Living With The Limiting Beliefs Our Society Has Set

In a chatroom the other day. An adult chatroom on a cuckolding site. I was in the room titled Sissy Cuckolds. “If being a sissy cuckold is your thing, then take a peak inside. No judgement – only humiliation.”

The funny thing about this story is copying and pasting that room description. Here is the first time I read it. No judgement – only humiliation.

It is a room I like and share pictures of myself dressed up like a girl. This time, though, people were chatting about how sissy men are losers. These sissies were calling themselves losers.

I guess this falls under the humiliation? I felt like a mom and went on a rant. You are not losers you just have not accepted your true selves. You are perfect and I hope one day you do accept yourselves and don’t see yourselves as losers.

I have never felt like a loser because of my sexual choices. I have felt what I can only describe as guilt, being different, maybe shame for being who I am. More fear of others judging me.

I was still living with the limiting beliefs our society has set.

I still am although I am in a much better place.

With cuckolding I think I was and am sometimes just scared of being a cuckold. Even though I want it, so does my wife and we both sexually need it.

Many of my current fears come from the judgment, the worry of my wife falling in love.

Yet I have been having powerful fantasies of my wife spending the night with her lover. Very arousing, yet scary for me. I’d like to overcome those fears.

I had fears, like the men in the chatroom. Not that I was a loser, but inadequate. Like the caption to this post, exploring fantasies of me being inadequate has allowed me to see how I absolutely satisfy my wife. Just differently than the limiting beliefs our society has set. I have always satisfied her. I’m her soulmate, lover, and best friend.

Cuckolding brings us both greater levels of satisfaction.

I can’t speak for my wife but I do imagine living with the limiting beliefs our society has set is also challenging for her. She loves me. She also likes him too. I’m her husband, her LOML. He is her type. He is cute.

He is her current lover, her past lovers and just the sexual flings she has with men. She is not a hoe and not a slut. She likes to fuck. She likes to have multiple men in her life at a time.

Now like my cuckolding and erotic teasing, we like to call ourselves sluts but that is just taking the power of the word back.

When she was growing up and someone called her a slut in a derogatory way, or telling her she shouldn’t be one or should be ashamed of her sexuality. Those are the same things I have dealt with with my sexuality.

Because of the negative sexual viewpoints. Limiting beliefs our society has set our sexuality to many is a taboo or a fetish.

Now lets look at feminization. Yes this is now a normal topic of my online journling.

Dressing up like a girl doesn’t make you a girl, just like sucking cock doesn’t make you gay. Feeling romantically attracted to men and only men is what makes a person gay. Likewise, feeling like you are truly a girl, identifying as a girl is what would make you a girl.

Being a fem boy doesn’t have to be about questioning your gender identity. But it does have to be about questioning certain stereotypes. Why shouldn’t you wear makeup? Why shouldn’t you wear dresses? Why shouldn’t you act like a slut? Who’s decided all of these restrictions that “real men” have to obey?

Now for those losers in the the chat room. Deciding to put on thong panties was the bravest thing you’ve ever done. Deciding to experience sex with both genders and as both genders, We have deliberately crossed a boundary that most men are terrified to cross.

As I dressed alone in the closet I worried about my interest being feminine meant I was weak, less of a man. A beta.

Who is braver?

A man who refuses to enhance his wife’s sexuality by setting her sexually free. Who would rather have her locked in the kitchen?

Or a man who embraces her sexuality, encourages her to be sexually free and experience a wide range of sexual pleasure?

A man who refused to ever wear ‘girly’ clothes?

Or a man who does so openly?

A man afraid to be seen as feminine?

Or a man who calls himself a sissy slut?

Cuckolds and feminine husbands have the courage to explore things the ‘Alpha” men would wimp out of if given the opportunity. Opened the door to experiences that ‘Alpha’ Men shy away from, no matter how good they feel.

Can you imagine a super-straight, Alpha man getting fucked with a dildo by his wife until he orgasms? Do you think he’d be brave enough to take that step? Or would he be too caught up in the idea that “I can’t do that, that would make me gay”?

Cuckolds, sissy’s, femboys whatever you want to call us are not losers. One of the guys asked how is that?

I said simply, you are the one with the hotwife all the vigorous men want to fuck.

We all have our place on the sexual chain. If you are an alpha man reading this. Don’t worry, we love you and the strengths you also bring to the table! We fantasize about you :).

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