She Spends The Night In Another Man’s Bed

Sexual fantasies for me are a source of pleasure and sexual excitement. As a cuckold I fantasize a lot. Most of my arousal comes from fantasizing as well as reading erotic stories. Yes, way more than watching porn.

Predominantly, may fantasies are always of my wife with other men or in a dominant role in our bedroom. She is my #1 sexual fantasy and has been since I laid eyes on her.

I write in this blog as an attempt of understanding and in a way to understand myself. More so, I have found I don’t understand myself and it is more about accepting myself and my desires.

They are a spice by themselves. They arouse me and intensify my sexual pleasure. When I am having sex with my wife, they often come to my head. I try to push them out and focus on my love for her and just how hot she is but as a submissive cuckold I just can’t.

My sexual fantasies have over and over giving her and me permission. It’s like I try on sexual behaviors in my imagination and decide if I want to do them. The thought of doing them is usually scary. I know the fantasy can differ from the reality. I have learned this lesson over and over in the 11 years of our open marriage that started with a fantasy.

What happens, where, who does what, and even the emotional reactions of others. In life, other people have their own agendas. They can’t play out your fantasy according to your mental script. Especially if you didn’t give them a copy. Which is almost impossible because it is a fantasy in the head.

I have been having powerful fantasies of my wife sleeping the night with her lover for many months. A fantasy that is scary but very arousing. A fantasy of her falling for him.

It stems from the powerful new relationship energy they had when they met and me thinking she was falling for him. How they talk so often. Seem to genuinely get along with each other.

In the past, we lived in a big city. Most of the sex she would have with other men, even if she had feelings for them, was in town and most often even at our house. There was no real reason for her to sleep overnight with another man. It is something we never have done before. Her not really wanting to wake up with a man other than me. Me not being ready for this big step.

With her past sexual encounters, I also ask for time restrictions. It helps when I’m feeling angsty to know when she is going to be home. It gives me a timeframe that I need to endure. Typically, this is emotional torment and a lot of emotional pleasure for me. It can feel like a lot. Time goes slow.

The thing is, I like it and always look back and think how hot it was. Craving more.

Now living in a small town, we have not had luck finding a local man for these quick hook-ups. We have been on all the swinger sites and even started looking at dating sites. It is just a small town. Hopefully, one day we will meet the right guy. Like any single dating, this can be a challenge.

While I have fantasized about her sleeping over with him, even building more of an emotional connection, I have asked her many times if she would sleep over with him. She has always told me, “I don’t think I am ready yet.”

Arousing every time we have the conversation.

Our last naughty adventure was exactly 30 days ago. I crave for her to cuckold me again and she is dying for cock herself.

While we are challenged finding a local guy she already has a guy she has a great connection with and loves having sex with.

Right now for her to cuckold me without spending the night she has to drive 2 hours there and back to see this guy.

Then a plane flight there and back to to see another bull who she enjoys the company of.

When I saw that her lover texted her it was his last 2 weekends with his RV parked in a long term winter resort rental. I thought about how long I have been fantasizing about her staying the night with him. How hard it makes my cock. Wet it makes my panties with me in my cage, writing it now.

It is a fantasy I don’t want to be a fantasy anymore.

Making love to her, I asked once again. “Would you sleepover the night with him if you could?” She smiled with her wicked smile. “I think I would enjoy that. I do feel comfortable enough with him.”

“You should go spend the night with him on Saturday night if he is available?” I blurted out.

This sparked passion in both of us, and our lovemaking was intense and pleasurable.

After our sex, she asked. “Was that just a false offer while you were turned on having sex with me?”

It wasn’t, and I told her as much. She did not hesitate and was contacting him immediately.

Clearly, both of us have been skirting around this fantasy.

It may or may not happen Saturday because of family obligations on his side. They are trying their best to make it work with urgency. Like a one time hall pass that may expire.

The offer does not expire, though. It is a fantasy I want to make a reality. This weekend or a weekend soon. I hope it is something I am able to mentally enjoy as much as I do in my fantasy so it can continue as many times as she desires with him and our other bull.

Like a time set the same evening for her to be back with me. An overnight also has that certainty. I think it will be hot for all.

This is not the fantasy playbook. You can not write a playbook for another couple’s sexual relationship.

Elizabeth is dressed up. A sexy black cutout top. A slit on top of her large breast and the bottom framing their perfect shape and size.

“Do you like my shirt?” She asks.

“I do, I bought it for you.”

“Why did you buy me such a sexy shirt? Most husbands wouldn’t want their wife to wear a top out like this, but you aren’t most husbands, are you Josie?” A flirtatious smile as she talks to me.

I breathe heavily. It’s not humiliation, just being flustered, a feeling I feel a lot when we openly discuss my sexuality.

“I am different.”

Her make-up is flawless. Tonight the man she has dressed up for will see her without it on, too. She is just as beautiful with her skin bare.

A sexy pair of tight fitting low cut jeans. Her ass looks amazing in them. I can never get enough of her ass and either can any other man.

