I Wasn’t Going To Dress


I would not dress today. That is what I told myself last night before going to bed then also when I woke up this morning.

Well of course I would get dressed. after all I have to go work in person at noon. I just would not dress up as a girl, then change into my boy clothes only a few hours later.

Also I spent yesterday dressed up all day. Monday’s are my scheduled fem day since it is also my scheduled business development day and I work all day at home, typically alone or with my wife home. Even better when my wife is at home so it can be a business development day and I can fantasize about being her naughty secretary. Hoping she will punish my ass for doing something wrong.

Then I saw a picture. I thought it was hot. A caged cock framed in crotchless panties.

I thought to myself, like a light bulb going off…. Do we have any pairs of crotchless panties in the house??? I must have purchased my wife a pair at some point.

In her closet I am rummaging through her at home wear. Yes, a section of the closet for clothes that are only appropriate for wearing at home or for a sex party.

No crotchless panties. So I try on this hot rope thong she has, but it just does not look right for the picture I have in mind.

Let me check her panty drawer.

None in black. Damn, I must have got her a black pair at some point?

Mental note. My wife needs more crotchless panties.

Quick fantasy in my head. My wife is in a utility closet at work with her dress pulled up, being fucked by her hung co-worker in crotchless panties.

Bingo. I find the only pair I believe. Unless she has them stashed away. A sexy red pair.


I now need to shower, shave, put on body lotion, body sauce and do my make-up!!!

It is not easy being a sexy girl.

All done. photo taken. I am now fully dressed, have make up on, a super sexy outfit. I did put on a skirt over my crotchless panties and I fucking feel amazing!

Another fantasy. Wow crotchless panties are pretty amazing. You don’t have to take them off when you sit down to pee and again my wife has her skirt up being fucked by a hung stud!

Definitely getting both of us a few more crotchless panties!

I am so happy I dressed up. I feel relaxed, sexy, calm.

I am also locked up.

I’d love to be rubbing my smooth body against my wife’s. I’m not in the mood for cock but have been having cuckold cravings and fantasizing about my wife getting fucked. I am super turned on and I love it! Unfortunately, she is not in the mood either. Just not that time of the month. She is also out of town.

Always fun to fantasize, though.

A vibrater against my caged clit is in my foreseeable future for tonight when I go to bed.

I guess you probably want to see the picture if you read this far.

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