time. I am positive cuckolding has been enjoyable, at least the hard parts of cuckolding because of this. I like erotic teasing. I don’t really love humiliation. Certainly though there is some mind fuck pleasure being home alone in a chastity cage while your wife sleeps the night away with another man.

I actually do prefer the submissive role. That is why it relaxes me. It is my sub space and I like when I am there comfortably and supported by my wife. I do think it is something to be celebrated. Well not like we need to have a cuckolding party with cake. It is just something you should not be humiliated or feel shame about. I use to feel that way. So it feels good to look at it as a celebration of both the hotwife and cuckolds sexuality.

Update: 9:45. She just sent me a hottest video of her sucking his super rock hard cock! Amazing how hard he is after having sex for almost 5 hours! I know you want to see it. Sorry.

It is 10pm. I’m going to get ready for bed. Hopefully I get some sleep. Feeling good mentally right now. Going to end it with this. Not every guy is okay with sharing his wife with other men sexually. We all know how many divorces happen because of infidelity. It is the number one reason.

I’m a guy that is not just okay with it. It turns me on. To witness my wife with another male, be part of it or at home knowing she is off being fucked. Some call it a kink, a fetish, it being taboo.

To me it is just absolutely hot! I also know it is part of what makes me a unique husband and perfect LOML for my wife.

2 thoughts on “Cuckolded All Night

  1. I like the story – I like dressing up and being a sissy while my lady is out on a date. Hope she will ride my face and share the details when she gets home – most of the time she does.


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