The high heals she wears give her legs sexy definition.

She has a small travel bag packed. She doesn’t need much for one night. A night of sexual anticipation between her and her lover.

I can’t help myself when I say. “Where are you going to spend the night?”

Elizabeth smiles, knowing what I want to hear.

“In Nick’s bed,” she says as her hand strokes over my pants, my caged dick.

“And I’m going to spend a lot of the night, hopefully, with his enormous cock inside me. I might even fall asleep with his cock inside me. I love his cock so much.”

“Would you like it if I fell asleep with another man’s cock and cum inside me?”

I’m already going mad with emotional desire. She has not even left yet. My cage is straining and I am dripping, thinking about them fucking. How many times will they fuck? How many times will he cum inside her? She will have so many intense orgasms.

How am I letting this happen?

I think this while also imagining her and him in his bed with his cock deep inside her. Passionate sex. Nick thrusting in and out of her. Fucking her differently. A way I can’t. I imagine her feeling a deep sense of need for another man’s load in her pussy. A need for his cock. Multiple loads from him.

Will they even sleep?

I didn’t sleep well throughout the night.

Arousal, desire and missing my wife in our bed. Eager for her return.

Home the next morning. Dressed in a pair of short shorts and a tank top that I love.

In the bedroom. She tells me about how he’d fucked her twice this morning. Not sure if it was her or him who started it. Waking up with her ass pushing against his body, his cock hard filling her body. Ravishing it for every minute left he had available.

Then after breakfast. One more time before she drove home.

She tells me about how they fucked on and off the entire night from the minute she walked in. How he fucked her to countless orgasms.

I asked what they did between fucking. “We just talked, ate a little, drank a little wine and made out a lot.”

The same question as always pops into my head as I approach my orgasm. Knowing the answer. I’m a cuckold. I have to hear it.

“Does he fuck you better than I do?”

“With his cock, yes, my love. He does. So much better.”

I moan and orgasm.

“I love you,” she tells me. “I love you more than anything and am so happy you let me go to him.”

“Are you going to fuck him again?”

“Yes!” she laughs. “I love his cock!”

“Will you sleep over with him again?”

“If it is okay with you, and everything is perfect with us, then yes, I want to very much.” She kisses me passionately.

I am flustered once again. I tell her how much I love her. Yet the experience triggers another unexpected desire inside me.

“Are you falling in love with him?” I breathe.

The last time I asked her this, she did not answer. Not all feelings are simple to explain with a single word. She likes to be a hotwife. Loves me more than the world. Still plans on seeing other men than both me and him. She loves the freedom, the sex, the variety, multiple men at once.

“I might be, ” she answers.

Her fingers play with my arousal, feeling me get hard once again as we stare into each other’s eyes. Like me encouraging her to go stay the night with him. It seems like we each are waiting for the other to make the first move. After all, she just revealed something fairly significant.

Emotions flood my mind, but I can surrender to the lust swirling inside me. I reach up and caress her face. She smiles to my gentle touch. I pull her in, urging her to kiss me. Her hands move up my body to the back of my head as her lips touch mine. I run my fingers down her back and gently grasp her ass.

Our lips meet. The kiss is electric. My mouth opens. Our tongues entwine. Passion burst. We kiss each other fervently as our bodies grind. Her breasts feel warm and soft as they press into my chest. Her pussy is soaked with desire as we scissor at an increasingly rapid pace.

“Have you told him?” I ask breathlessly.

Her eyes meet mine. Studying them for a moment and then says, “I told him I loved everything about our night together. He told me he loves everything about me. I told him I love everything about him, too.”

As her words left her lips, I felt an intense surge between my legs. That kind of arousal that only happens from having a cuckold relationship.

“You told him you love everything about him?” I ask, both because I want confirmation and because I’m chasing that high that comes with these little, astoundingly arousing moments.

“Yes, I told him last night and this morning when I kissed him bye.”

I grasp her ass with my right hand as the other moves up her back, entwining in her hair. We kiss. It’s deep and passionate. She moans into my mouth. Kisses my neck, pulling her head back to look into my eyes. I see the pleasure on her face as we make love. The wicked smile before she says, “I love my boyfriend. I desperately need more of his cock in me.”

I moan into her and cum, burst after burst as my orgasm shoots out onto her pussy lips. She grinds her pussy back down onto me, unleashing an orgasm of her own. I can feel her thighs tremble and her pussy spasm. Her joyful moans reverberate around the bedroom.

Collapsing onto my chest, I hold her close. Feeling the woman I love with all my heart.

As the passion subsides, I need to feel comfort. It is no longer fantasy.

“Are you still in love with me?” I ask.

“Of course. I’ll always be in love with you.” Her eyes comfort me as she kisses me again.

“I’m okay if you spend the night with him again.” The words burst out of my mouth.

She laughs, smiles brightly, and lays down on my body again. I wrap my arms around her, close my eyes, and enjoy the bliss of being in a cuckold marriage with the perfect woman.

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